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                                                   How Big Buildings Circulate Air?
                                                                By Thomas Yoon

    How Big Buildings Circulate Air? by Thomas Yoon

 How do big shopping complexes, offices and commercial
buildings cool their indoor space?

For big buildings, we need big cooling capacities. Central
air-conditioning systems using chillers are used. Chilled
water is the most convenient way to collect the heat from
the indoor spaces. We just need pipes. Miles and miles of

Chilled water from the chillers is about 44 degree Fahrenheit
(about 7 deg C). In order for the room heat to be transfered
to the water efficiently, the air in the room is circulated
through tubes containing flowing chilled water.

That is the main function of the air handling unit in a
central air-conditioning chilled water system.

Another function of an air handling unit is to clean the air.
It does this by filtration.

A most basic air handling unit, or AHU, contains a fan, a
cooling coil, and an air filter enclosed in a box-like

Normally, air contains moisture. When air is passed through
the cooling coils, water usually condenses out at the surfaces
of the coils. Collection pans are installed below the cooling
coils to collect any condensed water. This water is removed
through drain pipes.

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The whole box-like enclosure is heat insulated to prevent
condensation at their surfaces. Many enclosures are sound
insulated and are installed on vibration damping pads. Many
others have damper vanes for controlling the air flow.

The most common AHU's have their fans and motors enclosed
inside the box. Other specialized AHU's have motors outside
the box. There are some with steam coils too.

They can be made in numerous configurations too. Tall, short,
wide, long, supply up, supply to side, and so on....

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                               Why In Duct Air Purifiers Can Be Beneficial
                                                By Ann Marier

 You own an office that is in need of repair. However, before you can replace the furniture, there are
other things that you should fix first. Your employees have been complaining about the rashes and
sneezing they have gotten from allergies, and the air constantly smells stale. Thus, it is time that you
consider getting an in duct air purifier.

About in Duct Air Purifiers

All offices have some sort of air duct system. How advanced these air duct systems are often have to
do with the buildings themselves. If you own an office in an older building, that is all the more reason
why you might need an in duct air purifier.

Air ducts are meant to circulate the air in the building so that there is a continuous supply. The air ducts
should also filter the air so that it is clean. However, air ducts really do not do that as well as they
should, and that is where in duct air purifiers come in.

For example, if you have been trying to solve the problem of stale air in your office with a regular floor
air purifier, that will not necessarily work, since it will only clean whatever part of the office it is placed
in. An in duct air purifier will be able to clean all parts of the office since the duct goes to each area.

With an in duct air purifier, whatever air that is circulated through the air ducts gets purified through a
filtration system. The filtration system lowers the amount of dist, pollen, and other allergens that are
found in the air. Additionally, the filtration systems is meant to regulate the amount of carbon dioxide in
the air, so that too is at low levels.

If you own the building in which your office is located, you can get started on having in duct air purifiers
installed in the entire building as soon as monetarily possible. If you only own your office and not you
building, you will first need to talk to the owner or owners of the building to see if you can install in duct
air purifiers.

If you do own the building and are hesitant of the cost, you should think about your priorities. Do you
want to start losing employees because of unacceptable working conditions? Do you want to have to
move to another building? Save money, and install in duct air purifiers.

Ann Marier writes informative articles about family life,health problems, and useful house and garden
Topics. Her lastest are about the best air purifiers

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