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                    Essential BlackBerry Bold Accessories to Enhance your Mobile Lifestyle
                                                          By Fia Gay Caballero

   Having a state-of-the-art smartphone is never enough. As you might have noticed, there’s a tidal
wave of choices when it comes to decorative cell phone accessories that not only beautify your
BlackBerry Bold 9000 but also transform it into a high-tech device, depending on what type of
functionality you want.

Here are some of the basic BlackBerry Bold accessories you should invest on:

BlackBerry Bold Cases – Cases are especially vital if you find yourself a rough cell phone user.
Fortunately, with numerous designs, materials, and colors to choose from, you never have to sacrifice
style over functionality. Maintain the splendor look of your BlackBerry Bold while protecting it from
accidental drops, unwanted scratches and dirt using stylish BlackBerry Bold cases and holsters.
Express your unique personality by selecting from flip cases, leather holsters, aluminum cases, skin
cases, etc. Your options are simply endless!

BlackBerry Bold Chargers – An extra charger is a must and in demand, particularly for people who love
to travel or always on the run. For your car, a BlackBerry Micro-USB car charger is highly
recommendable for a quick and efficient battery charging. At home or in the office, you can benefit
from a BlackBerry Bold cradle charger in 2 amazing ways. First, is of course for speedy charging;
second, you can use it to sync data, music, pictures, and videos while charging. You can even use
your device to watch videos, play music or receive calls while juicing up your Bold’s battery.

BlackBerry Bold Bluetooth Headsets – Bluetooth devices have truly won the hearts of many gadget
buffs! Though Bluetooth headsets are quite pricey, people don’t mind splurging some extra bucks to
purchase something so incredible in terms of style and comfort. And since in most states it’s illegal to
use your mobile phone while driving, it’s really important to have a reliable Bluetooth headset so you
can answer calls, dial by voice, and talk hands-free. Plus, through Bluetooth wireless headsets, the
hassles of tangling wires have been eliminated—you get crystal clear reception that is unmatched.

BlackBerry Bold Batteries – Since you’ll be using your BlackBerry Bold device to make and receive
calls, email, browse the web, listen to music etc., its battery isn’t expected to last long. If you want to
avoid your device dying in the middle of an urgent conversation, it’s best to get a back-up battery so

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

you can increase your phone use and not miss any important call or message. Stay always connected
by having a spare BlackBerry Bold battery in your pocket or bag.

These are some of the most fundamental BlackBerry 9000 Bold accessories you should consider if you
want to enhance your mobile communication lifestyle. As there’s a huge market out there selling these
cool cell phone accessories, you can surely find a great deal that just fits your style and budget.

Fia Gay Caballero is an article writer for Godoodads cell phone accessories online shop. Godoodads is
your one-stop shop for all your cheap cell phone accessories needs. Godoodads also offers worth
investing BlackBerry Bold Accessories like BlackBerry batteries, headsets, holster, Bluetooth devices,
and more!

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          Blackberry Bold 9000 Mobile Phone Review - Click With the Smart Camera Phone
                                         By Carlson Osbourne

Blackberry first came into the market in 1997 as a two-way Pager, and was first introduced by a
company called Research in Motion. Today Blackberry Bold features push e-mail, Internet faxing, web
browsing, along with other services offered by wireless phones, and is considered to be one of the best
Smart phones available in the market. It is also a mobile telephone which supports incoming and
outgoing calls, text messaging, a 2-Megapixel camera with flash with a digital zooming capability, and
video recording.

 The Blackberry Bold 9000 has HSDPA, Wi-Fi and GPS. It has a full QWERTY keypad, and a screen
with bright resolution. The screen size of the mobile phone is a 2.6 inch panel, which is slightly larger
than the Curve's 2.4inch. The width of the screen measures 2.25 inches, as compared to 1.5 inches of
that of the Curve. While the Curve has a VGA resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, the Blackberry Bold
features 480 x 320 pixels display, which is an increase of almost half of that of the Curve. If you hold
your current Blackberry next to the Bold, you would most certainly be tempted to invest in this
sophisticated mobile Smartphone.

 In the mobile world there are two devices which could be pitted against each other. The first one being
the Blackberry Bold and the second is the iPhone. There is a general user perception that the
Blackberry Bold has the clearest and sharpest picture, and with its black leather-like back, chrome
border and sides, and a black face, the device looks as impressive as its unparallel features. On the
other hand, iPhone has a unique design, which has made it an iconic device, making it a device to be
easily recognised. One of the greatest advantages of Blackberry Bold is its QWERTY keyboard, which
is easy to handle, and this feature is one of the attractions for business users.

 The 9000 does not have a FM Radio, and is not a touch screen device. The device has a nominal 2
mega-pixel camera with an in-built flash unit, having a resolution of 480 x 320. The features include a
GPS along with Blackberry maps, and the device has geo-tagging feature which lets you tag your
photos with relevant geographical areas. The iPhone also has a 2 mega-pixel camera, with
geo-tagging feature, and also includes third-party application integration.

 The Bold has its HSSPA modem and applications processor located on single chip. This makes the
battery life of the device go far, extending the stand-by time to 13 days, with 5 hours of talk time. On
the other hand, the battery of the iPhone provides a talk-time upto 5 hours when used in 3G mode, or
10 hours while using the device as 2G. The stand-by time is 300 hours, with 6 hours of Wi-Fi Internet
use, seven hours of video playback and up to 24 hours of audio playback.

 When it comes to measuring the looks Vs the performing features, Blackberry Bold crosses the
expectations of any user, including designer expectations, and obviously the market expectations. The
features of the Blackberry Bold betters every competitor rating, and even for users having an older
version of Blackberry would not be able to willingly put down one Blackberry Bold in favour of their old

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