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									History of the game
Tennis is a sport whose roots can be traced back to the 19th Century. It
is said to have originated from England whereby it was at first only
played by the people who belonged to the upper class. During this time,
it required very little equipment for playing. From England, it gradually
spread to the other parts of the world, however in those ancient times,
it was still meant for the aristocracy. Today, a large number of people
enjoy tennis across the globe. There are specific rules for playing the
sport; these were drafted way back in England in 1890. However, there
have been some slight changes, though most of them still remain the same.
In fact, there are only two changes that were made in the rules of the
game. These took place in 1908 and 1960 respectively. In the ancient
times, the balls used in playing tennis were white while today, most
games are played using yellow balls.

Playing a free tennis game
Today, playing tennis has been made even much easier and convenient such
that one does not have to go to the tennis court to play. Any enthusiast
of the game is now able to play a free tennis game at his or her comfort
from the internet. There are different categories available that people
are able to play online. What is even more is that it is easy to play
such that both adults and even children are able to play any type that
they choose to from the internet. Anyone interested in playing has the
freedom of choosing the type that they are interested in from the wide
range that is easily available online. However, apart from just the free
ones, a player is also able to play for gains of several prizes including
money and others. In order to win a match in any of the various versions
of this game, a player needs to consider a certain number of points. The
most interesting part is that one is able to play with an opponent from
any part of the world.

The free tennis game is played using a keyboard and a player needs to hit
the ball as hard as possible to win a point. The arrow keys of the
keyboard are the ones that are used in moving the player. However, it can
also be played on multiplayer mode.

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