A Look At The World Team Tennis Pro League

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					The 2005 season marked 30 years of play for the World Team Tennis (WTT)
Pro League. With tennis news surrounding the most popular players in the
sport, Pro Leaguers are always in high demand with the tennis news media.

 The World Team Tennis Pro League is comprised of the Eastern and Western
Conference, each of which consists of 6 teams for a total of 12 in
competition. Its regular season annually occurs during three weeks in the
summer. The two best teams, one from each conference, will advance to the
World Team Tennis Finals.

 Each team consists of two mean, two women and one coach. Team
competitions feature a total of five events, including one set of mens
singles, womens singles, mens doubles, womens doubles and mixed doubles.
The first team to reach five games wins each set. If a set reaches all
four, a nin-point tiebreaker is played.

 With competitions regularly televised on national tennis news programs,
including ESPN2, World Team Tennis is very popular among sports
enthusiasts and tennis news in general. The concept was developed in the
early 1970s by Larry and Billie Jean King with the WTT Pro League first
competing in 1974 with a 5-year contract. After a brief hiatus, the Pro
League resumed in 1981 and has been a highlight in tennis news for the 25
years that followed. In 2006, the WTT Pro League will celebrate their
31st season of play.

 Since its debut, some of the greatest names in tennis news have competed
in the league, including Andre Agassi, Any Roddick, Anna Kournikova,
Venus & Serena Williams, Monica Seles, John McEnroe, Chris Evert, Martina
Navratilova and many others. As its popularity grew, and tennis news
coverage increased, the World Team Tennis organization welcomed over
150,000 fans in annual attendance. There is a good reason behind the fan
craze and that is because WTT is all about the fans and serves up each
experience with a side of excitement. Many of the rules governing the
World Team Tennis association are designed in order to make the game a
fan-friendly sport, which seems to be working with attendance steadily
rising each year.

 During each WTT event, fans are encouraged to participate by being vocal
about a great play. In addition, they are free to enter and exit the
stadium during the competition. But, for those who stay, music is often
played between games in order to keep the crowd excitement intact. World
Team Tennis is regularly covered on tennis news programs, in tennis news
publications and on the internet.

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