Wedding Shoe Options For Petite Women

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					Are you a petite woman looking for wedding shoes? If so, I have some
great advice for you. I've looked through all of the different bridal
shoes and found some fantastic options for you.Wedding Wedge Heels:
First, consider buying a pair of wedge heels. The wedges will be easy to
walk in and pretty comfortable. Plus, if you are having an outdoor
wedding, your feet will not sink into the ground. Finally, with the
wedge, you will be able to alter your dress to the floor and you can
still glide around in them. Walking in wedge heels is much easier since
you can glide like you do with ice skates or roller blades, something you
can't do with regular heels.Regular heels: Another option is to consider
regular heels, but try buying them a bit higher if you want to look
taller. 3 to 4 inch heels would be great since it would give you the
added height. Plus, if you are used to heels, then it will be no problem
to slip on these heels for you. Finally, look in your closet. You may
already have a pair of silver or gold shoes that can serve as your bridal
shoes. The best thing about that? You will have already broken them
in.Platform wedding shoes: Another option is to look for platform wedding
shoes. These are great since they will give you the added height, but
also the added comfort. There are many more elegant platform bridal shoes
in the market today in countless colors. More and more brides are finding
these to be an excellent choice since they have figured out that standing
all day in heels can be really uncomfortable. Having that extra padding
in front makes the heels shorter and gives you extra comfort.Kitten
heels: Another option is lower kitten heels. Although they won't be as
high, they will definitely be comfortable. Plus, if you are petite, you
will still have a little height, but also look really cute in small lower
heels. The kitten heel has the advantage of coming in more styles since
it is easier to wear lower heels.If all of these shoes don't work, then
look for something fun that you like. As a petite woman, you have many
options because most likely, your husband is taller than you. Wearing
heels will not make him look short. Not wearing heels will also not be so
bad since you will just look small and cute. The only obstacle you may
run into is if your feet are smaller than a 6. If that is the case, some
manufacturers may not make shoes in your size since many shoe designers
stop at a 6. But, if you are patient and look around, you will be able to
find something.

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