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									The number of styles of wedding rings for women has increased a lot over
the last few decades. This isn't to say that the classic wedding band
isn't around any longer - it is, and it too has seen an expansion in
terms of the number of shapes and sizes that are available. Here are what
we consider to be the top 5 styles of wedding rings for women.5. Carved
BandA popular variation on the classic wedding band style, carved bands
can feature a myriad of patterns and motifs carved along the band, adding
a touch of artistry without making the ring too showy or inappropriate
for everyday wearing. The best styles of carved bands use a simple yet
elegant style which distinguishes them ever so slightly from the
ordinary. Carved bands are available in a variety of materials, the most
popular of which are platinum, white gold, and yellow gold. White and
yellow gold combination carving patterns are also common.4. Three
StoneThe three stone style of rings for women takes a concept that was
once strictly the domain of engagement rings and scales it down to create
a wedding ring that is both wearable and spectacular. The diamonds used
in three stone wedding ring styles are usually set in bezels or, in some
cases, heavier than usual prongs, in order to provide protection and help
reduce the need for maintenance. Rings for women with more than three
large stones are also available, but the three stone variety usually
offers the best combination of value and style.3. EternityAlso commonly
used for post-wedding occasions, eternity bands are becoming more popular
as wedding ring choices. With their 360-degree diamond settings, eternity
bands are uniquely stunning. While a range of eternity band sizes are
available, we feel that the .25 and .50 carat types are the most
outstanding thanks to their combination of value and comfort.2. Classic
BandThe classic band persists as a popular style among wedding rings for
women because of its inherent advantages: cost, comfort, and durability.
Nowadays there are so many sizes and styles on the market that every
bride is assured of a perfect fit. In terms of materials, as well,
although the standards like platinum and white gold still rule, there are
all kinds of choices out there. When all else fails, the classic band is
sure to provide satisfaction.1. Pavé SetPavé set wedding rings for
women represent the ultimate in style and elegance. Pavé set rings are
available in varying degrees of extravagance, and some can indeed be
surprisingly affordable. As with other styles, pavé set wedding rings
tend to be smaller and more wearable than engagement rings, and this has
the added benefit of meaning that they're also more affordable. By
carefully choosing your diamonds, you can ensure that you get great value
along with the one of a kind beauty provided by this type of wedding

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