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									Wedding Bands: Hot Trends for this Year

 Wedding rings are important things that you'd to consider when planning
a wedding. A plethora of wedding band choices await couples these days so
stick to something that fits your style and taste as a couple. Here are
easy tips on purchasing these precious eternity rings that will bond your
love for a lifetime.

 Begin shopping for rings at least six months before the wedding date.
Most rings these days are pre ordered and you may also opt for a special
engraved message on your ring. Many couples have their wedding date
engraved on rings as a popular trend. Ordering these rings may take up to
six to eight weeks so don't wait for the last minute. You wouldn't want a
ring that doesn't thrill and excite you. Your wedding ring is something
you put on your finger everyday so make sure you put this item on your -
˜wedding to do list'. Do not skimp on your wedding band budget. While
your engagement ring symbolizes your promise to one another, the wedding
band symbolizes a lifelong commitment that will mark this significant
transition in your life. Make sure you allocate a good wedding band
budget to ensure that these rings will make you happy for a lifetime.
Choose rings that will wear well through time and avoid the ones that
wear down easily or needs replanting from time to time for it to maintain
its luster and color. If for the time being, you are not able to afford
the rings that you really want, then you can always purchase affordable
bands and perhaps save up for your permanent rings. This is wiser option
than spending all your money on something that you really don't like.

 Work together as one married couple. Wedding rings don't have to match
but they should be something that complements a couple's being together.
Women may not wear their wedding band with their engagement ring on one
finger. Plenty of active women would prefer to wear their wedding ring
during the day and their engagement ring for special occasions. There are
also others who wear their engagement ring on their right hand and
wedding ring on the left. If you intend to do this, you may resize your
engagement ring since your finger sizes may slightly vary.

 Select a design that works well with your taste and hand. Look for a
variety of widths and finishes and see how they look on your hand. If you
have short fingers, it would be best to stick to narrower bands, or a
ring with a vertical orientation design. You can also opt for a
nontraditional ring type and not really a band style. It would be
important that you don't overwhelm your hand for the sake of having a -
˜bling'. If you are planning to wear your wedding ring together with your
engagement ring, don't upstage the ring with a band that is too flashy on
its own. Platinum wedding bands, diamond wedding bands and white gold
wedding bands are some of the famous trends today. Choose something that
fits your sophisticated style and taste. Pick a wedding band that
composed of the same material as your engagement ring. Different
materials will wear at different rates. If you are wearing your
engagement ring and wedding band together, then both of them will
eventually rub against one another. The predominant metal will always win
and will wear away the other. For More Details Visit :

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