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									Albury Photography - Making Love Stories Timeless

Nothing beats the feeling of finally tying the knot with someone you have worked and prayed
hard for. The ultimate feeling of experiencing true love is simply magical to those who have
decided to say “yes” to spending their lives together. The wedding ceremony is two things: a
culmination of the love story that began
in beautiful friendship, and the mark of
the beginning of a new life as one soul.

Definitely, this moment in time is
something that deserves to be captured.
Naturally, this special day will forever
be etched in the hearts and minds of the
newlyweds, but capturing those
moments in its tangible form allows
them to share their story to others.
Couples all over Albury will definitely
want this chunk of their lives
documented at its best; this is where Albury Photography comes in, especially specializing in
wedding photography.

Photos allow people to relive their memories during a certain moment in time. Weddings are
especially tricky to capture, mostly because it has so many different emotions and feelings
fluttering about at once. When it comes to wedding photography, it is not enough that a couple
will hire just one photographer; a moment missed is a moment missed. This is why it is crucial to
select photography companies who have more than just one talented photographer in their

More than the number of photographers in a wedding, it is also very important to look at the
credentials and portfolio of the Albury Photography company that you are considering for your
wedding. You definitely would not want to choose just anyone who comes with a cheap price;
remember that you are dealing with beautiful memories that you want to capture and have a
chance to look back on together in the future. Take a look at what they can offer: their
photography style, how they approach perspective, how they picture you during your wedding,
how they plan to capture a lot of emotions at once, and so on. See if their ideas jive with yours,
and see if they can incorporate your preferences to their style of photography. It is best to select
ones who listen and highly consider your preferences, and the ones you feel most comfortable
working with.

Apart from photography style and number, consider their professionalism. Do they have a
reputation of being late? Do they delay the delivery of the final output? Do they have
photographers who insist their own ideas when it comes to carrying out the photographic
outcome of your special day? It is always best to research on their past clients; read up on
testimonials and see if they are highly regarded. If you see a ton of good reviews when it comes
to how professional they are, take it as a good sign and consider them on your priority list.

Finally, when choosing a photographer for your wedding, make sure that they have more than
enough experience when it comes to wedding photography in particular. The approach to
weddings is always different than magazine photos, high fashion and art shots, casual
photography and so on. Wedding photos are never choreographed (with the exception of the
picture-taking that comes after the ceremony or during the reception with the family, relatives
and friends of the bride and groom). There also won’t be time for a lighting set-up, or retouches,
or one cannot simply ask to reenact a certain situation again just because they failed to capture
something. One thing is for sure, when it comes to Albury Photography, your love story should
be captured perfectly.

About The Publisher:

Image Catchers is a photography studio based in Albury headed up by Anthony Van Rompaey,
an industry professional with over 10 years experience in capturing the essence of special
occasions and unique and personal identities through portraiture..

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