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					                                         TEXAS RETIRED TEACHERS ASSOCIATION

                                            News Bulletin                                                                                   Third Quarter 2004
                                                 the only organization to represent exclusively retired public school and higher education personnel

‘It’s a building now!’                                                                                                   Grand Opening date set
                                                                                                                         for Trinity Office Center
     A Ribbon Cutting and Open House for the Trinity Office
Center heralds one of Texas retired teachers’ crowning
     “It’s a building now!” said Dr. Kenneth Laycock, past
President of TRTA and President of the Texas Retired
Teacher’s Foundation (TRTF). “This four-story building
displays the great accomplishment of organization and
people working together. It displays the grand results of
educators determined to build their organization, their
community, and a better future for education.”
     Ceremonies will be held at 1 p.m. November 12 at 313 E.
12th Street in Austin (a map is on page 14). The ceremonies
will honor more than 16 years of work by TRTF and TRTA
members in raising the building. A summary of historical
steps is presented on this page.
     Located at Trinity Avenue and 12th Street adjacent to                           View of TRTF Trinity Office Center
the Texas Capitol, the building will house the offices of                             The main door to the building is to the left on 12th Street, just past the
TRTA and TRTF and numerous other tenants. Members of                                 spacious Live Oak tree. Ribbon-cutting ceremonies will be held at 1 p.m.
the TRTF Board of Trustees, members of the Building Fund                             November 12 on the 1st Floor parking level off Trinity Street.
Trust Committee from 1988-1998, members of the Building
Review Committee, and all TRTA past presidents will be                                  1988–2004, Dreams Made Real!
honored for their contributions to TRTA and TRTF.                                       A History of the TRTF
     Names will be engraved on large bricks and placed
in the “Walk to the Wall.” (A list of names is on page 15                               By Mike Lehr, TRTF Secretary-Treasurer
and more photos of the building on page 16.) The walkway                                In November 1987, TRTA President Enid Littlefield and
commemorates the years of fund raising, in which members                                Executive Director E. L. Galyean designated 14 individuals to
held marches and walks to gather donations.                                             serve as legal trustees to establish the Texas Retired Teachers
     Dr. Laycock pointed out the significance of the fact                                Building Fund Trust. On January 11, 1988, the Building Fund
that the building is already 100 percent leased. TRTA                                   Trust was established.
headquarters will have office space and seven parking spaces
for 30 years without cost.                                                              In 1989 a “March to the Wall” was held where members
     “The new structure,” Dr. Laycock noted, “represents                                walked to the front of the convention hall and presented
maximum utilization of valuable real estate, providing not                              individual, local unit and district donations. Marches
only space for our organizations but also income for future
                                                                                                                              Continued next page
years. We should all be proud.”

In this issue:                                                  New Executive Director appointed
President’s Line ...........................................2
                                                                                 Tim Lee has been                 staff of TRTA have always been very
NEW! “The Idle American” Column ......3                                      appointed the 5th Executive          special to me. Now, I have been given
GPO/WEP Update ...................................4-5                        Director in the history of           the great responsibility to work with the
Legislative News & Updates ...............6-7                                TRTA. Tim began his duties           TRTA Board of Directors and build on
Membership Update .................................8                         Sept. 23.                            TRTA’s past successes, with many new
Public Relations Update ...........................9                             “It is my great privilege        accomplishments yet to come. My family
Maenette Jeanes, age 100, honored ...9                                       and honor to be selected as          and I are very excited about being in
                                                                Tim Lee      Executive Director of the            Texas and working with TRTA!”
TRTA 2005 Convention & News .......... 10
                                                                Texas Retired Teachers Association,” he               Tim arrives from Springfield, Illinois,
Member Benefits ...............................11-13
                                                                said. “I have worked closely with TRTA            where he was Executive Director of
TRTF Grand Opening........................14-16                 over the years, and the members and                                  Continued on page 10

 313 E. 12th St., Ste. 200 Austin, T X 78701-1903                                     | 512-476-1622 | Fax: 512-476-1003 | w w
 The President’s Line                                                            Building history, from page 1
         ogether, Everyone, Achieves, More                                       and Walks to the Wall were held until 1999. Bylaws for the TRTA
           Our theme for this year to is to inspire others                       Building Fund Trust were adopted in September 1990.
         to work together as a TEAM — to stretch for a
 common objective.                                                               In 1992 Dr. James Jeffrey, TRTA Executive Director, was authorized
     Interestingly enough, I had a call this morning                             to purchase the property at 12th Street and Trinity Street. TRTA
 from Mitzi Hart of Merkel, Texas, telling me about all                          continued to raise monies for a building through numerous activities
 the legislative issues that are facing us. She has taken                        such as Walks to the Wall, memorial gifts, endorsements and seeking
                            it upon herself to find out                           donations.
                            who her congressmen and
                            legislative representatives                          In 1994 a floor plan was adopted to build a TRTA Headquarters
                            are, and has written many                            Building. Adequate funds to construct the first building design were
                            letters and made many                                not raised through the Building Fund Trust drives. In 1994 Mike
                            phone calls regarding our                            Lehr became the TRTA Executive Director.
                            legislative priorities for this
                            year. If every member of our                         In 1995 President Myrtice Larson appointed a committee to
                            56,185 in the association took                       investigate the cost of constructing and operating a building, and
                            on this initiative, look at the                      to make recommendations to the Board of Directors. As a result
                            impact it would make. The                            of the recommendations, the TRTA Board of Directors adopted a
  Jack Felts                Web site at http://yahoo.                            motion “to establish a partnership with a private developer for the
                   is one of many                            purpose of constructing a building.” A Building Review Committee
 ways you can find the who, what, and where on most                               was appointed to pursue this direction.
 of the legislative issues that are current.
    Tom Rogers and Derly Rivera have been appointed                              In September 1999 on the recommendation of the Building Review
 Interim Legislative Co-chairmen. “Legislative Update                            Committee, the TRTA Board of Directors approved Development
 #1 and #2” have recently been sent to all the District/                         2000, Inc., to develop several different designs for a building.
 Local Unit Legislative Committee Chairmen. Contact
 the state office or visit if you need a                             In January 2000 the Board of Directors, chaired by Dr. Kenneth
 copy. This and future updates will be written in a                              Laycock, President, authorized the employment of an attorney
 collaborative fashion with Mike Lehr, Tom Rogers                                to develop legal documents to create the Texas Retired Teachers
 and Derly Rivera.                                                               Foundation. The Foundation was created for broad charitable and
      Derly Rivera, the Legislative Chairman for                                 educational purposes, and contributions to the Foundation are
 District XIII, represented TRTA at the recent National                          deductible. Dr. Kenneth Laycock was appointed President of the
 Advocacy program sponsored by NRTA. His report                                  Foundation. The TRTA Board of Directors transferred the building
 will be summarized in an upcoming “TRTA Legislative                             project to the Texas Retired Teachers Foundation, and the Building
 Update.” One of the reports is that 49 out of our 50                            Fund Trust monies were transferred to the Foundation.
 states are having budgetary problems regarding
 health care, even though seven of the top 15 pension                            On April 14, 2001, approval was given to authorize a 99-year
 programs in our country are teachers’ pension plans.                            ground lease between the Texas Retired Teachers Association and
     Tom Rogers, also of District XIII and legislative                           the Texas Retired Teachers Foundation. TRTA retains ownership
 chairman for the Austin local unit, has been very                               of the original lot. TRTA will receive 10% of the building floor
 active in legislative issues and has written a letter to                        space and seven parking spaces for 30 years without cost for its
 our Lieutenant Gov. David Dewhurst regarding the                                state Headquarters.
 state’s contribution rate to the Teacher Retirement
 System of Texas, which is currently 6 percent but by                            On October 5, 2002, a limited partnership between Development
 law should be 8 percent. This letter was answered,                              2000, Inc. ,and the Texas Retired Teachers Foundation was formed
 and we were given an opportunity to speak to it                                 for the purpose of constructing an office building. On October 8,
 on Tuesday, July 20. Mike Lehr, Executive Director                              2002, TRTA President Tom Pritchard and TRTA Executive Director
 Emeritus, Tom Rogers, Derly Rivera, and I spoke with                            Mike Lehr signed for TRTA, and Dr. Kenneth Laycock, President of
 Mr. Jon Heining, Council for Public Policy for the                              the Texas Retired Teachers Foundation, signed the 99-year ground
 Senate and Office of the Lieutenant Governor.                                    lease. At the conclusion of the 30-year partnership, the Texas Retired
      We enter the 2004-2005 year with good news and                             Teachers Foundation will own the building.
 positive momentum. With your continued help and
 support, we will build on our past successes. Let us                            To see the results of all historical TRTF milestones, come to Austin
 work as one TEAM to realize the destiny of TRTA.                                at 1 p.m. on Friday, November 12, to see the Trinity Office Center
                                                                                 and celebrate the conclusion of a 16-year journey.
       Jack Felts
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2 TRTA News Bulletin                                                                                                                                        3rd Quarter 2004
 The Idle American
                                                                      Administration official, a physical therapist, a nurse, a physical
                         Our Flag Is Still There…                     therapist, four school teachers and a rancher.
                         Commentary by Dr. Don Newbury                                                 *****
                                                                           Tears flowed freely at that final graduation. Media
                              OLD GLORY, TX—Accuse them               representatives from as far as 300 miles away chronicled what
                         of flag-waving here, and residents will       was called a “death in the community.” OG, with 12 grades
                         shake your hand, invite you in to sit a      under one roof in a building constructed by the WPA, once
                         spell and brag that their community          had 280 students when six rural schools consolidated. Alas,
                         is as American as it gets—despite this       it dwindled to 33 students, with just three seniors in that final
                         tiny dot on the Stonewall County map         graduating class of 1985. And, yes, Maribel—the youngest
                         in West Texas seeming far away from          Castro sibling—was valedictorian.
                         “where it’s at.”                                  Remaining students transferred to Rule, Stamford or
     Remaining residents, tighter than close-knit, have               Aspermont. The OG school building (someone called it “longer
dwindled to fewer than 100, or, as the community’s sole               than a football field, and nearly as important”) was deeded
business owner, Joe Castro, puts it, “We’ve got 30 water              to Aspermont. Later, Aspermont “gave it back” to a local
meters.” (He’s second oldest of a dozen siblings.) Still, they        non-profit corporation. A tiny percentage of the building
hold an annual patriotic July 4th parade, keep flags flying             has remained in use as a community center for senior citizen
high and their colorful Old Glory mural—brainchild of Joe’s           programs and other activities . . . .
wife—to remind folks of their heritage. Now, ex-students have                                          *****
mounted a campaign to put a new tin roof on a school that’s                Joe and wife Marcia operate the Mercantile Store, selling
been closed for 19 years . . . .                                      mostly “edibles and drinkables.” It is open seven days a week,
                                 *****                                catty-cornered across the street from the “new post office”
     Old-timers here recount vivid stories dating back to the         that opened in 2000. The total square footage of the store and
late 1800’s. Early settlers were farmers of Germanic descent;         postal facility is less than 2,000 feet.
they called their community “Brandenburg” with its founding                When Joe arises each day, he is within a stone’s throw of
in 1904. Some folks in other communities, painting with               the school that for 48 years was a beacon of hope for handfuls
broad brushes, labeled Brandenburg residents as German                of kids. Seeing it, he re-doubles his efforts to think of ways to
sympathizers during World War I.                                      get a new roof for the school; high winds seriously damaged
     To underscore their patriotism, citizens voted to change         the old one a few months back. He figures they’ll need at
their town’s name to “Old Glory” in 1918. Flag-waving                 least $15,000. A third of the amount needed was raised at a
has prevailed since that time despite the ups-and-downs of            cakewalk and auction a while back. “Who knows, maybe we’ll
depressions, recessions, drought, erratic agriculture prices          think of a good way to use the building one day,” he said, “A
and other economic woes . . . .                                       museum might be nice.”
                                 *****                                                                 *****
     Let’s narrow the focus to better understand how this                  Don’t sell him short. There will be a new roof, and maybe
community stands for what is noblest and best. Turn back the          even a new way to use an old school that gave kids and
clock 42 years. Taking advantage of the U. S. Bracero Program         parents hope for a better day through education. And, even
that allowed Mexican nationals to work in this country, Isaac         commerce is about to change in Old Glory. The Castros are
Castro jumped at the chance to make better lives for his wife         building a new and larger store, hopefully by year’s end, when
and six children. Leaving his family in the interior of Mexico,       “50 Stars for Old Glory” opens. They’ll have much the same
the 34-year-old was off to the cotton fields near Rule, Texas, in      fare—including the “area’s best hot dogs”—and will add gas
1960. His was a “can ‘til can’t” work deal for two years--often       pumps, the only ones within 10 miles.
seven days a week if there was cotton in the fields.                        At visit’s end, I thought of seminars, programs, self-help
     Hal Yeakey, the late landowner, noticed Castro’s hard work.      books, conferences and agencies to help parents do better jobs.
He offered permanent employment, housing for the family and           A simple visit to Old Glory for a visit with proud parents
assistance in naturalization. What a deal, Isaac figured, and soon     named “Castro” might be quicker, easier and cheaper. This
the whole family was in Old Glory. They became naturalized            couple—now prizing two-dozen grandchildren and five
citizens, and six more children, born annually after arrival in       great-grandchildren—contends that foundations of discipline,
Texas, took the number to an even dozen . . . .                       hard work, teamwork, and education are critical for better
                                 *****                                tomorrows.
     Isaac, now 78, and Felicitas, 74, (his wife of 58 years) still        TRTA folks might like to know that Tom Pritchard,
live here and remember the “glory years.” They proudly                immediate past TRTA President, was their high school
supported Old Glory Schools (1937-1985) where all 12 of their         principal, and his wife Jane, their teacher.
children graduated. Five were valedictorians and 11 of the 12
have college degrees. Another has completed the LVN degree                Dr. Newbury is an author/speaker/columnist in the
and aspires to be a Registered Nurse.                                  Metroplex. His column appears weekly in 100 Texas
     Consider this: Among the siblings are a Naval official in          newspapers. He invites feedback at 817.447.3872 or by e-mail,
the Pentagon, a medical doctor, an attorney, a Social Security
3rd Quarter 2004                                                                                                 TRTA News Bulletin 3
GPO/WEP Update
                           S 349 (Feinstein-CA) and HR 594
                           (McKeon-CA) are congressional
                           bills to amend Title II of the          Time is running out for Congress . . . Continue to make
                           Social Security Act to repeal the       contact with your Congressmen and appropriate
                           Government Pension Offset (GPO)
                           and the Windfall Elimination            committee chairmen — they need to continue to hear
                           Provision (WEP). Currently S 349        that TRTA’s number one Federal Priority is total repeal
                           has 30 cosponsors and HR 594 has
                           300 cosponsors.                         of the GPO/WEP.

                          S 349 is currently in the Senate
                          Finance Committee.
                                                                 The following is a list of Texas representatives who have not
Mike Lehr                 The 300 cosponsors for HR 594 are      signed the discharge petition (H. Res. 523)
                          more than enough to pass the bill in
the U.S. House of Representatives. Unfortunately, however,       District Name                City              Phone
the bill languishes in the Social Security Subcommittee of       6    Joe Barton ___________ Ennis ___________ 202-225-2002
the House Ways & Means Committee. Currently there is             23 Henry Bonilla ** ______ San Antonio _____ 202-225-4511
not enough support to vote HR 594 out of this committee.         8    Kevin Brady _________ The Woodlands __ 202-225-4901
We need the support of Chairman Clay Shaw (FL) and six
                                                                 26 Michael C. Burgess ** _ Highland Village _ 202-225-7772
other subcommittee members to report the bill out of the
subcommittee.                                                    31 John R. Carter ** ______ Round Rock _____ 202-225-3864
                                                                 7    John Abney Culberson Houston ________ 202-225-2571
                                                                 22 Tom DeLay __________ Sugar Land ______ 202-225-5951
                                                                 12 Kay Granger _________ Fort Worth ______ 202-225-5071
                                                                 4    Ralph Hall ** _________ Rockwall ________ 202-225-6673
Members of the House Ways & Means Subcommittee on Social         5    Jeb Hensarling _______ Dallas __________ 202-225-3484
Security are:
                                                                 3    Sam Johnson _________ Plano ___________ 202-225-4201
                                                                 19 Randy Neugebauer ** _ Big Spring _______ 202-225-4005
  Chairman Clay Shaw (FL) _________ 202-225-3026
                                                                 14 Ron Paul ** __________ Surfside _________ 202-225-2831
  Mac Collins (GA) _________________ 202-225-5901
                                                                 32 Pete Sessions ** _______ Dallas __________ 202-225-2231
  J.D. Hayworth (AZ) _______________ 202-225-2190
                                                                 21 Lamar S. Smith _______ San Antonio _____ 202-225-4236
  Kenny C. Hulshof (MO) ___________ 202-225-2956
                                                                 13 Mac Thornberry ______ Clarendon_______ 202-225-3706
  Ron Lewis (KY) * _________________ 202-225-3501
  Kevin Brady (TX) _________________ 202-225-4901
                                                                     ** Cosponsors of HR 594
  Paul Ryan (WI) ___________________ 202-225-3031
  Tom DeLay (TX) _________________ 202-225-8885
  Robert T. Matsui (CA) * ___________ 202-225-7163               U.S. Representative Kevin Brady (TX-Woodlands) has
                                                                 introduced HR 4391 that would reduce the impact of the WEP.
  Benjamin L. Cardin (MD) __________ 202-225-4016
                                                                 The WEP impacts the Social Security benefit that you as an
  Earl Pomeroy (ND) _______________ 202-225-2611                 individual have earned. Currently there are 54 cosponsors.
  Xavier Becerra (CA) _______________ 202-225-6235
  Stephanie Tubbs Johnson (OH) *____ 202-225-7032                Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX) has introduced S 2455, a
                                                                 companion bill to HR 4391. S 2455 has no cosponsors.
    * Subcommittee Cosponsors of HR 594
                                                                 S 2455 and HR 4391 are a positive first step forward in Social
                                                                 Security fairness by addressing some of the impact of the

                                                                 Time is running out for Congress to take action this session.
H. Res. 523 (Jim Turner, TX) is a “discharge petition” to        The last day of the Congressional Session will probably be
discharge the Social Security Subcommittee from consideration    in mid-October unless there is a call for a special session.
of HR 594 (McKeon, CA). If 218 members of the House of           Continue to make contact with your Congressmen and
Representatives sign the petition, HR 594 would be placed on     appropriate committee chairmen — they need to continue to
the U.S. House calendar for debate and a vote. Currently 193     hear that TRTA’s number one Federal Priority is total repeal
House members have signed the petition.                          of the GPO/WEP.

4 TRTA News Bulletin                                                                                          3rd Quarter 2004
15-state teachers’ coalition endorses Brady Bill HR 4391
A letter to U.S. Legislators from                                   compensated in their working lives. Imposing equal penalties
the Retired Educators Coalition for Social Security Fairness        on all public workers, regardless of whether the pension from
                                                                    a non-Social Security system is $500 a month or $1,000 or more
August 2, 2004                                                      per month, further compounds this inequity.

We, the undersigned, as representative of nearly 300,000 retired    Replacing the current WEP calculation with a formula that
educators in 15 states that are affected by Social Security’s       takes into consideration the individual’s entire working career
Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension               is an important step towards greater fairness in the system.
Offset, believe that HR 4391 (the Public Servant Retirement         While the increased benefit that will become available to
Protection act) is a positive first step in providing equitable      those impacted does not full restore Social Security earnings
treatment to public retirees. We are pleased to submit this         lost under the current formula, the additional income will be
statement to the House of Representatives’ Subcommittee of          significant for the poorest retired teachers in our ranks.
Social Security as it gathers facts concerning the impacts on
public employees of the current social Security system.             Additionally, many of the states we represent are experiencing
                                                                    severe teacher shortages. To meet increasing demands for
For 20 years, our members have suffered under the financial          qualified teachers, many school districts will seek to recruit
hardships imposed on public retirees by the Social Security         mid-career individuals from other professions, most of which
system. Carefully constructed personal retirement plans have        are covered by Social Security. While these individuals may be
been destroyed because of the WEP and GPO. Too often,               willing to make salary sacrifices to pursue a second career in
teachers and other affected school employees only find out           education, they would be unwilling or unable to accept further
about these penalties when they go to apply for their benefits.      financial sacrifices that Social Security will impose upon them
By then, it is too late to make alternative financial planning       for their career choice. Reducing the impacts of the WEP will
decisions, and public retirees are left to cope with what is        also reduce this obstacle to teacher recruitment.
often a greatly diminished retirement income. We appreciate
the fact that Congress at long last realizes that the impacts of    As we have previously communicated to you and the entire
these penalties are not what were originally intended when          Congress, our eventual goal is complete repeal of both the
they were enacted.                                                  WEP and the GPO. These penalties impose too great a financial
                                                                    burden on hundreds of thousands of retired teachers who
The WEP, as currently designed, penalizes people who have           worked hard all of their lives, gave of themselves to their
dedicated their lives to public service, often at a personal        communities and played by the rules. HR 4391 represents an
financial sacrifice. Teaching is a rewarding career, but it is not    important first step towards achieving that goal. Thank you.
lucrative. In order to support their families, teachers typically
work in summer jobs and pay Social Security taxes. Many
do so without realizing they will receive a reduced benefit          The following 15 states comprise the Retired Educators Coalition for
because of the WEP. They understand they will not receive the       Social Security Fairness:
maximum Social Security benefit because, frankly, they have          Alaska Retired Educators Association • Association of Retired
not earned one. But they do believe they will be teated the same    Teachers of Connecticut • California Retired Teachers Association
as everyone else who meets the minimum eligibility criteria of      • Colorado Retired School Employees Association • Georgia Retired
40 quarters of covered Social Security employment.                  Educators Association • Illinois Retired Teachers Association •
                                                                    Kentucky Retired Teachers Association • Louisiana Retired Teachers
The regressive formula used in computing the WEP, whereby           Association • Maine Retired Teachers Association • Massachusetts
all of the reduction is imposed on the first increment of eligible   Retired Teachers Association • Missouri Retired Teachers Association
earnings, is counter to the intent of the Social Security system.   • Nevada State Retired Teachers Association • Ohio Retired Teachers
The basic premise of Social Security is to replace a greater        Association • Retired Teachers Association of Chicago • Rhode Island
portion of the income of people who were more modestly              Retired Teachers Association • Texas Retired Teachers Association

 All about running for election to TRTA offices
 The following policy — governing the election of TRTA              1. Officers
 officers — provides all qualified and interested TRTA              In accordance with the TRTA Bylaws, the elected officers of
 members the opportunity to become candidates for TRTA              the association shall be President, First Vice-President, Second
 office. If you are interested in running for a TRTA office for       Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer.
 the year 2005-2006, contact the TRTA state office and request
                                                                    2.      Nominating Committee Guidelines
 a filing form. The deadline for all filing forms to be returned
                                                                         a. The Nominating Committee shall solicit nominations
 to the TRTA state office is January 15, 2005.
                                                                            for elections to statewide office in the September and
 Below is the policy (as adopted by the Board of Directors)                 December issues of the TRTA publication. (Note: the
 governing the election of TRTA officers:                                                                   Continued next page
3rd Quarter 2004                                                                                                 TRTA News Bulletin 5
  Your voices do make a difference — thank you, TRTA members!
       TRTA members — those of you who contacted Texas state            within the hour addressing TRTA members’ concerns
  legislators in response to Legislative Update #1 (Concerning          regarding funding of active teachers’ administrative health
  Active Teachers’ Administrative Health Care Costs)                    care costs!
  recently made a difference! In particular, the numerous
  phone calls from TRTA members to Lt. Governor Dewhurst’s                  The process of calling, writing letters, and contacting
  office after TRTA Legislative Update #1 was mailed brought             legislators is effective and does bring about positive
  about an immediate response.                                          results. All of these contacts made a difference! Utilizing this
                                                                        process for the upcoming 79th legislative session is exactly
      TRTA received a call from the Lt. Governor’s office                what TRTA members need to continue doing — especially
  reporting that countless calls were coming into his office             with regard to the TRTA Legislative Priorities. TRTA can
  from TRTA members across the state. TRTA was also                     make a difference because of you!
  then told that an announcement would be forthcoming

 What you need to know about your Local Unit & District delegates
 Here’s some information and deadline dates about District              more delegate for each additional 100 TRTA members.
 and Local Unit delegates.
                                                                        2. Automatic Delegates. These delegates automatically made
 Names of all convention delegates are due in the TRTA                  delegates from serving as:
 office by Tuesday, March 1, 2005. Information and forms
                                                                             • Current Members of the TRTA Board of Directors;
 for delegates will be provided to District and Local Unit
                                                                             • Current Chairmen of the TRTA Standing Committees;
                                                                             • Current District Presidents, First Vice-Presidents, and
                                                                               Second Vice-Presidents; and
 There are two types of Delegates to the TRTA House of
                                                                             • Past Presidents of TRTA.
 Delegates :
 1. Local Unit Delegates. The number of delegates for a local           The House of Delegates meets each year during the TRTA
 unit is determined as follows:                                         Annual Convention to approve amendments to TRTA bylaws.
 Two delegates for the local unit of any size up to 100 members.        The next House of Delegates meetings will be held March
 For Local Units with more than 100 members, they gain one              21-22, 2005, at the TRTA Convention in Houston.

  Election of officers, from previous page
         composition and election of the Nominating Committee           4.      Campaigning
         are stipulated in the TRTA Bylaws.)                                 a. The campaigning period shall be from February 15 until
      b. Nominee forms should be requested from the TRTA                        the date of the election at the annual Convention.
         administrative office and must be completed and                     b. Candidates for statewide office shall be introduced at the
         returned to that office with photos, postmarked no later                end of the first session of the House of Delegates at the
         than January 15.                                                       Convention and shall be allowed five minutes each for
      c. All nominees meeting the established criteria, as                      speeches. No campaign materials or other presentations
         determined by the Nominating Committee, shall be                       shall be allowed in a session of the House of Delegates;
         candidates for the respective offices.                                  however, distribution of campaign materials shall be
      d. Biographical data and photos of all candidates shall be                permitted outside the meeting rooms.
         published in the February issue of the TRTA publication.
                                                                        5.      Election
 3.      Candidate Qualifications                                             a. Voting shall be conducted immediately following the first
      a. President – Candidates for the office of President must have            session of the House of Delegates. The polling place will
         been a member of his/her local RTA unit and the Texas                  be in a separate room nearby.
         Retired Teachers Association for the previous three years,          b. Ballots shall be counted and results announced at the
         be a member of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas                  second session of the House of Delegates.
         and have served as president of a local or district RTA.
      b. First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary/        In accordance with the TRTA Bylaws, election shall be by
         Treasurer. Candidates for each of these offices must have       majority vote. If necessary, a run-off election shall be conducted
         been a member of his/her local RTA unit and the Texas          between the two candidates receiving the most votes for a
         Retired Teachers Association for the previous three years,     particular office. The run-off shall be conducted immediately
         be a member of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas and      following the second session of the House of Delegates.
         have served as an elected officer of a local or district RTA.

6 TRTA News Bulletin                                                                                                      3rd Quarter 2004
TRTA Legislative Updates
Tor the latest TRTA Legislative Updates, visit the TRTA Web
site at                                                       The Legislative Budget Board met on Monday, August 23,
                                                                      2004 and did not address or approve such an appropriation.
TRTA 79th Legislative Update #1
                                                                      At this time, House Speaker Tom Craddick was quoted in the
Concerning Active Teachers’ Administrative                            Austin American Statesmen as saying “This action was not on
Health Care Costs — September 3, 2004                                 our agenda.” The newspaper reporter interpreted this to mean
                                                                      that the state would probably not cover these administrative
     TRTA president Jack Felts has appointed Tom Rogers and           costs. Officials at the Teacher Retirement System of Texas say
Derly Rivera Interim Legislative Co-Chairman of the TRTA              that they are still looking at other options.
State Legislative Committee. This and future updates will be               Commentary: As it stands now the active teachers will
written in a collaborative fashion with Mike Lehr, Tom Rogers         probably pay this $18 million. During the 77th Legislature,
and Derly Rivera. These Updates also are available on the Web         Senator Bevins proposed a constitutional amendment to divert
at                                                      2% of the state’s 6% contribution to the TRS fund to cover the
     Active teachers are concerned about being required to            health care cost of retirees and active teachers. He reasoned
pay the $18 million administrative cost to Aetna to cover the         that both groups should be included in one insurable pool. He
administration of their health care insurance. This official           further reasoned that including the insurable pool of active
“mistake” will require teachers to pay the $42 annual cost            teachers would reduce the cost of health care premiums to
from their $500 health care allotment. Several teacher groups         retirees. TRTA members unanimously opposed the use of
have protested and have asked that the contract with Aetna            the TRS fund contributions to pay for health care insurance.
be canceled.                                                          The bill failed.
     In an effort to avoid such drastic action, Governor Rick Perry        It would seem appropriate for TRTA members and TRS
and teacher groups have called on the Legislative Budget Board        retirees to remind their representatives and senators that the
to reallocate about $18 million from the Teacher Retirement           TRS fund is constitutionally designated for the use of retired
System of Texas to cover these costs instead of asking teachers       TRS members. Any proceeds generated from the fund should
to pay out of their $500 health care allotments.                      be strictly reserved for benefit improvements for TRS retirees.
     In an Austin American Statesman article on Saturday              In the past, the Legislature has borrowed money and paid it
August 21, 2004, Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst was quoted              back with interest. However, it must be remembered that while
“Specifically, I plan to ask the Teacher’s Retirement System           the same money, in a strong market, is under the expert care
to pay the administrative costs until the funding can be              of the TRS fund’s investment team, it can be earning as much
appropriated through traditional appropriations during the            as 14% interest or more.
79th Session.” The House Appropriation Committee usually
finalizes its appropriation bills in March or April of the                Your TRTA legislative teams will carefully monitor this
following year. In effect this would be a loan. However, no           situation and others and keep members informed in future
interest rate was mentioned in the article.                           updates.

  TRTA 79th Legislative Update #2                                     announced that it would charge teachers a $42 fee to cover
  Funding the $500 Cash Supplements                                   the costs of administering the program.
  for Texas Teachers — September 17, 2004
                                                                           “As part of the research, Attorney General Gregg Abbot’s
                                                                      office was asked to look at the issue and subsequently
      This update is to clarify the payment source for the            determined that conflicts in the HRA statute would allow
  teacher health care supplemental compensation.                      the funding to be distributed as a cash supplement directly
      1. No money will be taken or borrowed from the TRS              to the teachers.”
         Pension fund.                                                     TRS-HRAccount Update — September 17, 2004
      2. T h e m o n e y w i l l c o m e f r o m G e n e r a l        (information from TRS Website): “The Teacher Retirement
         Appropriations.                                              System has just received official input from House Speaker
                                                                      Tom Craddick and Lt. Governor Dewhurst indicating their
       Press Release Summary from the Offices of Lt. Gov.              desire to distribute appropriated health care funds as a
  Dewhurst and House Speaker Tom Craddick:                            supplemental compensation as it has been done in the last two
       “Austin — Lt. Gov., David Dewhurst and Speaker Tom             years instead of implementing the Health Reimbursement
  Craddick directed the Teacher Retirement System (TRS)               Arrangement (HRA). Their letter is accompanied by a
  today to replace the school employees Health Reimbursement          legal analysis issued by the Office of the Attorney General
  Account (HRA) program with a direct $500 cash supplement            specifying arguments as to why the HRA enacted by House
  for all Texas teachers.                                             Bill 3257 was not funded by the General Appropriations
       “The HRA program—which gives each teacher a $500               Act and the OAG’s legal basis as to why TRS may continue
  account for health-care expenses—elicited a sharp response          distribution as the compensation supplement.
  from teachers last month, when the program’s administrator
                                                                                                            Continued on next page

3rd Quarter 2004                                                                                               TRTA News Bulletin 7
 Membership update
                        TRTA must have continued strength in
                        membership if the needs of retirees are
                        to be recognized and met. This strength            Meetings attract better attendance if they are
                        can be realized with recruitment and
                        orientation of new retirees, membership            informational, fun and have a social time for
                        retention, and an effort to recruit non-           visiting. Consider that the same programs we have
                        members who retired two or more
                        years ago.                                         enjoyed year after year won’t necessarily be ones

                       The TRTA Membership Committee                       new members prefer.
Aubrey Cherry          will continue to provide information
                       about successful recruiting methods. A
Pre-Retirement Education Seminar is an excellent opportunity          Consider that the same programs we have enjoyed year after
to sign-up active educators as well as new retirees. Other            year won’t necessarily be ones new members prefer.
methods of contacting retiring educators have been shared
in various training sessions. The contact process is becoming         Retention fails when a member does not rejoin in a timely
difficult because school districts’ release of personal               manner and renewal contact is not made a second or third
information is becoming more restricted. Additional ways to           time. As a double-check, TRTA will provide local units
overcome this problem are being considered. Once the new              with a list of members from last year who have not rejoined.
member is in the fold, don’t forget to provide orientation.           Retention is assured if a member serves as an organization
An active member is the result of knowing about the                   leader or volunteers to serve the community. Sometimes
organization’s structure and activities.                              providing a member ownership in the local RTA is as easy
                                                                      as asking them to do these things. Leadership can do one
Concentration of efforts to encourage at-large members to join        additional thing to support retention. They can reinforce
local units is a strong focus. TRTA is reviewing the process          communications about events and activities at the district
to provide local units with at-large membership information           and state levels.
quicker. The sooner a Local Unit can make contact with at-large
members, the more likely a local unit membership will occur.          Many ideas supporting recruitment, orientation, and retention
                                                                      will be considered and developed by the TRTA Membership
Local unit membership retention is extremely important                Committee this year. As the chairman, I feel blessed to
and depends on interesting meetings, scheduled reminders              have such a knowledgeable, experienced and hard working
to join for the next year, and involvement which gives them           committee. They are Janice Bond – District XVIII, Pete Castillo
ownership in the local unit. Meetings attract better attendance       – District XX, Charles Hughes – District VII, and Carolyn
if they are informational, fun and have a social time for visiting.   Lance – District VIII.

  Legislative info available on hotline & online                           Consider convenience of payroll deduction
  Beginning January 11, 2005, the TRTA Legislative Ho-                        All TRTA members are urged to consider the
  tline, 1.800.880.1650, will be activated 5 p.m. to 8 a.m.                convenience of payroll deduction for joining or rejoining
  each week day. Check TRTA’s Legislative Priorities on-                   TRTA. Ask for TRS Form 593 for your membership
  line at Print your own copy right off the                  payroll deduction.
  Web page.

  Legislative Update 2 continued from prior page
       The official input by the legislative leadership as well as     3.     This year the legislature looked at implementing the
  the recent legal analysis by the Attorney General’s office will             distribution of $500 through HRA as enacted by HB 3257.
  be provided to the TRS governing body for its consideration         4.     Because the administrative costs were too high the
  at its regularly scheduled meeting next week.”                             legislative leadership have asked the Attorney General’s
                                                                             office how to release the state from the legal obligation
       Current Scenario:                                                     under HB 3257 and to just allow them to distribute the
  1.   During the last two years money from General                          supplement as they had in the two previous years.
       Appropriations provided the teacher health care                5.     The official input by the legislative leadership as well
       supplements that have been sent out to teachers through               as the recent legal analysis by the Attorney General’s
       their districts.                                                      office will be provided to the TRS governing body for
  2.   The first year it was a $1000 the second year it was $500.             its consideration this week.
       Currently, this amount would be $250 for part time             6.     The concurrence of the TRS will be considered at the
       employees.                                                            Sept. 24, 2004, board meeting.

8 TRTA News Bulletin                                                                                                  3rd Quarter 2004
Public Relations update
                        The TRTA Public Relations Committee’s         as animated slide presentations, specifically PowerPoint
                        foremost goal is to make sure every           presentations, and sharing of TRTA news or training
                        member feels well informed about              presentations by utilizing computer video.
                        the goals and activities of their Local
                        Units, their District, state-level TRTA       All these new technology activities are very exciting goals, so
                        activities, and even national-level           the committee is already trying to find “computer enthusiasts”
                        issues such as the GPO/WEP lobbying.          at every Local Unit and District. These computer enthusiasts
                        It is very important that all members         could play a vital role in helping to communicate the most
                        also be informed about how they can           current information, even to daily and hourly updates, to
                        help support these various goals, from        members as soon as possible. The availability of immediate
Dora Scott-Nichols
                        the local to the national, in order to help   information could be vital when immediate action is requested
make their communities a better place and their retirements           of TRTA members “at the drop of a hat” for the upcoming
more secure. Above all, more retired teachers need to be              79th Texas Legislative Session.
found and to be made aware of the many, many benefits of
joining the state’s only organization representing exclusively        The committee is also very interested in using computer
retired teachers.                                                     technology to help local units and districts to produce
                                                                      their own newsletters, brochures, and other public relation
Therefore, the first major activity of the 2004-2005 Public            materials. These can be distributed through the TRTA Web
Relations Committee has been to send a public relations               site, and the committee would like to also establish Local
survey to all District Second Vice-Presidents/Public                  Unit Web sites. These computer projects will be a great
Relations Committee Chairs, with a copy to Local Unit and             step forward in making additional information available
District Presidents. The responses to this survey will guide          to members, and this information will be more timely than
the decisions of the TRTA Public Relations Committee in               ever before.
addressing key areas such as District newsletters, participation
in community projects such as Children’s Book Project, and            In other major activities already underway, the TRTA Board
telephone chains. The committee is not only interested in             at the recommendation of the committee has expanded the
finding out the level of these activities, but encouraging the         newsletters from four publications a year to eight. Four new
spread and enhancement of these communications areas.                 publications, called the TRTA News Update, will be added
                                                                      to the four TRTA News Bulletins. The News Updates will
We already have the capabilities to attain a long list of             be smaller than the Bulletins, containing four to eight pages
enhancements and improvements. For instance, many of                  compared to the 12 to 16 pages in the Bulletins. Now, TRTA
our TRTA local units and districts have built and sustained           members will see a publication every six weeks with this
telephone chains to keep their members informed. The                  expanded publication schedule. This expanded publication
committee would like to expand this communications activity           schedule should make for more timely news, as well as more
to e-mail chains, to use not for just news and information but        information of interest to TRTA members.
also for instructions in how to use computers and software.
So the survey includes a question about e-mail contacts for           The Public Relations Committee will be working closely with
the local unit and districts.                                         other committees to support their efforts. For instance, the
                                                                      Committee will support the TRTA Pre-Retirement Education/
Similarly the survey also asks about the traditional areas            Planning Committee in communicating information in
of newsletters and media contacts. These are vital areas for          meetings and pre-retirements seminars. The Committee also
public relations, and the committee is interested in ensuring         is assisting in the development of better methods of obtaining
that every local unit and district establish these resources for      books and grants for the Children’s Book Project.
their members. Furthermore, the committee would like to
develop greater use of computers for not only these traditional       The PR Committee looks forward to this exciting year of new
activities, but also for new communications possibilities such        developments for TRTA members.

                                                                                        Maenette Jeanes, age 100, at the opening
  Maenette Jeans, age 100, honored                                                      meeting of the Waco-McLennan County
                                                                                        Unit on Thursday, September 9. State
  for longtime service to TRTA                                                          Representative Jim Dunnam gave her a
                                                                                        Texas flag that had hung over the Capitol.
  by Jack Felts, TRTA President
     A few weeks ago, I got a call from a friend congratulating       speaking, and she immediately apologized and said, “This
  me on my election as President of TRTA. Before she let me           is your old friend, Maenette Jeanes.”
  know her name, she quickly added that she would do                       Maenette and Jewel Mayfield, The District XII President
  anything she could to help me, as she had always been               at the time, were with my wife and I when we attended our
  supportive of TRTA. At that point, I asked to whom I was                                                  Continued on page 14
3rd Quarter 2004                                                                                               TRTA News Bulletin 9
Schedule & theme ‘launched’ for 2005 Annual Convention
“TRTA: A Launch Pad for the Future” will be the theme for           TENTATIVE Convention Highlights (all times tentative):
the 2005 TRTA Annual Convention scheduled for March 20-
                                                                    Sunday, March 20, 2005
22 at the Wyndham Greenspoint Hotel in Houston. District
                                                                    6-8 pm Delegate Certification/Registration
IV will be the convention host.
TRTA 2005 Convention Schedule (TENTATIVE):                          Monday, March 21, 2005
                                                                    7 am-5 pm     Exhibits
                    March 20-22, 2005                               8 am-4 pm     Delegate Certification/Registration
              Wyndham Greenspoint Houston                           8:30 am-10 am Opening Ceremonies
                 12400 Greenspoint Drive                            4-5:15 pm     First Meeting of House Delegates
                    Houston, TX 77060                               7:30-9 pm     President’s Reception
              281.875.2222 Fax: 281.875.1655                        Tuesday, March 22, 2005
                                                                    8:30-10:30 am Second Meeting of House of Delegates
A full TRTA pre-registration form and a hotel registration          1:30-3 pm     Third Meeting of House of Delegates
form will be in the December TRTA Bulletin (4th Quarter             7:30-9:30 pm  Banquet
Bulletin) and the February 2005 TRTA News Update.                   TBA           Closing Ceremonies

Highlights from Board of Directors meeting, June 30-July 1, 2004
1. Approved the employment of Tim Lee for the position of              Foundation Board of Trustees, replacing Margaret Butler.
   TRTA Executive Director effective no later than October 1.       7. Approved the recommendation from the TRTA Member
2. Approved bid by Shelton-Keller for office furniture in the new       Benefits Committee to endorse Canadian Pharmacy program.
   TRTA offices.                                                     8. Approved Frisco Retired School Personnel as a new TRTA
3 Approved that the special Communications Campaign                    local unit.
   Committee to communicate the actuarial issues that affect
   the Texas Teacher Retirement System’s current and future           New TRTA local unit joins TRTA family
   funding for annuities. Mike Lehr was appointed Chairman            Congratulations to Grand Prairie Retired Teachers
   of the committee.                                                  Association for becoming TRTA’s 257th local. The Grand
4. Adopted the proposed 2004-05 TRTA budget.                          Prairie RTA was established on November 1, 2002, and
5. Adopted new TRTA Policy BI related to “TRTA Special                currently has 52 members. The President is Don E. Pennock.
   History and Archives Guidelines.”                                  Welcome Grand Prairie RTA to TRTA!
6. Approved appointment of Barbara Soto of San Antonio to the

  Tim Lee, from page 1
   the Illinois Rural Water Association since early this year.      development. He directed charitable donations of the IRTA
   Previously he held the Executive Director’s post for six years   Foundation that exceeded $150,000 annually.
   at the Illinois Retired Teachers Association (IRTA). The prior        Notably, as Foundation Coordinator, he pursued
   two years he started as IRTA legislative staff and moved         and received grants for ICARE and ICAN nursing home
   up to IRTA’s Assistant Executive Director. Now the sixth         ombudsman program totaling $825,000 over a five-year
   largest retired educator organization in the country, IRTA       period. He also fostered relationships between the IRTA
   experienced continued member growth during his 8 years.          foundation and various state agencies including the
        Tim directed day-to-day association operations and          Department on Aging and Department of Public Health.
   was IRTA’s chief lobbyist and chief media spokesperson. At            Tim has a Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science and
   IRTA, he implemented new communications tools including          History from the Illinois State University, graduating with
   an e-mail newsletter, new staff and volunteer training           honors, Magna cum Laude. He also served as an Illinois
   materials, monthly leadership updates, and enhanced              Legislative Intern. His goal is to receive a Masters of Political
   member recruitment.                                              Studies degree from the University of Illinois in the fall of
        His executive experience also included extensive lobbying   this year.
   strategy and organization at both the federal and state               Tim and his wife Nichol also have a full-time family
   levels. Tim took a leading role in working with TRTA towards     life with their 17-month-old twins, Carter and Grace. Just
   “Repeal of the GPO/WEP” by the U.S. Congress.                    before leaving for Texas, the family learned that their diaper-
        He also served as the IRTA Foundation State Coordinator.    changing days will go on longer than anticipated as baby No.
   He was the executive officer directing fund-raising and           3 is due at the end of April 2005.
   charitable giving, and coordinating statewide board                   TRTA is very proud and excited to have Tim join the
   of directors responsible for foundation planning and             organization.
10 TRTA News Bulletin                                                                                                 3rd Quarter 2004
TRTA Benefits for Members Only                                                                      See benefits disclaimer next page
                                                                                                  *Denotes TRTA endorsed benefits
                   INSURANCE PRODUCTS
*United Teacher Associates Insurance Co. (UTA) Group                   light housekeeping, laundry, errands, grocery shopping
Long-Term Care/Home Health Insurance; Medicare Supplement              and meal preparation. Call 1-888-557-2273 or visit www.
Insurance; First Diagnosis Cancer Insurance; Cancer and Dread Be sure to mention your TRTA
Disease Insurance; Single Premium Tax Deferred Annuity; Final          membership for TRTA special offer of free 8th visit.
Expense Life Insurance. For claims or customer service, please call:
                                                                       Medical Air Services Association MASA is an international
1-888-882-8782 (1-888-UTA-TRTA). For more information or policy
                                                                       emergency assistance association designed to return a person
purchase, call: 1-800-258-7041 or visit
                                                                       home after an illness or an injury, and provide additional
*Worth Casualty Company – Auto Insurance With no agents,               benefits that are outside most insurance companies’ realms of
Worth can afford to offer lower rates. Call 1-866 GO-WORTH (1-         coverage. For more information call 1-800-258-7041.
866-469-6784) or visit
*Guardian Dental Insurance This plan has very generous
benefits plus a two-year rate guarantee. For more information           *Colpitts Group Travel For information on cruises and land
contact Guardian’s Employee Benefits Hotline at 1-888-600-1600.         travel, call 1-800-972-7777 ext. 311 or visit

Texas Associates Insurors – Professional Liability Insurance           Cendant/GETO Travel Preview all of the “off season” travel-
Standard $1,000,000 policy is available for an annual premium of       related programs that offer great prices. Up to 8 days/7 nights
$39. For more information call 1-800-880-1650.                         plus transportation and food at a one-time cost of $249 that covers
                                                                       up to 8 people, not $249 per person. Call toll free 1-877-867-3639
                     HEALTH SERVICES                                   or visit . TRTA Eligibility #755.
*The Canadian Pharmacy The Canadian Pharmacy is a licensed             La Quinta Inns offers TRTA members up to 35% off prevailing
International Pharmacy Services pharmacy providing savings and         room rates in Texas and 15% off in other states. Call 1-800-531-
convenient home delivery of prescription medications. Prescrip-        5900 or visit and use promotional code “TRTA.”
tions must be written by a physician with a valid U.S. license. Call
toll-free 1-866-335-8064 for a free price quote on your medications.              INTERNET ACCESS/COMPUTERS
Visit for more information. (See           Dell Computers TRTA members are now able to get a 5%
more information on next page.)                                        discount with a 1- to 2-year warranty OR a 10% discount with
*Vision Service Plan (VSP) Discounts on eye exams & eyewear            a 3- to 4-year warranty off Dell Computers. Other periodic
through licensed optometrists & ophthalmologists for monthly           promotions offer up to 28% savings on computer and other
fee. To enroll, contact the plan’s administrator Brokers National’s    peripheral items, plus free shipping! Check
at 1-800-211-2138 or Visit VSP’s website at        often for promotions or call 1-800-880-1650. to learn more about this plan.                             *Academic Planet To obtain high-quality internet access, call
*Best Discount Deep discounts on dental, vision, prescriptions,        877-584-9330 or visit TRTA members
chiropractic, and much more. For more information call 1-800-585-      must mention TRTA offer code when they sign up.
2363 or visit
                                                                                OTHER TRTA MEMBER BENEFITs
*Hearing Aid Express Statewide network of hearing healthcare           Avis and Budget Car Rental Discounts              TRTA has
professionals. Member benefits include free hearing tests and a 10%     partnered with Avis Rental Cars and Budget Rental Cars for
discount off hearing aid prices. Call toll-free at 1-866-478-TRTA      5-25% discounts for TRTA members! Call Budget at 1-800-
(1-800-478-8782) for more information.                                 455-2848 for reservations and information or log on to www.
Stroke Scan, Inc. Will conduct screenings at TRTA local unit  To receive your discount, be sure to mention
meetings within the state for $95 per person. Call toll free 1-866-    your Budget Corporate Discount (BCD) number: X885500.
935-7226. FAX: 1-832-379-0629.                                         For Avis car reservations, call your travel consultant, or log
Stroke Prevention Plus, Inc. Conducts four health screenings (3        on to or call Avis at 1-800-698-5685. To receive
vascular & 1 bone density) designed to detect symptoms of stroke,      your discount, be sure to mention your Avis Worldwide
other vascular diseases and osteoporosis. This company is also         Discount (AWD) number: D404600.
mobile and charges a total of $95 for the three vascular screenings    *RMC Administrative Services Vehicle Warranty Plan
or $125 for all four screenings. Call toll free 1-800-884-6251, FAX:   For more information on vehicle plans, call 1-800-849-4249.
                                                                       *Westel Long Distance Service For more information call
ResponseLINK is a communications system that offers help in            1-800-580-5565.
the event of an emergency virtually anywhere in the home. Call
toll free: 1-800-894-1428 or visit TRTA          GMAC Mortgage Auto Discounts Members can purchase
members save $50 with free installation.                               or lease up to two new GM vehicles at a discounted price.
                                                                       Contact Charlotte Young at 1-866-219-0648.
Comfort Keepers Home Help is a helping hand at home. Bonded
caregivers provide non-medical services such as companionship,
3rd Quarter 2004                   Visit the TRTA Website for current information:                  TRTA News Bulletin 11
TRTA endorses mail-order drugs discount program
     Canadian Pharmaceuticals is now
offering mail-order discounts to Texas           Candadian Pharmaceuticals Contact Information
Retired Teachers Association (TRTA)
members. The Canadian Pharmacy (TCP)             84 – 1313 Border Street
is delighted to announce its association         Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA R3H 0X4
with TRTA, a relationship endorsed by            Phone: (204) 697-5910
the TRTA Board that can provide TRTA
                                                 Fax: (204) 697-5919
members needed relief from soaring U.S.
medication costs.                                Toll-Free Phone: 1.866.335.8064 
     The Canadian Pharmacy is a Canadian         Toll-Free Fax: 1.866.795.5627   
mail-order pharmacy located in Winnipeg,
Manitoba Canada, capable of providing
the complete range of pharmacy products and services offered Refill Orders
at full service pharmacies in the United States. We desire to form     Please order refills 2 - 3 weeks early to ensure sufficient time
long-term relationships with our customers and to help them to receive your medications. If your current prescription does
lead longer, healthier lives.                                      not include sufficient refills, you will need a new prescription
     Our primary goal is to promote quality health care in from your physician.
the dispensing of Canadian prescription medications in
the safest, most cost effective manner for our customers. Payment Methods
Thanks to Canadian price controls, prohibitions on direct-to-        • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Personal Checks (made out to
consumer advertising, and the purchasing power of the U.S.             The Canadian Pharmacy) and Money Orders (all payments
dollar, American citizens can save 10% to 85% on prescription          should be in U.S. funds).
medications ordered from Canada without sacrificing safety,           • We do NOT charge any form of sales tax on your
quality or service.                                                    purchases.
     The Canadian Pharmacy employs a dedicated team of               • All customers will be issued a receipt with your prescription
licensed pharmacists, experienced doctors, technicians, business       purchase that you may be able to submit to your insurance
development professionals and customer service representatives         company for reimbursement.
to provide you with any and all information you may desire
about your medications and their suggested use.                    Important Information for All Customers
     All pharmaceuticals provided by The Canadian Pharmacy           • The names, packaging and package sizes of SOME
are of the same quality, purity and potency as those available in      medications in Canada are different than in the U.S. Call
the United States. ALL of our products adhere to the rigorous          us toll-free if you have any questions.
standards of Health Canada, which meet or exceed FDA drug            • Pharmacy regulations prohibit returning any dispensed
safety standards.                                                      product for refund.
                                                                     • We are prohibited from shipping narcotics or controlled
Placing a Prescription Order                                           substances into the U.S.
     Important Note: All prescription medication orders MUST         • We cannot ship medications that require refrigeration, such
be accompanied by a valid prescription from your physician.            as insulin.
     Prior to placing your first medication order, all new
customers must complete an Application Package consisting Canada Post’s XPRESSPOST USA Shipping Service
of 1) Medication Order Form, 2) Health Questionnaire,                • It may take 2-3 weeks to receive your medications.
and 3) Customer Agreement. This paperwork is a one-time                Completing all forms without omissions will ensure the
requirement. Completed applications can be returned to TCP             timely completion of your order.
via our 24 hour toll-free fax line at 1-866-795-5627.                • All orders are shipped via Canada Post’s XPRESSPOST
                                                                       USA service.
You can also mail your completed application to us at:               • A $15.00 (USD) shipping and handling fee will be added
The Canadian Pharmacy, Unit 84-1313 Border Street, Winnipeg,           to the cost of your order.
                                                                   How Much of my Prescription can I Order?
Once your account is established, customers can place orders US Customs’ regulations permit importing a maximum of 3
in several ways:                                                   months/100 days supply of medication for personal use at
   • Call us toll-free at 1-866-335-8064                           any one time.
   • Fax a Medication Refill Form to us toll-free at 1-866-795-
     5627                                                          Are Canadian Medications Comparable to those sold in the
   • Visit our Website at:        United States?
   • E-mail your request to pharmacist@thecanadianpharmacy. Canada has one of the best health care systems in the world.
     com. With your e-mail request, please include your name, The Canadian government imposes stringent regulations
     telephone number and the name and quantity of the on the manufacturers of medications in our country. These
     medication(s) you wish refilled.                                                                            Continued next page
 12 TRTA News Bulletin                                                                                               3rd Quarter 2004
  Canadian Pharmacy, from previous page
 regulations, imposed by Health Canada, meet or exceed                 Can you fill Prescriptions from American Doctors?
 FDA Standards.                                                        Your physician must have a valid license in your place of
                                                                       residence to issue a prescription. We can fill prescriptions from
 Are all American Drugs Available in Canada?                           U.S. physicians, once a Canadian doctor has reviewed your
 Not all drugs available in the United States are available in         Health Questionnaire and approved your prescription(s).
 Canada. Some brand names of medications in Canada may
 be different than brand names in the United States. Please call,      Is my Personal Information Protected?
 if you have any questions regarding medication names.                 At The Canadian Pharmacy, safeguarding the confidentiality
                                                                       of your personal information is a primary concern. Canada’s
 Are Generic Drugs Similar to Brand Name Drugs?                        Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents
 A generic drug is a medication for which the original                 Act prohibits the release of any customer’s personal, medical
 manufacturer has lost patent protection. As a result, other           or financial information to anyone other than the health
 manufacturers are allowed to produce and sell the exact               professionals responsible for filling your prescriptions,
 medication at a more competitive price. The generic drug is           without your written consent.
 the exact same medication as the original brand name drug,
 simply made by another company. Due to strict regulations             How Often are Prices Updated?
 on the generic drug industry, these drugs must provide the            The Canadian Pharmacy makes every effort to post current
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1.800.695.8133 as Dell has a variety of        org at least every Friday to see if there is    your key ring. If you should lock your
promotions — weekends, some weekly,            a weekend special, a weekly special or          keys in the car, and the spare keys are
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3rd Quarter 2004                                                                                                  TRTA News Bulletin 13
      Map to TRTF Trinity Office Center


                                                                           Office                                       I-35

   FYI - General Parking is available in the Capitol
   Visitor Parking Garage off 12th Street. First 2 hours
   are free and $6 per day thereafter. Bus Parking is
   available along Trinity Street — see map.                                                                           I-35

  Maenette Jeanes, from page 9
  first TRTA convention in Bryan 12 years ago. These three        joined the faculty at Waco High School and then Richfield
  ladies made an impact on my life and my commitment to          High School when it was built. She retired from Richfield as
  TRTA like no one else ever did.                                Chairperson of the Business Department. For an additional
      Jewel has since passed away. Maenette celebrated her       10 years, she taught in Baylor University’s Hankamer School
  100th birthday in March, and she called to help me anyway      of Business.
  she could.                                                          Since retirement, she has served as president of both
      Maenette Jeanes was born March 13, 1904, in Clifton,       District XII and the Waco-McLennan County Retired
  Texas. Since her birth, she has lived more than 36,500 days,   Teachers Association, legislative chairperson, served on the
  seen 18 presidents and six wars.                               budget committee, memorial committee, and the telephone
      When she was still a baby here parent moved to             committee. She was the arrangements chair when the state
  Aquilla, where she attended school until the 6th grade. Her    meeting of TRTA was held in Waco in 1981. For the “goodie”
  parents then moved to Waco where she attended Waco             bag she visited M&M Mars, which was just opening in
  High School and graduated with honors and a scholarship        Waco and secured TWIX candy bars and introduced them
  to Baylor in 1922. After graduating from Baylor, she went      to Waco.
  to Columbia University in New York City for graduate                Maenette has many certificates, diplomas, and certificates
  courses in business. Her first employment was as registrar      of service awards on her walls. She has contributed much to the
  and secretary to the Dean of the American College of Liberal   young people of Waco who are now leaders. We pay tribute
  Arts in Washington, D.C.                                       to her as a lovely lady who has served her community as an
      Maenette’s teaching career began in 1943 when she took     educator and a student herself as she has traveled the world.
  a position at a Waco junior high school. From there, she            Thank you, Maenette!

14 TRTA News Bulletin                                                                                            3rd Quarter 2004
From the Building Fund Trust
to the completion
of the Trinity Office Center
Many people over many years have contributed greatly to the
dream of an office building. Now this dream is realized as the
building will be officially opened on Friday, November 12,
2004. It would not be possible to list all the TRTA members
who served so well in this process. However, we do honor their
services as we list others who served at the state level.

TRTF Board of Trustees:
Dr. Kenneth Laycock, President
Robert “Bob” Richards, Vice-President
Mike Lehr, Secretary/Treasurer
Loreta Hickey, Member                                            The main door to the Trinity Office Center that so many people worked
Dora H. Scott-Nichols, Member                                    to build and open.
Barbara Soto, Member
Dr. John Webb, Member                                            TRTA Building Review Committee
Margaret Butler, Past Member                                     Dr. Kenneth Laycock, Chairman
                                                                 Bill Bonds
TRTF Honorary Life Trustees                                      Bill Lafferty
Jane M. Cole                                                     Mike Lehr
Reba Kirby                                                       Julia Mellenbruch
Enid Littlefield                                                  Robert “Bob” Richards
Forest C. Scott                                                  Archie Roberts
                                                                 Lamont Veatch
TRTA Board of Directors 2002-2004
Tom Pritchard, President                                         Founders of Building Fund Trust (1988)
Dr. Myron Koehler, Immediate Past President                      Enid Littlefield, President, who formed Building Fund Trust
Jack Felts, First Vice-President                                 Dr. Ruth Cameron Amend
Aubrey Cherry, Second Vice-President                             Dr. Kate Bell*
Dora H. Scott-Nichols, Secretary/Treasurer                       Loyd R. Bell*
Mike Lehr, Legislative Coordinator                               J. Lillian Brown
Bill Stribling, Organizational Affairs Coordinator               Dilla Enochs
Buddy Sexton, District Presidents Council Chairman               E.L. Galyean*
John Krodel, District Presidents Council Vice-Chairman           Aleene Gregg
Donna Cost, District Presidents Council Recorder                 Jewell Harris
Louise Williams, Historian                                       Dr. W. A. Hunt*
                                                                 Mike Lehr
TRTA Interim Executive Director                                  Dr. John McFarland*
Linda de los Santos                                              Gladys Neu*
                                                                 Russell E. Sayers
TRTA Executive Director Emeritus                                 Carrol Teague*
Mike Lehr
TRTA Past Presidents (since 1988)
Enid Littlefield
Jewell Harris
Charles Mitchell*
Myrtice Larson
Robert “Bob” Richards
Dr. Kenneth Laycock
Dr. Myron Koehler
Tom Pritchard

3rd Quarter 2004                                                                                             TRTA News Bulletin 15
Texas Retired Teachers
Foundation news update
Grand Opening details are on the front page. A map is on page 14. A list of
the many people who made the Trinity Office Center possible is on page 15.
Here are other photos of the new building.

View of building at Trinity Street (left) and 12th Street (to right).

               12th Street side of building.

                                                                                                                        Please mail this form with the selected
                                                                                                                               method of payment to:
                                                                                                                        Texas Retired Teachers Foundation
                                                                                                                                 P.O. Box 684747
                                                                                                                              Austin, TX 78768-4747
                                                                                                                     For more information or additional forms, call
                                                                                  Trinity Street side of building.             1-866-780-TRTF (8783)
                                                                                                                                  (512) 480-3111

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