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					Benefits of Mengkudu (Morinda Citrifolia)
Herbal Mengkudu (morinda citrifolia), which is known as morinda or pace or noni, is more known as
the fruit that has a variety of property. The most famous, of course, to help overcome the diabetes
disease naturally. Usually, in the form of juice is consumed.
From various literatures noted that the mengkudu came from the Ancient Asia plains, that call this
fruit by the name “ashyuka” which means “longevity”. Then the traveler to leave Asia, and find an
island that is now known as Tahiti Nui. These islands in Tahiti, many Mengkudu fruit growing and grow
with the wild. For the population, the Mengkudu is seen as the fruit of the gods bring longevity and
health. The population of Tahiti use this fruit as a herbal for the health of heredity.

                                       mengkudu (morinda citrifolia)

The benefit of mengkudu (morinda citrifolia) finally found a world of science by researchers, namely
Dr. Ralph Heinicke who find that there is a bioactive substance inside Mengkudu. For the discovery,
Dr. Heinicke inaugurated as an Mengkudu expert of the world. However, when John Wadsworth,
founder of International Tahitian Noni in 1995 deep research on this fruit, he carried the name of the
mengkudu become well known as herbal fruit.

Herbal property of Mengkudu (morinda citrifolia)
Each part of the morinda, from the leaves, fruit, and oil from its seed have the herbal property.
Mengkudu leaves can be trusted alleviate skin irritation and helps the body digest food better. While
the seeds of mengkudu rich of linoleum acid, a fatty acid essential to health and skin moisture. But of
course this is not to savor through oral consumption, but through the smear (topical), which is already
packed in the form of cosmetics. While the fruit, after going through various research, states provide
many benefits, among others; kill microbes, swing defecate, throw urine, the cancer cells, increase
body resistance, to inflammation and allergies, to rejuvenate the body cells, and coordinate work in
the cell body.
                       Part of noni/pace (morinda citrifolia) that is used for herbal remedy

Some research on the mengkudu (morinda citrifolia) fruit are: Dr. Mian Ying Wang MD, MS,
researchers at the Faculty of Medical University of Illinois, Rockford, on the research in March 2006
revealed that the native Tahitian mengkudu fruit extracts can reduce cholesterol and triglyceride in
smokers with high cholesterol levels. Research in 2002 revealed that the fruit has a young girl
sitoktoksik effects against leukemia cell line (invitro), and can raise thymus (immune organ that
produces T-cell).
While Dr. Sumali Wiryowidagdo, Chairman of the Center for Studying medicine Nature Materials (PS-
OBA) Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Indonesia
in the research (2004-2005) revealed that the mengkudu can increase body resistance against
physical stress, chemical, and biological. Also as imunostimulant, ie, as the body’s defense mechanism
to enable non-specific infections, especially against viruses and pathogenic bacteria. Prof. Sumali also
found that the mengkudu has an effect of anti diabetes and antihypertensive, can lower blood
pressure and blood sugar. This time have many products with the actual mengkudu (morinda citrifolia)
herbal to help facilitate consumption of Mengkudu (morinda citrifolia)/pace/noni fruit, so you need not
be bothered looking for more fruit and do own preparation.

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