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					Parent Meeting – 11th grade
   Advisors – Mr. Mowry and Miss Cline
   1) Testing
    ◦ Students have already taken the PLAN and PSAT
    ◦ PSAT results from this fall should have arrived via
    ◦ It is highly recommended that your student should
      take the ACT or SAT by the end of this year.
       Remaining test dates
         ACT – April 14(March 9 registration deadline) and June 9
         (May 4 registration deadline)
         SAT –March 10 (February 10 registration deadline), and
         May 5 (April 6 registration deadline)
   2) College Visits
    ◦ It is recommended that students take at least two
      college visits by the end of this year.

    ◦ Senior year will be very busy, and spring of junior
      year is the best time to start the college visitation

    ◦ A College Visit Permission Form should be obtained
      from the office. Proper filling out of this form prior
      to your visit will treat the visit as a field trip and not
      an absence.
   3) Transcripts
    ◦ Transcript ‘order forms’ are available in the high
      school office.
    ◦ Students or parents may ask for a transcript to be
      sent at any time.
    ◦ Official transcripts (with raised seal) may only be
      sent from the high school office to designated
      school or scholarship agency. MCS will not give
      official transcripts to students or parents.
    ◦ Students or parents may download an unofficial
      transcript from STI.
    ◦ PSO (college) transcripts must be ordered through
      the college directly (forms available online.)
   Twenty four credits are needed to graduate from MCS.
   There are two diploma options through MCS.
    ◦ General
    ◦ College Prep
    ◦ College Prep and General Education diploma requirements are set forth in
      the handbook.
   The State of Ohio has an honors diploma.
    ◦ http://www.ode.state.oh.us – Search: Honors diploma
    ◦ Basic requirements – 7 of 8 criteria must be fulfilled
         English – 4 credits
         Science – 4 credits (must include chemistry and physics)
         Social Studies – 4 credits
         Mathematics – 4 credits (Alg. 1 and 2, geometry, and higher level course)
         Foreign Language – 3 units
         Fine Arts – 1 credit
         ACT / SAT – 27 ACT / 1210 SAT (not including writing)
         GPA – 3.5
    ◦ This diploma track is also set forth in the handbook.
   MCS has moved to the college system for
    graduation honors.

    ◦ Cum Laude distinction – Unweighted GPA of 3.7 – 3.89 or
      weighted GPA of 4.5 – 4.79
    ◦ Magna Cum Laude distinction – Unweighted GPA of 3.9 – 3.99
      or weighted GPA of 4.80 – 5.09
    ◦ Summa Cum Laude distinction – Unweighted GPA of 4.0 or
      weighted GPA of 5.10 or higher

   Students receiving these distinctions will receive
    medals to wear at the graduation ceremony.
   Because the state college system is switching
    from quarters to semesters, we do not know
    yet how the allocation of funds will work.
    Past practice would suggest that the state will
    pay for both semesters for a senior.

   The PSO English class will likely be worth six
    credits hours.
   We have several CLEP classes, both to challenge
    students as they get ready for college and as an
    opportunity to earn college credit. These classes
    ◦   Western Civilization
    ◦   Pre-Calculus
    ◦   Calculus
    ◦   Advanced Chemistry
    ◦   Spanish IV
    ◦   To learn more about CLEP, go to:
        To register: clep.collegeboard.org/register/exam
   Senior Science will be renamed Integrated Science.

   Integrated Math will no longer be considered a
    senior class. Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and
    Transition to College Math are the recommended
    college prep math courses.

   Business Math will be a new semester length course
    and may be used for math credit for the general
    diploma. Personal finance will also be counted as a
    math credit if Business Math is taken.
   Students should meet with me prior to registering for senior
    year to insure that all credit requirements have been met for

   A student who is one credit short at graduation may ‘walk’
    but will not receive a diploma. Students more than one credit
    short will not be permitted to walk in the graduation

   If a senior misses more than 14 days of school and/or class
    during either semester, he/she will not be permitted to go on
    the senior class trip. He/she will need to stay behind and
    make up the missed time in order to graduate.
Have a great night! Thank you
         for coming!

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