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									          Department of                                               Memorandum
          Veterans Affairs
  Date:                                                    VA PROJECT NUMBER: ________________
                                                           UTHSCSA IRB #: _______________________
   From:   Associate Chief of Staff for Research and Development (151)

  Subj:    Costs Associated with Human Subjects Protection – Industry Supported Projects

  To:      Research Investigators Submitting Proposals for South Texas Veterans Health Care System
           Research and Development (R&D) Committee Review

           1. The Department of Veterans Affairs has directed (VHA Directive 2003-03 dated June 13,
           2003) that VA facilities cannot accept industry-sponsored research projects that do not include a
           budget to support the facility’s human subjects protection program. Industry funding must
           include program support equal to 10% of the direct costs of the study or a flat fee of $1200,
           whichever is greater. This applies to all newly funded programs after July 1, 2003.

           2. Your application for R&D Committee review must include the name of the entity
           administering your funds and a copy of your funding budget from the sponsor. Upon approval of
           your project, your funding administrator, Biomedical Research Foundation of South Texas, will
           be advised of project approval and the surcharge requirement for that project. Annually, total
           funding received and human subjects protection funds received must be reported to the VA
           Central Office.

                (Printed Name and Signature of Principal Investigator)

           Project Title:


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