JOB DESCRIPTION – Deputy Director
Service          North & Midlands

Job Title             Deputy Director

Base                  North & Midlands

Hours                 As required

Salary Range          CRI Scale point 61-65

Reports to            Operations Director

Purpose of Job        To be responsible for the day to day management and
                      development of a range of services for CRI within the North
                      & Midlands region. To work closely with the Operations
                      Director providing leadership and direction within the
                      specified geographical remit. To provide long arm support
                      and strategically develop the services within the role’s
                      scope and specified geographical areas.

                      To provide key people management support to the
                      Operations Director as well as the management of relevant
                      Service Managers in the designated area.

                      Responsible for the direct line management and support for
                      support services within the regional business unit ie HR,
                      L&D, H&S, IT, FMs, Business Support, Volunteers and Peer
                      Mentors (arrangements to be agreed by Operations

Areas of Responsibility

Management Accountability
To the Operations Director who will provide direct line management and

Significant Working Relationships
The Deputy Director will be expected to support all members of staff employed in
their geographical area, both via direct and delegated line management
structures. In addition you will be expected to maintain a high level of dialogue
and public relations with partner agencies and commissioning bodies. You will be
expected to work closely with the Director of Finance and the relevant
Management Accountant to ensure high level accurate financial management
control on all budget responsibilities. Working closely with Human Resources and
Learning and Development you will ensure the appropriate people and change
management skills, knowledge and capabilities are in place within line
management structures and team/projects.
Location will be flexible depending on allocated areas of responsibility. However,
there is an expectation that you will allocate sufficient time at each of the
projects to ensure high standards of service delivery and effective line
management capability across all teams.

Key Accountabilities

         assist in the formulation of strategic business plans and to assist in the
          directing of the strategic development of services in line with CRI’s
          business plans

         to assist in the provision of tenders to commissioning bodies for service

         provide overall support and direction on service development

         to ensure that all services are delivered to a high standard in line with
          CRI policies, procedures and best practice

         to ensure all programmes are adequately staffed so that ‘purchaser’
          requirements may be met at all times

         to effectively manage and develop all staff and participate in the core
          training programme as and when required

         to undertake regular performance reviews and identify areas of risk

         attend, organise and service (as required) relevant advisory groups
          and committees and partnership meetings, to ensure appropriate
          representation of services

         responsibility for ensuring productive, effective and successful
          commissioner relations with all contracts, with a focus on building new
          commissioner contacts in the designated geographical remit

         driving the organisation’s key objectives in relation to market
          penetration, ensuring the development of new and existing services
          area added to the CRI portfolio in the geographical area

         provide line management, supervision and leadership to all direct
          reports and support services

         in conjunction with the Operations Director, prepare and present
          revenue, equipment, development and grant submissions for all
          services, regularly monitor and control budgets and ensure all financial
          targets are achieved.

         develop and implement operational policies so that services are
          effectively delivered, controlled, monitored and reported

         ensure that all legislative requirements are explained to employees in
          particular diversity, health and safety, employee relations, and
          legislation governing the social care/community field.

         ensure CRI’s corporate strategy and identity are reflected by all area
          services, both within and outside the organisation
         participate in and facilitate public relations activities, in partnership
          with funders that would best enable the continuation and development
          of all services within geographical remit

         spend time in other regions and localities in order to teach, develop
          and share specialist knowledge with other colleagues, projects and
          teams i.e. knowledge of working with young people and families,
          children, street services etc

         undertake any other appropriate tasks that may be allocated by the
          Operations Director or the Chief Executive from time to time, for the
          benefit of services in particular geographical area as well as CRI in

The job holder will be responsible for ensuring that all projects work within the
Drug and Alcohol National Occupational Standards (DANOS) framework. The
DANOS units applicable to this role are as follows:

Unit      Title
AA6       Promote choice, well being and the protection of all individuals
AA2       Relate to, and interact with, individuals
AA3       Support individuals to access and use services and facilities
AA4       Promote the equality, diversity, rights and responsibilities of
AC1       Reflect on and develop your practice
AC2       Make use of supervision
AC3       Contribute to the development of the knowledge and practice of others
AC4       Support and challenge workers on specific aspects of their practice
AD1       Raise awareness about substances, their use and effects
AD4       Develop and disseminate information and advice about substance use,
          health and social well-being
AG2       Contribute to planning, monitoring and reviewing the delivery of
          service for individuals
BA3       Contribute to the development of organisational policy and practice
BA4       Evaluate and improve organisational performance
BB1       Promote your organisation and its services to stakeholders
BC4       Assure your organisation delivers quality services
BC5       Manage a service which achieves the best possible outcomes for the
BD4       Promote, monitor and maintain health, safety and security in the
          working environment
BE1       Establish information management and communications systems
BF6       Manage the performance of teams and individuals
BF10      Contribute to the recruitment and placement of volunteers
BG4       Manage the use of financial resources
BI5       Promote effective communication for and about individuals
BI1       Develop productive working relationships
BI2       Develop joint working agreements and practices and review their
BI3       Facilitate meetings
BI6       Develop and sustain effective working relationships with staff in other

Deputy Director (North & Midlands)

The following are elements of the post which are deemed to be the essential or
desirable qualities, experience and skills necessary to carry out the duties of the

Education and Experience

         Significant middle to senior management experience or the ability to
          demonstrate sufficient experience in similar roles

         Considerable experience working in the health/social care field or the
          ability to demonstrate sufficient experience in similar fields

         Criminal Justice System and/or social care field experience

         experience of working and managing people/teams in the substance
          misuse and social care field

         demonstrable experience of successful formulation and submission of
          bids to commissioning bodies

         demonstrable experience of working with people from a range of
          social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds

         demonstrable experience and commitment to supporting and working
          within diversity awareness environments

         relevant degree (BA, MBA, in business management/administration,
          social care, or other industry/role linked degree qualification)

Abilities (demonstrable)

         evidence of ability to manage change and entrepreneurial flair

         ability to manage in a facilitative and coaching style

         ability to implement and develop effective monitoring mechanisms

         ability to evaluate professional development and progress

         ability to liaise and work in partnership with a wide range of
          professionals and agencies

         able to present complex information to groups of people

         management of significant sized budgets

         computer literate in variety of software packages
Skills/Technical skills

           project management and development skills

           excellent communication skills written and oral

           ability to manage relationships with commissioning bodies and partner
            agencies successfully

           excellent interpersonal and organisational skills

           ability to build and lead effective, productive and motivated multi-
            skilled teams

Specialist Knowledge

           understanding of UK Drug Strategy and Social Policy reforms

           awareness of and ability to work within legislation in relation to service

           keep abreast of the developments in CRI areas of operation

           a knowledge of interventions for use with a range of service users

           awareness of partnership issues

           appreciation of the regulatory framework within which the organisation


           demonstrable understanding, awareness and commitment to the
            promotion, compliance and support to all aspects of diversity both in
            the workplace and working in other agency and external environments

           contribute to the development and promotion of culturally sensitive
            services and address the needs of all service users, including workers

           demonstrable experience of working to policy, procedure and best
            practice within all aspects of diversity


           ability to remain non judgemental in all situations and to convey an
            objective, independent approach

           flexible approach to workload

           to grow the business within the parameters set

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