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					                        Read-Aloud Lesson Plan
Title: City Animals
Author: Claire Llewellyn
Suggested Grade Level: Kindergarten
Strategy: Compare/Contrast
Submitted by: Fahneisa Outen
School: Carver Elementary School

                         This easy-to-read nonfiction book provides a context for
                         teaching compare and contrast.

Before Reading:
Prepare                  Prompt student discussion with questions such as the
                              What is a habitat?
                              What are some animal habitats that you are familiar
                              What do you know about animals that live in the city?

                         I am going to read a book entitled City Animals. This is an
                         informational book about different animals and their habitats.
                         As I read, I will pause after each page to compare and
                         contrast the city animals.

During Reading:
Guide                    Each page provides panels that provide an opportunity for
                         further activities, ideas, or discussions. Here are a few
                         examples of discussion questions:
                              What animal is being described?
                              What is the animal’s habitat?
                              Are there any similarities between this animal and the
                                other animals we’ve read about?

After Reading: Extend
                         What did you notice about many of these animals? Choose
                         two of your favorite animals from those that were described in
                         this book. Create a Venn diagram to compare and contrast
                         these animals. Then we will share our findings.
Vocabulary Lesson
                    There are a few words that I think you need to know. The first
                    word is cemetery. A cemetery is a place for burying the
                    dead. Another name for a cemetery is graveyard.

                    Some words are spelled the same but are used in different
                    ways. One example is the word perch. A perch can be a bar,
                    a branch or anything else that a bird can rest on. A perch is
                    also a small fish that is found in fresh water in North America
                    and most parts of Europe.

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