Checklist for a Plant Tour by 30iIG7


									                   Checklist for a Plant Tour

6 to 8 Weeks Before (By February 24, 2012):

                              Activity                          Person Responsible
    Set a date and time for the tour.
    Decide what portions of the plant will be included in the
    Select a person to give the welcome.
    Select the tour guides.
    Determine if hard hats or other protective equipment are
    necessary for the tour.
    Create a list of people that you would like to invite to
    attend the tour. Could Include:
         State Department of Transportation (DOT)
         City DOT
         Federal Highway Administration
         County Engineer
         Governor
         U.S. Senators and Congressman/Congresswoman
         State Legislature
         Mayor
         Town/City/County Council or Freeholders
         Contractors
         Engineering Consultants
         Architects
         University Faculty
         College Students
         Local Teachers and Students
         Media—Reporters from Local/State Newspaper or
           TV Stations
         Employee’s Families

    Decide if food and beverages will be involved.
    Create invitation letters and/or e-mails (in Toolkit).
    Create Event Announcement (in Toolkit).
    Post your Event Announcement on your company’s
    Upload your Event Announcement to the Concrete Week
                   Checklist for a Plant Tour

Four Weeks Before (By March 9, 2012):

                               Activity                        Person Responsible
    Send out invitation letters and/or e-mails, and
    include/attach Event Announcement.
    Create a press release (in Toolkit).
    Collect or order hard hats or other protective equipment
    needed for the tour.

Three Weeks Before (By March 16, 2012)

                               Activity                        Person Responsible
    Send or e-mail press release to newspaper, TV stations,
    and magazines.
    Put event announcement on bulletin boards at work, at
    the library, in DOT offices, and other sites.
    Print the Welcome Talk for the Welcoming Speaker (in
    Create any signs for your facility.

One Week Before (By March 26, 2012)

                              Activity                         Person Responsible
    Place order for any food and beverages.
    Print copies of Concrete Fact Sheet to use for handouts
    (in Toolkit).
    Print copies of Sustainability Fact Sheet to use for
    handouts (in Toolkit).
    Decide on location of registration desk/table.
    Clean exterior of building and any tour locations.
    Determine location for people to pick up and put on any
    hard hats and protective equipment.
                    Checklist for a Plant Tour

One Day Before (By March 30, 2012):

                               Activity                      Person Responsible
     Print Nametags (in Toolkit).
     Pick up food and beverages.
     Print out Sign-In Sheet (in Toolkit).
     Set up Registration Desk/Table, and lay out nametags,
     handouts, and sign-in sheet.
     Set out hard hats and any other protective equipment.
     Hang any signs necessary for the tour.

Day of Event (April 1-7, 2012)

                              Activity                       Person Responsible
     Set out any food and/or beverages.
     Greet Everyone.
     Give Welcome Talk (in Toolkit).

One Week after the Event (by April 13, 2011)

                             Activity                        Person Responsible
     Send copy of completed sign-in sheet to Caron Johnsen
     at the Portland Cement Association (847-972-9058 or
     Create and send Thank You letters or e-mails (use
     template in Toolkit).

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