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A description of questions to ask when looking for new suppliers.

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									Finding New Suppliers

Sometimes getting a new supplier can be a nightmare. What might be a
simple change in your head might involve a myriad of information
gathering and cost. The simple advice here is look before you leap or
contact a firm that does vendor management.

For the uninitiated vendor management is where a firm has a pool of
suppliers that it has built up relationships for many years. This is
usually Telecoms, Network, Customers, Internet provision, Internet
Hosting, Web design, Programming and a few more. A lot of these now tie
into the IT ecospace in the corporate world and the “all in one” firms
tend to be trying to be doing too much, the old “Jack of all trades”. An
experienced firm will know you need to talk to firms that specialise in
each of the areas. While it might be nice to have “one bill” it’s most
likely you’ll be losing out decades of experience from firms that know
their industry inside out.

Heres ten tips to help you pick a new supplier:
 1.Check for reviews on the internet and look for “fake” reviews as it’ll
give you an example of how “moral” the company is.
 2.Do a credit check, you need to make sure the company is not about to
“go under”.
 3.Make sure they are local and don’t just treat you like a number i.e. a
lot of nationals.
 4.Get a third party in to verify their sales claims.
 5.Ask to speak to actual clients.
 6.If possible test their service and reaction times. This will always be
better during trials but it can show you what they can be capable off.
 7.Get two competitive quotes and make sure there in the right ballpark,
cheapest isn’t always best.
 8.Get reviews of the equipment they recommend to you to make sure there
not just doing high margin/poor quality items.
 9.Have a look at their offices on Google maps or better yet go pay them
a visit there office will tell you a lot about the company.
 10.Make sure you like them as people when you first talk, this will go a
long way in developing the relationship.

I’m sure there’s many more and would welcome any comments in regards to
your experiences with new suppliers.

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