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Is a Vacation too Expensive for your Limited Budget?

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Mounting fuel costs have made travel more expensive than it used to be. A few cost-saving measures can help
you to have a great vacation - even on a limited budget.


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Mounting fuel costs have made travel more expensive than it used to be. A few cost-saving measures can help
you to have a great vacation - even on a limited budget...* Hydration EconomicsssIf you have done any
research, you know that you shouldn't drink local water when you travel. However, bottled water can take a
significant chunk out of your wallet. Stock up on water at a discount department store before you leave.
If travel frequently, you might want to invest in reusable water bottles. Fill them at home, and take as much
store-bought water as you can as well - while remaining within baggage weight restrictions...* Local Currency
ExchangeeeYou will always get the best exchange rates if you use a credit card or ATM machine. Alternatively,
you can exchange money in a bank. Local stores and money changers are not likely to give you a good exchange
rate. Sometimes their charges are exorbitant. An added plus for credit card purchases is the neatly organized
statement you will have when you get back home...* Never Fly with Overweight LuggageeeAlways - always - always
- be aware of airline weight restrictions. Sometimes they are very limiting. You can check the internet
specific regulations. Use a good scale to weigh your baggage (then reweigh) before you leave for the airport.
Overweight luggage can be very expensive...* The Best Time to TravelllAvoid travel on weekends or during peak
tourism season. The definition of 'peak season' will vary by country and hemisphere. Accommodations and
tickets will be more expensive when everyone else wants to travel. Look for off season deals and discounts.
you're not sure when off season is, find a bed and breakfast in your destination city and look at their
website. They will probably have a range of rates that changes according to season...* Food is ExpensiveeeSave
money on meals by staying at a bed and breakfast. Free breakfast fare can range from continental to a full,
hot-cooked meal with a multi-choice menu. (Some inns also have packages that include lunch and supper.)
Conserve further by picking up lunch supplies at a local grocery store. Inexpensive suppers are available at
McDonalds (with branches in over 100 countries)...* Kids have Big AppetitesssIf you have kids, try to
find awith a 'kids stay and eat free' program. Some bed and breakfasts have packages for kids. However, many
do not allow young children...* Barter with the AirlinesssUse the internet to research airfares. Find
the best make printouts. Purchase your tickets through the cheapest website, or contact the airline's
deals and
toll-free number. If they don't offer a matching fare, ask them to meet or beat the internet price. You
may to fax a printout or two - but it will be well worth the savings...* Cash, Student, and Corporate
Discount RatesssBe sure to carry student or corporate ID with you. You may be eligible for a discount. (10%
to discounts are common.) Present your ID or business card at check-in and ask for a rate reduction. Small
inns and hotels may be willing to offer a discount if you pay via cash instead of credit card. Credit
processing fees for a small company may run around 5%...* You are in ControlllSeize the opportunity, research
your options, and have a great worry-free vacation!

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