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Jesus Christ There is much confusion and


The Christian religion covers a wide expansion of different denominations and is very diverse. As the largest religion in the world, there are roughly two billion people worldwide who consider themselves members of one of the many sects that make up the Christian religion. The different denominations do hold some different beliefs. However, at the core of every different denomination of the Christian religion, some beliefs are held sacred. The bible is said to be the word of God written by chosen one’s. Jesus Christ is worshipped as the son of God. Most sects of the Christian religion believe in the Holy Trinity, consisting of God the Father, God the Son or Jesus, and God the Holy Spirit. Beyond that, there are many different twists to the religion. Even a general category of the Christian religion, Protestant Christianity, is made up of many different denominations. Christian religion can be generally broken into several categories, with sub-categories under those.

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