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					A One Day Conference                                                                                           Monday 14 th May 2012

Winning Business in Libya                                                                                   Organised by

A Practical Guide for UK Companies                                                                                  City & Financial
Park Lane Hotel, London
With the Libyan elections due in June and contracts already being awarded and/or put out to tender,         Premier sponsor
there is a rapidly narrowing window of opportunity for British companies to win business. This point
was underscored by Raouf Ghali, Group President, Hill International when he said: “There are
major opportunities from now until September... Anyone who wants to be in Libya should be there now.
Once the newly elected Government comes in the speed at which companies will be expected to go
forward will be a very fast pace”
If,as is expected,the existing Libyan rules for joint ventures which require 75% of employees to be local   Sponsored by
are maintained, then British businesses must be effective in knowing who they need to develop
relations with, as well as knowing which contracts can be won.
Winning Business in Libya – A Practical Guide for UK Companies is designed to be a practical
and highly focused event in advising British companies how they can prepare themselves to be
in the best position to win the contracts which will begin to be tendered after the election. The
programme will offer a“what you need to know A-Z” For example, it will include subjects such as:
    Finding and connecting with business partners in Libya
    Accessing trade finance for your export activity
                                                                                                            Supported by
    Key sectors and probable contracts within the sector
    Who you need to know in order to position yourself for the tender process
    How procurement will work (and how will it be different from the Gaddafi era)
    Understanding the emerging business and political context
       Oil & Gas
       Transport Infrastructure
       Education & Training

 Keynote Interview
His Excellency Dr Mahmoud Fetais, Minister of Industry, National Transitional Council (NTC), Libya

 Speaker Panel
Tarek Alwan, Managing Director, SOC Libya
David Beeley, Global Trade Finance Group, ABC International Bank plc
Ed Butler, Executive Chairman, Salamanca Risk Management Ltd
Melanie Butler, Partner, PwC                                                                                Media Partners
Brendan Conlon, Regional Director, North Africa, Parsons Brinckerhoff
Charles Gurdon, Managing Director, Menas Associates
Graham Hand, Chief Executive, British Expertise
Robin Lamb, Director General, The Libyan British Business Council              Follow us:
Maryann Maguire, Director, Intercultures                             
Ranald Spiers, Director General, The Middle East Association
Salah Suhbi, Assistant Director (Partnerships), Libya, The British Council

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Winning Business in Libya

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                                                             Salamanca Risk Management (SRM) is an independent, privately-
                                                             owned operational risk management company. Registered in the UK
                                                             in 2005 and headquartered in Mayfair, SRM provides cost-effective risk
assessment, security planning and operational services that enable our corporate and private clients to exploit opportunities whilst
managing strategic, operational and reputational risks.
SRM has been operating continually on the ground in Libya since February 2011. Our operations were initially run by our
co-ordinating office in Benghazi and focused on advising and supporting media teams working on the front line. Based in offices in
Tripoli and Benghazi, SRM’s operations have now expanded to include daily intelligence reports, business enabling support to visiting
executives, asset identification and recovery tasks, hydrocarbon infrastructure security and logistics and infrastructure assessments.
We have a strong permanent in-country team, which combines extensive Libyan and commercial experience, managing and
overseeing our operations. In conjunction with our Libyan partners we provide an unrivalled combination of global risk management
skills with local Libyan expertise.

                                    ABC International Bank plc (‘ABCIB’) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arab Banking
                                    Corporation (BSC) Bahrain (‘ABC’). Headquartered in the City of London and authorised and
                                    regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), ABCIB has European branches in Paris, Milan
and Frankfurt and representative and marketing offices in Stockholm, Istanbul, Moscow and the North of England.
The key thrust of ABCIB’s strategy is to support and enhance trade and investment flows between Europe and the Middle East and
North Africa region (MENA). ABCIB’s core business comprises trade and commodity finance, export and structured finance, project
advisory services, Islamic asset management and treasury services.
ABCIB trade finance activities bring financial strength, proven experience, professional expertise and access to the well established
ABC Group network for letters of credit, contract bonding, commodity finance, pre-export finance, forfaiting, receivables financing,
export credit guaranteed supplier and buyer credit facilities and working capital facilities.

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                                         UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) is the Government Department that helps UK-based
                                         companies succeed in the global economy. We also help overseas companies bring their
                                         high quality investment to the UK’s economy – acknowledged as Europe’s best place from
                                         which to succeed in global business. UKTI offers expertise and contacts through its
extensive network of specialists in the UK, and in British embassies and other diplomatic offices around the world. We provide
companies with the tools they require to be competitive on the world stage. For more information on UKTI, visit
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                                       For over forty years we have been helping professional services companies with international
                                       business interests from individuals to multinationals. We have a reputation for providing a
                                       responsible, professional and efficient service helping companies to discover opportunities
and solve problems.We work to help meet the challenges of working abroad.British Expertise helps member companies by providing
a programme of regular meetings and events focussed on the markets they work in. We receive overseas delegations and organise
special events with government Ministers or senior officials and we have regular contacts with procurement specialists and others
from DfID. We lead high profile missions overseas, usually for UK Trade & Investment, targeting specific opportunities in particular
markets. These involve a focussed programme of meetings with local officials and businesses, seminars to build understanding and
workshops to promote expertise to potential clients and partners. We took 3 missions in infrastructure and construction to Libya
between April 2009 and October 2010, and took a mission of 11 companies to Tripoli in mid-January 2012. We provide intelligence
                                                                                                               Monday 14 th May 2012

by advising on how best to approach overseas markets and can often provide more detailed help on countries and regions in which
we have a current focus. We will also act robustly on your behalf when requested, and when a pattern emerges we will lobby for a
group in seeking policy change. If you sell professional services internationally, or would like to, there is likely to be a sound business
case for membership of British Expertise.
For details on membership contact: Tracey Smith

                            The Libyan British Business Council (LBBC) is a not for profit, private sector membership body
                            independent of government. Since its formation in 2004, the LBBC has helped many companies,
                            organisations and business people achieve success in Libya. Through its provision of exceptional
networking opportunities, trade development programmes and other marketing initiatives, the LBBC has helped its members build
relationships with Libya’s political and industrial decision-makers, as well as with potential clients, customers, partners and investors.
Our board of directors includes recognised leaders from the worlds of business, politics and international diplomacy, all of whom have
extensive experience of the Libyan business scene. This year's developments in Libya present UK plc with new challenges. British
companies will need to engage proactively and competitively to respond to the new priorities of a nation free to engage fully with
the international business community for the first time in over four decades. But these changes also present major opportunities in
a potentially improved business environment; and the LBBC looks forward to working with British and Libyan companies as the
processes of liberalisation, transparency, diversification and private sector development, so long stifled by the previous regime,
combine to realise the country’s full potential.

                              InterCultures is a pathfinder consultancy that specialises in providing advisory services to companies
                              seeking to do business in emerging markets and regions undergoing political change. We assist
                              companies identify, scope and pursue businesss in environments where a high degree of political,
                              cultural, economic knowledge is required. This includes direct access to an extensive range of
                              stakeholders, including government officials and key economic actors. The team members have
                              extensive practical experience of operating in challenging conditions. In Libya, InterCultures works as
a bridge between international businesses and the emerging Libyan market. The services offered cover business planning,
background sector research, visit preparation and execution, introductions and follow-up. By being selective in our output, we ensure
companies get only the services they need and pay exclusively for those that enable them to achieve results quickly. InterCultures
Libya Team operates with the support of Libya's Interim Government and works closely with ministries to ensure that the companies
it represents are welcome. Our team has been established there and has worked throughout the revolution, since April 2011. It has
established a solid reputationin the business, economic, security, community and cultural sectors. The company promotes good
governance, sustainable economic development and responsible business. In Libya, it encourages its clients to better understand and
actively apply principles of accountability, transparency, and help to protect the values underpinning the 2011 Libyan revolution.

                                    The Middle East Association is the UK's Premier Business Forum for promoting Trade &
                                    Investment with the Middle East and North Africa. The MEA is an independent not-for-profit
                                    organisation,celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2011.The Association's members cover all sectors
of industry and commerce including: Banking, Finance, Law, Consultancy, Manufacturing, Retail, Education and Training. Our members
keep coming back to us for the superb business services and first-rate networking opportunities that we provide. We host large-
scale Conferences, country and sector-specific Business Briefings, and VIP luncheons with Ambassadors, Government Ministers,
Journalists and Business Leaders.We also undertake frequent Trade Missions to the region, providing participants with key contacts
and introductions. Events are open to members and non-members, but as a membership organisation, our primary goal is to serve
our members through a combination of market expertise, business support, networking opportunities, and representation of their
interests to governments and other organisations. Join us in the commercial world of the Middle East.

                             SOC Libya is a London-based independent consulting, advisory and services company. It was founded
                             in 2008 primarily to identify, assist & support international companies before and after entering the
                             Libyan market and it exclusively covers most sectors of the Libyan market.
Whether you are making your fist sale of products or services, or expand your business in Libya, we offer you a reliable and strong
basis to flourish in Libya. In addition we will assist you to develop a strategic market entry plan along with the best approach.We will
make sure that your business objectives are successfully achieved. For effective & successful operation in the Libyan market you may
require to cooperate with reliable & trustworthy Libyan business partners.We are focused on enabling you to make the right choices
and decisions to expand your activities or make volume sales of your products or services in the Libyan market.For further information
please visit

                                                                                                     Monday 14 th May 2012

  Conference Programme
  08:20   Coffee and registration                                14:15    Corruption and integrity risks associated with
                                                                          new business in Libya
  08:55   Chairman’s opening remarks
                                                                          Speaker to be confirmed
  09:00   Keynote interview (video recording)
                                                                 14:35    AFTERNOON WORKSHOPS
          His Excellency Dr Mahmoud Fetais, Minister of
          Industry, National Transitional Council (NTC), Libya            Please note that Workshop A and B at 14:35 and
                                                                          Workshop C and D at 15:50 are run concurrently
  09:20   Keynote address
          Speaker to be confirmed

                                                                  14:35     Workshop A: Health

  09:35   The political and economic situation –                            Moderator: Maryann Maguire,
          where are we now?                                                 Director, Intercultures
            The current political situation
                                                                              Market analysis presentation
            How might the post-election situation look?
            How will Libya fund its rebuilding requirements?
          Maryann Maguire, Director, Intercultures
          Charles Gurdon, Managing Director, Menas                14:35     Workshop B: Oil & Gas
          Ranald Spiers, Director General, The Middle East
          Association                                                       Moderator: Charles Gurdon,
  10:15   The business situation –                                          Managing Director, Menas Associates
          what is happening on the ground now?                                Market analysis presentation
          Brendan Conlon, Regional Director, North Africa,
          Parsons Brinckerhoff
          Graham Hand, Chief Executive, British Expertise        15:30      Session change over and afternoon tea
          Robin Lamb, Director General, The Libyan British
          Business Council

  10:55   Morning coffee                                          15:50     Workshop C:
  11:15   Key factors involved in carrying out a market                     Education & Training
          Melanie Butler, Partner, PwC
                                                                            Led by SOC Libya
  11:35   Trade finance for exporters to Libya
                                                                              Market analysis presentation
          David Beeley, Global Trade Finance Group,
          ABC International Bank plc                                        Tarek Alwan, Managing Director, SOC Libya

  11:55   Finding business opportunities how UKTI                           Salah Suhbi, Assistant Director (Partnerships),
          can help                                                          Libya, The British Council
          Speaker to be confirmed

  12:15   Finding potential business partners in Libya
          Speaker to be confirmed                                 15:50     Workshop D:
  12:35   Security considerations – what level of support                   Transport Infrastructure
          do you need to do business in Libya?
          Ed Butler, Executive Chairman, Salamanca Risk
          Management Ltd                                                    Led by PwC

  12:55   Networking lunch                                                    Market analysis presentation

  13:55   Legal and procurement issues in the new Libya
          Speaker to be confirmed                                16:55    Close of proceedings

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Winning Business in Libya                                                                                                                                                  Monday 14 th May 2012

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Description: A one-day conference Winning Business in Libya: - A Practical Guide for UK Companies will take place on 14th May 2012, at the Park Lane Hotel, London. The conference will examine these issues in detail and included a video presentation from His Excellency Dr Mahmoud Fetais, Minister of Industry, National Transitional Council (NTC), Libya and a keynote address delivered at the conference by Edward Oakden, The Managing Director of the Sectors Group, UK Trade & Investment and Tarek Alwan, Managing Director of SOC Libya Ltd