How to Create a Celebration Event by 7Z394K


									How to Create a Celebration Event

 Confirm a theme for the event. Ours
 was the performing of oral stories
 and poems with an animal theme!

 Organise the date and venue –
 consider space and if the event
 may need to run am and pm or over
 two days.

 Monitor progress of rehearsals

 Make resources – needed for the
 venue. Children can also make
 resources linked to their

 Unite schools together – we
 involved primary and secondary
 schools, working cross-phase.

 Negotiate with any companies or
 organisations who may wish to
 provide some resources or help
 with the event. Secret World
 Wildlife Centre came to our event.

 Inform the media – local papers/TV
 etc to publicise the event!

 Consider costumes and any other
 props that may be needed – to be
 worn by the presenters and the
 children taking part.

 Announce the event – publicise so

 Take lots of photos or video the

 Enjoy it  and evaluate. Hearing
 the views of children and all those
 involved is extremely valuable.

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