Blue Devil by amirudin008


									Famili : Pomacentridae

Genus : Abudefduf

Spesies : Abudefduf Elizabethae

Group : Damselfishes

Name : Blue Devil

                                                       Blue Devil slender-bodied fish, similar body
                                                       structure weight tilapia fish. The whole body
                                                       of fish is colored bright blue dominant,
                                                       sometimes accompanied by a point - the
                                                       white point. At the end of the dorsal fin there
                                                       is usually a black dot. located dipangkal fins.
                                                       As the name implies, these fish are very
                                                       active fish. These fish often seen swimming
                                                       rapidly caught up with food or just play -
                                                       play with his flock. Although the move is
                                                       very agile, these fish are generally less likely
to interfere with other fish, perhaps because of its small size, this fish is very suitable for
beginners or maintained in aquaris who want to try the quality of sea water, because besides the
price is relatively cheap, these fish also possess the power remarkable survival.

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