trigger fish by amirudin008


									                                   Famili : Balistidae
                                   Genus : Rhinecanthus
                                   Group : Triggerfishes
                                   Nama dagang : Trigger matahari

Trigger fish are common in wild fish kept in aquariums, these fish can be said of the class of
predator fish that have a rating to play in aquaris maintained, especially trigger flower. Generally
the type of trigger fish are fish that is widely available on the marine waters of Indonesia, is not
uncommon to find Trigger fishing nets or hooks in his line, the better known among fishermen as
the fish of a rhombus. These fish include the enemy of the fishermen, because this fish has a
sharp reply gigi2, who often decide to rip the nets of fishing line or fishing. This fish is also well-
known enemy of the weight of the diver, because these fish will die defending the area of any
alien who swam up to the nest, the nature of these fish are pretty brutal and violent, never afraid
to attack his opponent                                               though much larger.

                                                                    So called because this type of
fish is generally shaped                                            like a rhombus and the other a
bit like a triangle.                                                Although classified as wild
fish, but generally this                                            species is not difficult to
survive in the                                                      aquarium, this species is
classified as food fish                                             that can eat anything, as long as
feed is presented for                                               the class carnivora feed, these
fish have a very keen                                               sense of smell, even in the
aquarium lights off and                                             dark room, the fish is able to
find a piece of fresh shrimp we akuarium.Apabila Throw into the fish has been maintained long
enough, according to the author's experience, even the fish can eat pieces - pieces of fresh shrimp
from our own hands, it's just that you should extra care - care to do so, because the teeth - sharp
teeth and large ready to tear your own hands if you are careless. This fish is a favorite of the
aquaris because the fish is in the class of non-toxic fish, as we know, some fish have toxic
properties that may directly threaten neutroxic anyone who holds it.

This fish is actually quite active fish in the afternoon and evening, the fish in this group usually
play - play in the daytime, and hunt at night. tips for those of you who are interested in keeping
fish, make cracks and caves - a small cave to shelter fish - fish that are smaller, for when night
comes, the fish could threaten the lives of friends - other friends who are smaller.
The beauty of these fish are usually apart of a unique form, also from the color - a beautiful
color, generally trigger group has a beautiful mix of colors, for example, trigger flower, the sun
trigger, triger lyrical etc.. For this class of fish, I prefer the sun trigger types, because in my
experience maintaining species trigger, trigger the sun is the most friendly and knows no fear of
his master.

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