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					                                       1. MADDEN TIPS
  One way to become a very successful competitor in Madden is being able to recogize the
   defenses that you are facing. Once you have done this, you have won half of the battle.
   There are many different variations of defense throughout madden but the schemes are
 generally similiar. Cover 2 is still cover 2, cover 3 is still cover 3, and cover 4 is still cover 4.
    Thats not going to change. Once you are able to recognize the defenses at the line of
  scrimmage, then you will know how to attack it. Here i will show and explain the defensive
        schemes to each base defense and explain how to exploit it. Here we go.....

                                              COVER 2

   Scheme: Cover two is as advertised. The defense is split into halves and each safety is
                            responsible for 1 half of the field.

Scheme Recognition: First, pay attention to the safeties. If both safeties are sitting evenly on
the hash like in the module, then you know the safeties are covering are both covering a half
 of the field. Now, you must find our if they are in cover 2 man or cover 2 zone. Bring a wr in
motion, if the cb comes with him, then they are in cover 2 man. If the cb stay, then they are in
                                         cover two zone.

 Attack: The best way to attack cover 2 is in the deep middle of the field, right between the
  safeties. Its best to have wrs on the outside going deep on streaks to keep the safeties

                                              COVER 3

       Scheme: Both cbs and 1 safety has 1/3 of the field (deep) to shown.

  Scheme Recognition: Before the play starts, you will notice that one safety is closer to the
line of scrimmage. The other safety will start to make his way towards the middle to cover his
      1/3 of the field. Bring a wr in motion, if noone follows, they are definitely in cover 3.
Attack. The best way to attack cover 3 is to utilize corner routes and deep outs. Those routes
wil put your wr behind the LB in the flats but just under the CB....if timed right. It wont hurt to
                     send a rb out of the back field to the LB in the flats.

                                            COVER 4

         Scheme: Cover is where all of the dbs have 1/4 of the field to cover(deep).

      Scheme Recogntion: Both safties are on the hash annd the cbs are playing back.

      Attack: Flats and drag routes under the LBs. There is no need trying to go deep.

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