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									The BAFUNCS
Benevolent Fund
                          Reg.Charity No 297524

     Where to find information
    and advice in dealing with
  the problems of Alzheimer’s
           disease and dementia
                                                                 November 2011

Trustees of the BAFUNCS Benevolent Fund
Cyril Groom, Chairman, 3 Maple Road,Thame, OX9 2BH Tel: 01844 218399
e-mail: CyrilGroom@tallktalk.net
Nanda Wijayatilake, Clerk/Treasurer to the Trustees, 41 Riverine, Grosvenor Drive,
Maidenhead SL6 8PF Tel: 01628 636000
Others: Brenda Suitters, Fred Beer, Susan Idreos, John Miller, Penny Ratcliffe
About this booklet

T    he aim is to direct retirees and their families to organizations that offer
     information and advice in dealing with the problems related to Alzheimer’s
disease and dementia generally.
   It is aimed at the difficult period where dementia is becoming increasingly
serious and the interface between care in the home and care outside the home. It
is not in any way intended to provide medical advice, financial advice or advocate
a particular solution to any problem, but offers practical information useful to
BAFUNCS retirees and/or their carers.
   This information is intended primarily for UN pensioners with a degree of
financial independence; it is not a guide on how to obtain financial or other public
support for disability. We refer to the specialised services that are offered by various
national agencies and organizations to those meeting their entitlement criteria.
This may be best dealt with by a visit to you local social services. They should be
able to advise if the person concerned qualifies for assistance and, if so, help in
applying for benefits.
   The BAFUNCS Benevolent Fund (BBF) can provide some assistance by financing
respite care to allow a family carer to have a much-needed break; to assist towards
transport costs to and from nursing home/respite care home; as well as to assist
towards the costs of mobility aids (for example, buggies and stair lifts) and of rising
chairs, bed and bath lifts, walk-in baths or wet rooms, etc. To enquire about this
assistance please write/speak to one of the BBF Trustees, whose names are given on
the inside back cover of every BAFUNCS Newsletter (individual contact details are
in the Annual Membership list, issued each September) or from the BAFUNCS
website (www.bafuncs.org). Your Regional Representative also has copies of the
BBF Guidelines and application forms for loans/grants.

Managing financial and legal matters                                                1
Care in the home and practical help                                                 1
Care outside the home                                                               2
Dealing with the United Nations Pension Fund                                        3
Annex 1 Dementia-related departments, charities
and societies                                                                       4
Annex 2 Relevant features when considering the suitability
of a care home for someone with dementia                                           10
Managing financial and                              Care in the home and
legal matters                                       practical help
The following subjects may be considered            The following subjects may be considered
under this heading:                                 under this heading:

   • Appointeeship                                     • Alterations to the home including the
                                                         bathroom, kitchen and stairs
   • Banking                                                This includes obtaining grants for
                                                         simple adaptations, such as handrails,
   • Benefits – including using an agent                 the fact that in England community
     and payment arrangements                            equipment and minor alterations
                                                         costing under £1,000 should be
   • Joint accounts                                      provided free of charge, and grants
                                                         for keeping the home warm.
   • Mental capacity
                                                       • Support technology
   • Trusts                                                 This covers items that make life
                                                         easier and more certain for those with
   • Wills                                               dementia and their carers. It includes
                                                         items ranging from sophisticated in-
   The following agencies will provide                   house electronic monitoring, simple
information and advice on these matters.                 or advanced memory aids, safety
The full addresses, telephone numbers, e-                features such as panic buttons or
mail and website addresses of a number of                contact details and mobility aids.
them are given in Annex 1 (see page 4)
together with a brief description of their             • Cooking
activities.                                                 Particularly safety issues related to
                                                         using kitchen equipment and how to
  Age UK                                                 keep a user-friendly kitchen
  Age UK Cymru
  Alzheimer’s Society                                  • Fire protection
  Benefit Enquiry Line
  Citizens Advice Bureau                               • Gardening
  Community Legal Advice
  Counsel and Care                                     • General tips including obtaining
  Court of Protection                                    assistance;
  Department of Work and Pensions
  Financial Services Authority                         • Security
  Independent Financial Advisers                            Issues    such    as    appropriate
  Promotion Limited                                      arrangements for carers or others to
  LawNet Limited                                         obtain entry to a home in an
  Law Society                                            emergency, even if the bolts have
  Office of the Public Guardian                          been set on the door and minimizing
  Solicitors for the Elderly                             the risks of accident in the home.

Other organizations are listed in fact sheets          • Utilities.
published by the Alzheimer’s Society.                      A priority service register exists for
                                                         access to free, periodic, safety checks
Care in the home -                                  Care outside the home
     on gas and electrical appliances used in       The following subjects may be considered
     the home.                                      under this heading:

   • Driving                                           • Selecting a care home
        Under some conditions those with
     dementia may continue to drive, but               • Checklist to use in selecting a care
     the DVLA must be contacted and,                     home
     following a review of the person’s                    This is a most useful list for those
     medical history, an assessment                      who do not know what to look for and
     undertaken.                                         we have provided the key features to
                                                         consider in Annex 2
  The following agencies and organizations
provide related information and advice:                • Respite care

  Age UK                                              The following agencies and organization
  Age UK Cymru                                      provide information and advice on these
  Alzheimer’s Society                               matters:
  Assist UK
  Bladder and Bowel Foundation                        Age UK
  British Association for Counselling and             Age UK Cymru
  Psychotherapy (BACP)                                Alzheimer’s Society
  Carers UK                                           Care Quality Commission
  Chartered Society of Physiotherapy                  Citizens Advice Bureau
  Citizens Advice Bureau                              College of Occupational Therapists
  College of Occupational Therapists                  Counsel and Care
  Counsel and Care                                    Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC)
  Crossroads Association                              Relatives and Residents Association
  Cruse Bereavement Care                              Wales Council for Voluntary Action
  Disabled Living Foundation (DLF)
  DVLA                                              The full address, telephone numbers, e-mail
  Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC)               and the website addresses of a number of
  Equality and Human Rights Commission              them, together with a brief description of
  National Association for Voluntary                their activities, are given in Annex I. Other
  Community Action                                  organizations are listed in fact sheets
  NHS Direct                                        published by the Alzheimer’s Society.
  Royal College of Speech and Language
  Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists
  Wales Council for Voluntary Action

The addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail
and the website addresses of a number of
them, plus a brief description of their
activities, are given in Annex I. Others are
listed in fact sheets of the Alzheimer’s
Dealing with the United Nations Pension Fund

Unless there are circumstances such as                   not or will not be physically able to sign the
changing a bank account into which a                     certificate. Unfortunately the Pension Fund
payment is being made or notifying of a                  does not accept a standard Power of
change of address, there is usually little to            Attorney such as would be used with, for
do with respect to the UN pension. It is paid            example, a bank or other UK institution.
monthly and annually in April there may be               According to the Pension Fund:
a cost-of-living increase (COLA). The COLA                 “Since they can be easily misused, UNJSPF
is only paid if the relevant cost-of-living                normally does not accept Powers of Attorney,
exceeds 2 percent so in low inflation periods              with one exception. With respect to
increases may be less frequent.                            jurisdictions where that is possible, UNJSPF
   There is one important annual                           accepts Durable Powers of Attorney that were
requirement: the pensioner must sign a                     duly executed and then officially approved by
certificate of entitlement (CoE) attesting to              or registered with the appropriate national
their continuing entitlement to the pension.               court or other national judicial authority”.
The CoE is sent from New York to the                     This means that in the UK you must obtain
registered address of the pensioner. The                 a Court Order appointing a third party to act
pensioner should sign and return the form                on the person’s behalf – a Lasting Power of
to the New York or Geneva offices of the                 Attorney (LPA). Unfortunately the LPA also
Pension Fund. If the registered address of the           includes powers that may go beyond the
pensioner is to be a Care Home, the Home                 wishes of the person making it because the
must be alerted about this document. In the              LPA is a blanket document made under the
past, forms have gone astray, presumably                 Mental Capacity Act of 2005 designed to
because the Home did not know what to do                 deal with all aspects of mental illness.
with them. Unfortunately the Pension Fund                   Most pensions in the UK are
will not accept any document in its stead;               administered from the Geneva office of the
only a signed copy of the original will suffice          Pension Fund and communications should
as a certification and so, in such cases, a new          be sent to:
“original” has to be generated.                             Chief, Geneva Office
   The CoE process can potentially result in                UN Joint Staff Pension Fund
two problems for those with dementia.                       Palais des Nations
   The first is that the person’s signature                 8-14 Avenue de la Paix
may have changed due to physical                            CH – 1211 Geneva 10
disabilities associated with increasing                     Switzerland
infirmity. This problem is the easiest to
solve. In many cases the Fund will accept                  Telephone: 0041 22 928 8800
the signature, but, if it does not, it will advise         Facsimile: 0041 22 928 9099
accordingly. In such a case, the Fund will                 E-mail: unjspf.gva@unjspf.org
accept a document from the pensioner’s                     Website unjspf.org
solicitor     recording      the     pensioner’s            The staff speak English. They also have a
residential address and signature and                    link with the New York Pensions Secretariat
attesting to the correctness of the signature;           and can access all data.
preferably stating that the attestation is                  If you contact UNJSPF, it is useful to have
made in accordance with the United                       the pensioner’s reference number to hand.
Kingdom Statutory Declarations Act.                      The pension number is found at the top left
   The second problem is more difficult. In              hand side of the quarterly UN pension
some cases a pensioner with dementia will                statement.
Annex 1 Dementia related departments, charities and
Age UK                                                A network of disabled living centres
  T 0800 169 65 65                                 offering advice and disability equipment
  W ageuk.org.uk

Age UK combines Age Concern and Help               Benefit Enquiry Line (BEL)
the Aged. It provides advice and                     Red Rose House, Lancaster Road,
information for people in later life through         Preston, Lancashire PR1 1HB
publications, online or the advice line. It
has separate offices as follows:                     T 0800 88 22 00
                                                     E BEL-Customer-Services@
   • Age UK Cymru (Wales)                                                     dwp.gsi.gov.uk
      T 0800 169 65 65                               W direct.gov.uk/disability-money
      W agecymru.org.uk
                                                   National, free telephone advice and
   • Age UK Scotland                               information service on benefits for people
      T 0845 125 9732                              with disabilities, their carers and
      W agescotland.org.uk                         representatives.
                                                      NB. Advisers can send out forms and
   • Age UK Northern Ireland                       give advice but they have no access to
      T 0808 808 7575                              personal records
      W ageni.org.uk

                                                   Bladder and Bowel Foundation
Alzheimer’s Society                                  SATRA Innovation Park, Rockingham
  Devon House, 58 St Katharine’s Way,                Road, Kettering NN16 9JH
  London E1W 1JX
                                                     T 0845 3450165 (specialist continence
  T 020 7423 3500                                    helpline, 24-hour answer phone)
  T 0845 300 0336 (Helpline)                         01536 533 255 (trained counsellor
  E info@alzheimers.org.uk                           helpline, 09:00 – 17:00 weekdays)
  W alzheimers.org.uk                                E info@bladderandbowel foundation.org
                                                     W bladderandbowelfoundation.org
Campaigns for and provides support to
people affected by all types of dementia           This national organization provides
and their relatives and carers. There are          information and support to people with
local branches across the UK                       bladder and bowel problems, their carers
                                                   and health professionals looking after
Assist UK
  Redbank House, 4 St Chad’s Street,
  Manchester M8 8QA                                British Association for Counselling
                                                   and Psychotherapy (BACP)
  T 0870 770 2866                                    15 St John’s Business Park, Lutterworth,
  E general.info@assist-uk.org                        Leicestershire LE17 4HB
  W assist-uk.org
                                                     T 01455 883 300
  E bacp@bacp.co.uk                                     Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
  W bacp.co.uk                                            14 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4ED

National organization provides details of                 T 020 7306 6666
counsellors and psychotherapists in your                  E enquiries@csp.org.uk
local area, with details of their specialisation,         W physio2u.co.uk
qualifications, training and fees. This may
be useful for people with dementia and
those who are close to them, to help them               Citizens Advice Bureau
cope with difficult and confusing feelings.               Various locations
Details of free and low cost counselling,
where this exists, are also given.                        W citizensadvice.org.uk

                                                        Your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau can
Care Quality Commission                                 provide information and advice in
                                                        confidence or point you in the right
  T 0300 616 161 (free call)                            direction.
  W cqc.org.uk                                             To find your nearest Bureau look in the
                                                        telephone book, ask at your local library or
The independent regulator of adult health               look on the Citizens Advice website (above).
and social care services in England,                    Opening times vary.
whether provided by the NHS, local
authorities,  private    companies      or
voluntary organizations. Also protects the              College of Occupational Therapists
rights of people detained under the                       106-114 Borough High Street, Southwark
Mental Health Act.                                         London SE1 1LB

                                                          T 020 7357 6480
Carers UK                                                 E info@cot.co.uk
  20 Great Dover Street, London SE1 4LX                   W cot.co.uk

  T 020 7378 4999 (general enquiries)                     Provides details of independent
  E info@ukcarers.org                                   occupational therapists in your local area.
  W carersuk.org

The charity aims to help carers recognise               Community Legal Advice
their own needs. It provides them with                    Various locations
information, advice and support and
campaigns on their behalf. Leaflets and fact              T 0845 345 4345 (09:00 – 18:30
sheets are available free to carers.                      weekdays)
   There is a nationwide network of local                 W clsdirect.org.uk
branches and carers’ groups run mainly by
carers and former carers. Local activities              A free and confidential service (previously
vary and may include support groups, a                  called Community Legal Service Direct)
telephone helpline, social events and                   paid for by legal aid, set up to help people
campaigning on relevant local issues.                   tackle their legal problems. It is funded by
   Members receive a free quarterly journal,            the Legal Services Commission, and
Carers Line, which provides information                 delivered in partnership with independent
and advice on a range of topics, from                   advice agencies and solicitors.
welfare benefits to assessments.
Annex 1 Dementia related departments, charities and
societies - continued
Counsel and Care                                    Cruse Bereavement Care
  Twyman House, 16 Bonny Street,                      PO Box 800, Richmond TW9 1RG
  London NW1 9PG
                                                      T 0844 477 9400 (helpline)
  T 0845 300 7585 (advice line,                       E info@cruse.org.uk
  weekdays 10:00 – 16:00 except                       W crusebereavementcare.org.uk
  Wednesdays 10:00 – 13:00)
  E advice@counselandcare.org.uk                    Charity offering support to people of all
  W counselandcare.org.uk                           ages, background and beliefs after the
                                                    death of someone close. It has branches
Provides advice, information and financial          throughout the UK, run mainly by
support for older people, their families and        volunteers, many of whom are trained
carers.                                             counsellors.
                                                       If there is a branch near you, Cruse can
                                                    arrange for you to meet someone. Help
Court of Protection                                 often consists of counselling on an
  Office of the Public Guardian (OPG),              individual or group basis over a period of
  Archway Tower, 2 Junction Road,                   time, to enable people to come to terms
  London N19 5SZ                                    with their loss, and there is opportunity
                                                    for social contact with other people who
  T 0300 456 4600 (customer services,               have been bereaved.
   09:00 – 17:00 weekdays)
  E courtofprotectionenquiries@
  hmcts.gsi.gov.uk                                  Department of Work and Pensions
  W justice.gov.uk
                                                    The government website at dwp.gov.uk
                                                    gives details of the various benefits and
Crossroads Association                              how to claim them.
  10 Regent Place, Rugby CV21 2PN                      For details of your local office go to
  T 0845 450 0350                                      For details of various help lines, go to
  E contact via the website (see below)             dwp.gov.uk/contact
  W crossroads.org.uk

Organization that runs a network of care            Disabled Living Foundation (DLF)
attendant schemes in England and Wales.               380-384 Harrow Road, London W9 2HU
Its aim is to provide a flexible service to
give respite care to carers so that they have         T 020 7289 6111
time to themselves. Trained and paid care             0845 130 9177 (helpline, 10:00 –
support workers undertake activities that              16:00 weekdays)
the carer normally carries out. The service           E advice@dlf.org.uk
is not restricted to office hours. Different          W dlf.org.uk
schemes vary in the amount of time they
can offer. There may be a charge, and               Charity providing expert unbiased
there may also be a waiting list, so apply          information and advice on disability
as soon as possible.                                equipment and ways of managing
disability. Its aim is to enable people to       types of accommodation for older people
remain as independent as possible and to         in the UK. It also offers advice and
have more choices in life                        guidance to help people choose the type
   You can make an appointment to see a          of accommodation most suited to their
DLF adviser at the DLF Equipment                 needs.
Demonstration Centre between 10:00 and
16:00 weekdays. For appointments please
telephone the helpline.                          Equality and          Human        Rights
                                                   Freepost RRLL-GHUX-CTRX,
Driver and        Vehicle    Licensing             Arndale House, Arndale Centre,
Agency                                             Manchester M4 3EQ
  Drivers Customer Services, DVLA,
  Swansea, SA6 7JL                                 T 0845 604 6610 – England (all help
                                                    lines open 09:00 – 17:00 weekdays
 T 0300 790 6801 (Helpline from 08:00 –            0845 640 8810 – Wales (except
  19:00 Monday to Friday and 08:00 –                Wednesdays 09:00 – 20:00)
  14:00 Saturday)                                  0845 604 5510 – Scotland
 E Use the website to select a department          E info@equalityhumanrights.com
  for a vehicle enquiry                            W equalityhumanrights.com

Driver information about driving licences,       Commission was set up in October 2007.
learning to drive, entitlement to drive,         It provides a helpline and take legal action
endorsements/disqualifications, driving          on behalf of some individuals whose legal
abroad and what to do when you have              rights have not been upheld.
changed your address and/or name.
   Vehicle information register, tax your
car or apply for a refund, number plates         Financial Services Authority
and registration marks (including                  25 The North Colonnade Canary Wharf,
personalised    registration    numbers),          London E14 5HS
importing/exporting vehicles, fighting
vehicle crime and consumer advice on               T 0845 606 1245 (helpline, 08:00 –
buying a used vehicle.                              18:00 weekdays)
   How to inform of a medical condition,           E Email via the website (see below)
information for medical professions and a          W fsa.gov.uk
guide to the medical standards.
                                                 An independent non-governmental body
                                                 that regulates the financial services
Elderly Accommodation Counsel                    industry in the UK, with a wide range of
(EAC)                                            rule-making,      investigatory     and
  3rd Floor, 89 Albert Embankment,               enforcement powers.
  London SE1 7TP

 T 020 7820 1343 (helpline, Monday -
 E enquiries@eac.org.uk
 W eac.org.uk

The charity provides information on all
Annex 1 Dementia related departments, charities and
societies - continued
Independent Financial Advisers                     National Association for
Promotion Limited                                  Voluntary Community Action
  17/19 Emery Road, Brislington,                     The Tower, 2 Furnival Square,
  Bristol BS4 5PF                                    Sheffield S1 4QL

  T 0800 085 3250                                    T 0114 278 6636
  E contact@ifpa.org.uk                              E navca@navca.org.uk
  W unbiased.co.uk                                   W navca.org.uk

The body responsible for promoting                 Councils for voluntary service can provide
independent financial advice in the UK.            information         about        voluntary
Enables people to find independent                 organizations in your area and assist in
financial advisers in their local area.            setting up self-help and support groups.
                                                   These councils may go under different
                                                   names, such as ‘voluntary action’ or
LawNet Limited                                     ‘voluntary service’ councils. To get in
  First Floor, 93/95 Bedford Street, Royal         touch, look in your telephone directory,
  Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV32 5BB            ask at your local library or contact your
                                                   national organization (see above).
  T 01926 886990
  E admin@lawnet.co.uk
  W lawnet.co.uk                                   NHS Direct
                                                     T 0845 4647 (24 hour helpline)
A network of independent law firms in the            E use form on website (see below)
UK and Ireland, it can refer people to local         W nhsdirect.nhs.uk
firms with experience in a wide range of
specialist areas – for example, providing          Provides information and advice about
advice on legal and financial matters to           health, illness and health services.
people with dementia and their families.

                                                   Office of the Public Guardian
Law Society                                          PO Box 16185, Birmingham B16 6GX
  113 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1PL
                                                     T 0300 456 0300 or 0115 934 2799
  T 020 7242 1222 (general inquiries)                E customerservices@
  T 0870 606 2555 (for help finding a                             publicguardian.gsi.gov.uk
   solicitor, 09:00 – 17:00 weekdays)                W direct.gov.uk/mentalcapacity
  E contact@lawsociety.org.uk                        W justice.gov.uk
  W lawsociety.org.uk
                                                   Customer services provide free booklets on
Representing solicitors in England and             enduring power of attorney, lasting power
Wales, the Society provides details of law         of attorney and deputyship. They provide
firms and solicitors in England and Wales,         lasting power of attorney (LPA) forms with
including information on legal specialties         a detailed explanatory booklet to facilitate
and fees, as well as tips about what to ask        their completion, and suggested wording
and expect from a solicitor.                       to convey your wishes. These forms can
also be downloaded on-line. OPG will                 The professional body and trade union for
check the completed forms and register               registered podiatrists. Provides patient
the LPA for a modest charge. The court of            information on common foot problems
protection is at the same address.                   and details of private practice podiatrists.

Relatives and Residents Association                  Solicitors for the Elderly
  24 The Ivories, 6-18 Northampton                     Room 17, Conbar House, Mead Lane,
  Street, London N1 2HY                                Hertford SG13 7AP

  T 020 7359 8148                                      T 0870 067 0282 (09:00 – 13:00
  020 7359 8136 (advice line, 09:30 –                   Monday – Friday)
   16:30 weekdays)                                     E admin@solicitorsfortheelderly.com
  E info@reires.org
  W reires.org                                       Produces a booklet for solicitors that gives
                                                     details about financial abuse and actions
Association for relatives and close friends of       solicitors can take if they have concerns.
older people in long stay care. It can advise        Called “A strategy for recognising,
on matters such as how to residential or             preventing and dealing with the abuse of
nursing care, how to get an assessment, how          older and vulnerable people”, it is
fees are paid, and what to do when problems          available on their website.
occur within a care home. It produces
publications and an information pack. There
are also some local relative support groups.         Wales Council for Voluntary Action
                                                       Baltic House, Mount Stuart Square,
                                                       Cardiff CF10 5FH
Royal College of Speech and
Language Therapists                                    T 029 2043 1700
  2/3 White Hart Yard, London SE! 1NX                  E enquiries @wcva.org.uk
                                                       W wcva.org.uk
  T 020 7378 1200
  E info@rcsit.org                                   Councils for voluntary service can provide
  W rcsit.org                                        information about voluntary organizations
                                                     in your area and assist in setting up self-help
The professional body for speech and                 and support groups. These councils may go
language therapists and support workers.             under different names, such as ‘voluntary
Promotes excellence in practice and                  action’ or ‘voluntary service’ councils. To get
influences health, education and social              in touch, look in your telephone directory,
care policies.                                       ask at your local library or contact your
                                                     national organization (see above).

Society of         Chiropodists         and
  1 Fellmongers Path, Tower Bridge Road,
  London SE1 3LY

  T 020 7234 8620
  E use the enquiry form on the website
  W feetforlife.org

Annex 2 Checklist of relevant features when considering the
suitability of a care home for someone with dementia
The following features should be                       their treasured emotional possessions
considered when determining whether a                  and demonstrate this in their
care home is suitable for someone with                 contacts with the residents;
                                                     • The facility looks more like a home
                                                       than a hotel;
Absence of institutional barriers
                                                     • Small-scale    domestic       living
  • Staff do not wear uniforms and                     arrangements exist i.e. lounges hold
    therefore look like friends and not                around a dozen people and no more;
    like nurses;
                                                     • Family members seem to be “at
  • Toilets are communal and staff do                  home” and not visitors or guests and
    not have separate facilities;                      are visibly involved in the life of the
  • Staff eat their meals with residents ;

  • Drinks, meals and medicines are                Physical environment
    distributed individually and not
    from trolleys;                                   • In general residents can move
                                                       outside into safe areas without locks
  • There is a relaxed “go with the flow”              having to be undone or having to be
    feel to the day and no sense of the                accompanied;
    routines more usually associated with
    a hospital.                                      • Regular use of the outdoors and
                                                       stimulating activities is encouraged;

Atmosphere                                           • Staff are not obsessed with risk
                                                       prevention and health and safety –
  • A sense of a caring and feeling home               the home meets legal requirements
    within five minutes of walking in;                 without continual insistence on
  • Comfort and hugs are frequent;
                                                     • Lounges have sofas and suitable
  • Lots of small interactions continually             artwork exists related to or
    take place between staff and                       supporting the function of a
    residents;                                         particular room;

  • Staff can be seen at times just sitting          • Bathrooms are not clinical but
    and being with the residents;                      “warm”;

  • Staff express positive comments                  • Toilets are clearly signed;
    about working in the home;
                                                     • Bedroom doors are easily identifiable
  • Staff recognize the importance of the              (e.g. colours or designs on doors).
    residents’ emotional memories and
Occupational health                              Other

  • Residents   are   encouraged      to           • Specialist  skills   in     later-stage
    undertake small domestic tasks;                  dementia care is available;

  • Sensory calming and sensory                    • Orientation aids and good signs exist
    stimulating items are available;                 throughout the building to assist
                                                     residents find their way around;
  • Sensory fabrics such as silk, velvet,
    soft toys etc. are scattered around;           • Corridors are divided up with objects
                                                     to reduce any institutional feel;
  • The staff know how persons in
    different stages of dementia can be            • Untidiness exists in public areas with
    integrated     into   the    overall             items such as momento boxes and
    environment;                                     games scattered around for use when
                                                     desired ;
  • Massage and other physical therapies
    are available during the week;                 • Staff can express the care home’s key
                                                     principles for providing its services.
  • There is a choice of individual music
    and broader, natural stimulae such a
    bird song.


  • Meal choices are shown at the time
    of the meal;

  • Meals are a social occasion and not a
    task, staff are clearly trained to
    stimulate residents’ attention during

  • 24-hour visible food (snacks) are
    available in public areas and

    corridors     with  the    aim   of
    encouraging people to eat when they

                                              Our thanks to Michael Davies and
    feel like it;

                                               Penny Ratcliffe for researching
  • There is some orientation about half-

                                             information for this booklet, and to
    an-hour before meals to stimulate an

                                                 Tony Loftas for editorial and
    interest in eating (food smells,

                                              publishing advice and assistance
    pictures, discussion).


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