SOPA No-Good for Small Businesses

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					SOPA, No-Good for Small Businesses?
by Markus Skupeika -

                          SOPA, No-Good for Small Businesse

                                                        The World Wide Web offers a great opportunity for
business start-up and expansion. Whether you have a product or a service to offer, you can have it marketed over
the web for more visibility but at much lesser cost. However, with SOPA, the web will not be as helpful to small
businesses as it is today.

SOPA or the Stop Online Piracy Act is a measure to stretch the ability of the government to counter online
trafficking of copyrighted intellectual property. Nonetheless, many, including the White House, think that it is too
extreme from the guidelines to the punishments.

If SOPA is passed, creativity and access of free information will be suppressed. With its strict rules, surely, many
sites, to which you can advertise, will be blocked. And if you plan to create a website for your own small business,
it will definitely take you much longer to get it working.

In other words, SOPA will basically eliminate the level playing field between big and small businesses that you
can currently benefit from the web.

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       The internet has been the great equalizer for entrepreneurs. Small startups can compete with big players
       on the internet. Government bureaucracy and intervention in the online community would be disastrous
       not only for small business, but also for the community at large. With such strict guidelines and harsh
       penalties, creativity would be stifled. Individuals may start to fear that any move they make on the internet
       may be infringing on someone else’s intellectual property, and therefore not participate. Start-up growth
       would also be hindered.

       It would take much more time to get websites up and running. Perhaps, most importantly, freedom of
       information would be destroyed. Last week, to display just how drastic the results of SOPA would be,
       websites like Wikipedia went dark. In protest, for 24 hours, Wikipedia essentially turned itself off and users
       could not access any free information on the site. This is what would happen to numerous websites if
       SOPA is passed.


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                                   SOPA, No-Good for Small Businesses?
                                   by Markus Skupeika -


                                   The Internet enables small businesses to compete in a level field with huge companies. Hence, it is a great help if
                                   you are starting or expanding a business. With the introduction of SOPA though comes the danger of losing that

                                   But let’s imagine that SOPA will not be passed. Even so, online marketing is not a 1-2-3 step. There’s a lot that
                                   you must learn before it can bring you benefits. And so if you want to take advantage of it, you must know as
                                   much as you can about it first.

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