5 Star Amenities In A Rugged Spot For A Relaxing Vacation

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					5 Star Amenities In A Rugged Spot For A Relaxing Vacation

While some people enjoy vacationing in all the hot spots of the world
where their time away from home is like one giant party filled with
exciting things to see and do and enjoy staying in elegant hotels or
private villas with all the mod cons, other people enjoy those quiet
vacations where they can simply relax and soak up the sun and explore
places off the beaten track and those quiet B and B's or small budget
hotels. Still others love a combination of the two, enjoy those elegant
private villa surroundings and the quiet ruggedness of being off the
beaten track. However, finding a combination of a quiet spot to vacation
and the elegant living of a 5 star resort all in one place isn't always
easy. That is what makes Bali's Bukit peninsula such a welcome change for
many people.

Imagine: a beautiful limestone peninsula with rugged cliffs overlooking
the ocean, mountains in the distance, spectacular beaches, and a quiet
relaxed way of life. Where the most exciting activities of any day is
taking a motorbike to the beach and watching the surfers challenge those
big waves, or taking a quiet swim and looking for sea shells.

Then choosing to drive along the beaches and exploring the sea caves that
date back to prehistoric time or taking the time to visit the quaint
little sea temples that dot the peninsula's coast. Then after a quiet day
of exploring, swimming or simply enjoying the beach return to a
spectacular villa where you can have a relaxing massage before heading
outside to a perfectly appointed table overlooking the ocean where you
will enjoy a wonderful meal cooked by a talented chef.

Well, you don't have to imagine such a holiday. It can be yours. The
Bukit peninsula is an unspoiled haven where you can relax and enjoy your
days. Nightlife is practically nonexistent unless you want to drive 30 to
45 miles so having a comfortable place to stay during the evening is
almost a must and what could be better than staying at one of the plush
villas this area has to offer.

There are several around but, perhaps the most beautiful and centrally
located is the Suluban Cliff Bali. Located between two world class
surfing beaches Uluwatu and Padang Padang, and only a ten minute walk
from quiet Suluban beach and a 15 minute drive from the Kuta golf course
and a 5 minute drive from the Uluwatu temple. This villa has four
charming suites that are beautifully appointed and the main villa has a
comfortable living area where you can spend time, meet the other guests
or simply enjoy a quiet evening. Complete with awesome views from every
part of the Villa estate to relaxing spa and pool this Villa has
everything to make your stay in the Bukit as luxurious as it is peaceful.

While the Bukit peninsula may not be for everyone those who enjoy a quiet
and rugged vacation spot while enjoying the comfort and elegance of a 5
star resort will find this part of Bali a dream come true.

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