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									The Latest from the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)
The USCIS has announced new changes in its fee structure for all types of immigration. All
categories like visa processing, immigrant and non-immigrant visas will have a new fee structure
come April,13, 2012. While the fees for most of the non-immigrant visas will increase, visa
processing fees for immigrants will decrease.

According to the USCIS the current fees do not cover the actual cost of processing the non-
immigrant visas. The hike in fees will support the expansion of overseas offices and employing
additional staff in order to meet the increasing demand for visas.

The fee for E visas, K visas will decrease due to relocation of costs associated with immigrant

The Employment-based applications have gone down to $405

Immediate relative and Family preference application is $230

Other immigrant visa applications $220

Diversity visa program $330

Determining returning resident status $275

Apart from the fees, the looks of some of the forms have been changed.

Form I-797C from now on will be printed on plain bond paper. This is expected to save about
$1.1million a year for the agency. This for will also bring down the public misconception that
Form I- 797C shows evidence of an immigration benefit or status. The new form will display
“This notice does not grant any immigration status or Benefit. This form is a Notice of Action
used only for certain types of communication between individuals and the agency like:

Receipt, rejection, transfer, reopening a case and appointment scheduled. This form will also
contain disability accommodation information at the back of the form. Earlier this information
was issued separately as a flier.

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