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									Get Rid of Dark Circles Now and Experience a Better You

Everybody has probably experienced waking up in the morning only to find tired looking eyes that are
ringed by dark circles. Getting a full night sleep is no longer enough if you would like to get rid of dark
circles under eyes according to experts. Although this move can lessen the appearance, the real best
means for getting rid of dark circles under eyes is by knowing their source.

Why Dark Circles Appear

Genetics can be considered as the most common culprit. If you have inherited thin or fair under eye
skin, it will become more noticeable once blood accumulates in the area, which is usually caused by the
slow circulation due to insufficient sleep. This formation will then make the fragile capillaries to leak and

Another factor is age. Over time, the skin thins and loses its collagen, which becomes the reason why
the veins start showing more prominently. This process can be speed up by sunbathing through mottling
the color of the skin and breaking down the collagen.

Meanwhile, a lot of people are blaming seasonal allergies for their dark circles under eyes. These will
trigger the body’s histamines, which will ten inflame the blood vessels that results to swelling. To know
the real cause of your dark circles, stretch the skin below your eyes gently. If the area turns darker, the
problem might be due to aging or genetics. If there will be no color alteration, allergies or UV rays might
be the usual cause.

How to Treat Dark Circles

If the dark circles have been brought about by vascular issues, make sure that you use two pillows when
sleeping at night so that blood will not accommodate below your eyes. During the day, you can place a
cold compress over your eyes within five minutes so that the blood vessels will constrict. You can also
get rid of dark circles by using caffeine-containing eye creams. Caffeine is considered to be a substance
that can help in constricting vessels. You might also want to try creams that are arnica-based, with these
being regarded as rich in anti-inflammatory properties that can lessen the dark appearance. There are
also creams containing grapeseed oil or green tea that can help in strengthening capillary walls for you
to get rid of dark circles. This issue might also be avoided if you try changing your diet such as including
more foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

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