what can we do by ramjaya13


									What can we do

Thus we see that both global war mining and ozone depletion will finally
hit us.What can we do?The simple answer is we must reduce the amount of
carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbon we put into the air.How can we do

    ·  Plant a tree.(trees use carbon dioxide to make their food
       Use, as far as possible, a mode of public transport. use a private
car only if you must.(A van which transports fifteen people will add less
carbon dioxide into the air than fifteen private cars which serve the
same purpose.
       Help to recycle the paper.(this will save trees which remove
carbondioxide from the air.)
       Use electricity as little as possible.(switch on lights, fans
,TVs,and radios only if you must do so.If you have no further use of
them, switch them off.)
     remember that fossile fuels used to generate electricity add
carbondioxide into the air.
       Give up using paper towels and paper napkings.(these are made of
wood pulp obtained by cutting down trees.)
        Buy a TV without a remote control.(this will save electricity)
     Use florescent light bulbs instead of ordinary light light bulbs.
       Buy fridges and freezers with less amount of CFCs

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