Thank you letter (Sample) by kadershahari


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									Dear Miss Alice and Chris Loh,

I appreciated the chance to talk to both of you on the phone and on the interview session on
last weeks. Thank you for giving time to discuss about the work culture in your company and
the benefits provided to the employee. It is really interesting to work in such busy and
challenging environment in a mosaic factory.

Moreover, after the meeting with both of you, I am further convinced that my background
and skills coincide with your needs. In addition to my education and experience, I believe
that I will bring excellent attention to detail and ingenuity to the trainee position, as suggested
by Miss Alice.

Within this email, I also want to inform that my final examination will be end on 13 June
2012 and I will leave my campus after that. Since my availability on July was a long wait to
your General Manager, I would like to request a chance to join your company at 15 June

I look forward to hear from you concerning your hiring decision. I appreciate your
consideration. Definitely I will call to the company at the end of upcoming May, as suggested
by Miss Chris Loh because I really don’t want to miss a great work culture in your company.



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