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									  IndiaNIC Switches to New Logo for Better Corporate & Brand
 IndiaNIC, a complete software solution company, unveiled a new logo. Through the new logo,
 the company intends to revitalize its corporate identity, strengthen brand identity, and increase
                                           brand recall.

Since the inception of the company in 1997, IndiaNIC has worked on more than 5000 projects
based on software technology (both web and mobile platform) and has served a variety of clients
worldwide with the utmost client satisfaction. The company has grown immensely during the last
14 years. In order to perfectly represent the current culture of the company, a new logo has been
created. Through this logo, the company intends to create a strong and positive brand impression

Mr. Sandeep Mundra, CEO of the company, has a clear vision for the future of the company:
“IndiaNIC Infotech Ltd is aiming to become one of the top notch providers of offshore
                                                  development solutions and a cohesive
                                                  outsourcing model in India, encompassing
                                                  services to customers across the globe. As a
                                                  part of serving global customers, IndiaNIC is
                                                  also working on developing their presence in
                                                  other parts of the world to be able to
                                                  leverage expertise that we presently have.’’

                                                     The new logo is the perfect representation of
                                                     the IndiaNIC spirit. The circular shape
                                                     above “I” represents a person. This depicts
                                                     we are a people oriented company – driven
                                                     by the spirit of IndiaNIC employees. The
                                                     design is also shaped up to portray the
                                                     exuberant and relishing character of the
                                                     person with both arms raised high – which
signifies the fun and excitement of working at IndiaNIC.

With the passionate dedication and hard work of its highly skilled staff, expertise and guidance
of its experienced managers, and the valuable leadership of company’s directors, IndiaNIC has
grown rapidly and found a place of respect and honor in the competitive market. IndiaNIC is
aiming to establish its presence as a major brand in the field of software development, and the
new logo is a part of its communication and brand building strategy.

Outsourcing from India has become prominent and to establish as a pioneer leader IndiaNIC has
decided to move forward with new logo. Many changes have taken place in the recent years:
company has increased the number of its employees, and it has shifted to a brand new
development center with state-of-art infrastructure and advanced technology. In order to
represent its growing strength, the company has decided to move ahead with new logo.

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About IndiaNIC:

IndiaNIC is a 9001:2008 certified custom offshore software development company. With over
400 employees, it is one of the most trustworthy offshore software development companies.
IndiaNIC is renowned for its customized web development and mobile development services.

Contact info:

440 North Wolfe Road,
Sunnyvale – CA 94085
Toll Free: +1 (866) 666 3471

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