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					                        Tourist Places around Bangalore

Bangalore is capital city of Karnataka state. It is also known as the Garden city
of India. This city is the major centre of India's IT industry, popularly known as
the Silicon Valley of India. A wide range of sightseeing places near Bangalore
that offer tourist attraction are available for excursion trips and picnics. Some
of these tourist spots, which are closer to the city, are given below.

                                                   Vidhana Soudha Bangalore
                                                One of the finest examples of human
                                                   architecture, Vidhana Soudha is
                                               counted in most magnificent building of
                                                  Bangalore. Housing the legislative
                                                 Chambers of Bangalore, it has three
                                                hundred rooms distributed in twenty
                                                    two departments of the state

                                                     Lal Bagh Bangalore
                                             Lal Bagh Bangalore is a botanical garden
                                              of Bangalore and due to its nurturing
                                                 the concept of horticulture it has
                                               earned a pride of place amongst the
                                               gardens of the world. It is a place of
                                             beauty and legends, a place of wonders
                                               and rarity and a place of heaven and

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                                                 Cubbon Park
                                       This wonderful park is situated near
                                      Gandhi Nagar in Bangalore and spread
                                     over an area of 250 acres. This beautiful
                                       garden frequently visited by walkers
                                       and joggers. You can find number of
                                     colorful flowers, fountains, green grass
                                     and many things to rejuvenate yourself.

                                               Tipu Sultan Palace
                                      This captivating palace has now turned
                                        into wonderful museum and nestled
                                       very close to the fort. The construction
                                      of this amazing monument was started
                                      by Hyder Ali and was completed by Tipu
                                        Sultan. It had taken ten years and in
                                                  1791 it completed.

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                                            Bull Temple Bangalore
                                        The bull temple is one of the oldest
                                     temples in the history of Bangalore. The
                                     temple is dedicated to bull Nandi which
                                     is the Mount of Lord Shiva. This 4.5 and
                                     6 m long statue is carved out of a single
                                      granite rock is older than the temple in
                                                 which it is housed.

                                          Iskcon Temple Bangalore
                                        This temple is a blend of modern
                                     technology and spiritual harmony. It is
                                     surrounded by beautiful ambience and
                                      was created to promote Vedic culture
                                       and spiritual learning. A number of
                                        devotees participates the annual
                                        Balarama and Krishna Rath Yatra.

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                                                 Lumbini Gardens
                                         The Lumbini garden is situated at the
                                        outer side of the ring road and you can
                                        enjoy the view of Nagawara Lake while
                                          standing at the bank of it. Lumbini
                                          Garden is artificially made beautiful
                                        garden and visitors visit this wonderful
                                            garden to seek entertainment.

                                                   Ulsoor Lake
                                        This Lake is centrally located and in
                                       early days it was called as “Halsur” or
                                       “Alasur”. There are two springs in the
                                        bottom of the lakes which are now
                                      covered with heavy silt. It is the famous
                                      tourist spot and except boating you can
                                             also do boating over here.

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                                              Innovative Film City
                                       It is a theme park in Bangalore which
                                         was basically designed for making
                                      movies and films but now it has turned
                                      into the entertainment hub and people
                                       get here to spend some time amongst
                                      the entertainment. It is just located at a
                                                distance of 1 hour drive.

                                                      Nandi Hills
                                       Nandi Hills are the best tourist spots in
                                        the vicinity of Bangalore. This place is
                                        considered as the birth place of rivers
                                       Arkavathi and Palar. The hill experience
                                         major rain falls and temperature go
                                       down in the season of winter. Mahatma
                                        Gandhi had stayed over her to recover
                                                 from his bad health.

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Description: Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka. Once called the "Garden City of India" and the "Pensioner's Paradise", these epithets no longer apply to Bengaluru. The picturesque neighborhoods of Bangalore will definitely amaze the astute travelers. There are many tourist places in the city.