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					Have A Happily Astrological Balanced Life
Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotshaacharya, PHD, MBA)
Have you ever heard the saying "Astrology is an ancient Psychology"? The psychic
astrologers are believed to communicate directly with the different planets. So, being a
psychic astrologer, my thinking is that when we combine the overall message of the
various planets then I could be summarized in two statements:

1. To have a balance life and
2. To live a life of contentment

Let us start with the ruling planet that is the Sun. According to the astrology, the planet
Sun demands from a kind of self-love, the egocentric love for the self. Besides this, the
Sun is the royal planet amongst all the other planets and that is why it asks us to feel
the same royalty. It wants us to feel like "the King of my own sphere. " But what people
often miss is the fact that the Sun also represents the Soul. Soul is that essential part
of a human being that lives from one lifetime to another. Therefore, it is very necessary
to be in touch with one's Soul and as the Sun dominates the entire solar system, we
should let our Soul dominate or lives.

The next on the list is the Moon. Now, Moon represents a number of things at a time –
the emotions, the mind and the entire feelings. It is very important for a human being
to be in touch with the innermost feelings the level of finest feeling. What is that
teaches us everything about the "Relative" life? Some people take it as the Absolute
Self but instead of it, it is the first manifestation of the individual selves that is the
ground rock of any individual's essence. This helps us decide what is wrong and what is
right. There is a Divine Voice within which we need to listen carefully. Here, by the
innermost feelings I do not mean the crude emotions such as gluttony, arrogance,
greed, lust or anger. These are nothing but mental junk and as soon as a person
indulges in them, he/she is sure to be ruined. So, better do not allow these crude
emotions to empower your decisions.

Mars is the planet that forces us to indulge in action. When you read the Bhagavad-
Gita, you find Lord Krishna talking about the need of action. One has to be brave,
strong and always a warrior. This does not at all refer to the physical strength or
physical fight. The courage here refers to the courage of one's convictions. One needs
to act upon the thoughts. Do not just be a thinker, be a doer as well. You have to be
useful for others so be active. Have this affirmation that God is with you. Trust yourself
and your God and do what needs to be done. Inaction is worse than a wrong action.

Mercury, on the other hand, wants us to have fun and play. It asks from the individual
to dance to his/her own tune. You should follow your heart, whatever gives you the
greatest joy indulge in that. Moreover, Mercury is a talkative planet. It loves to
schmooze, calculate, improvise, and make deals and talk. So, play!

The grandest of all the planets is Jupiter and it represents wisdom – religion, Law,
philosophy, higher education, raising children and the Guru. Without the wisdom of the
Jupiter, the fun, money and sex will turn us into mere animals. We are divine beings
and we need to pray study and meditate as well and this is what Jupiter asks us to do.
In addition, it is considered the most benevolent planet. When you surrender to its
energy, you are sure to be benefited from it. You will get an inner balance and all the
other skills required for a happy life. So, do not ignore Jupiter at all.

Next is Venus, which stands for all the greatest sensual enjoyments of life such as art,
beauty, refinement, music, sex, and all other worldly sumptuousness. And this what
makes her one of the most loved by all. Venus has a rule over things like fancy
furniture and clothes and cars and also diamonds. But one should not just consider the
lower aspects of Venus because then one might get sick of the venereal disease.
According to me, Venus does stand for beauty, creativity and refinement as well. It
demands 3 hours of pure creativity per week.

Saturn is considered to be a planet of work but I think it represents steadiness and
discipline at its deepest level. If a person is disciplined in 3 areas he/she will be blessed
by Saturn . It is 4 then Saturn will shower huge blessings on that person. The area in
which one's heart is one blessing will tend to manifest in that very area. Everybody
resents Saturn because of his outer face but when one knows about the inner side, one
gets to know he is a good guy! Saturn is the main planet of Karma. So, it is not just
about work at all.

The next is Rahu, which demands from us an embracement of the foreign. This planet
represents obsession as such. It asks us to accept the fact that we all are obsessed of
some thing or the other and go for the useful things. We should be obsessed of
success, career, or even accumulating knowledge. The obsession can be beneficial if
obsessed for healthy things.

Ketu is somehow similar to Rahu. It wants our Soul! It demands from us to know our
Soul and let it be the ruler of our lives. In this age, this planet that the human being
has least come to terms with. We should indulge in prayers, meditation or charity-
something that can benefit the inner self – the Soul. Although, it will not enrich our
bank balance but it will enrich our inner selves and that is the most important part of
an individual. Therefore, we should take into consideration the importance of our Soul.

The psychic astrologers believe that on an average you need to give at least 3 hours
per week to the qualities typified by each of the planets.

In a nutshell....

Sun: You need to spend time to commune with the inner self and celebrate the Divine
self within.

Moon: You need to engage yourself in those very activities that can nourish the finest
feeling level.

Mars: You need to exercise. Turn your thoughts into action. Taking actions is

Mercury: You need to have fun in life but in a manner that will enrich your intellectual.

Jupiter: You need to do something wise. It could be to spend time in honoring the
cultural or family's traditions or to learn the teachings of the wise. You can also go for
those wise books that can teach you how to live!

Venus: You need to spend time not just on beauty but also creativity.

Saturn: You need to have time for joyful discipline. A quote can help you for this which
goes like "If it's boring to do something once, do it twice. If it is still boring, do it 4
times. If still boring, do it 8 times."

Rahu: You need to learn how to manage the obsessive tendencies so as to turn into
Divine Obsession which is beneficial.

Ketu: You should let your Soul rule your entire life.

Shanker Adawal

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