Occupational Personal Finance Project by jennyyingdi



                       Occupational & Personal Finance Project
General Description:
The student is to research the job market and select an occupation that he or she feels suited to pursue as
a career. The student will simulate taking an entry level position in this occupation in a specific
geographic area. Students simulating a job making more than $70,000 must have a current GPA of at
least 3.8 and a proven record of academic achievement related to their intended occupation. Please
obtain Mr. Dickinson’s approval for simulating any job making over $70,000.

The student will create an annual personal budget based on authentic income and expenses generated
from research. The student must simulate purchasing a car, purchasing insurance for the auto and
personal housing contents, and arranging an annual lease for housing in the geographic area chosen. The
student is to include expenses for all other related debts associated with his/her occupation.

The student must interview one person who currently holds a similar position in their intended
occupation and include the interview findings in the final presentation.

The final presentation will be made to the class via PowerPoint.

Job Searches:
A job search will be conducted over the Internet at The Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational
Handbook website: http://www.bls.gov/oco/. A job will be found and cost of living comparisons made
for your chosen city and two other cities. The job searches will provide job descriptions, cost of living
factors, and salary comparisons. The entry level salary is to be used for calculating income.

Annual Budget:
An annual budget will be constructed using an Excel spreadsheet. This annual budget should include a
complete income and expense statement for the occupation selected. Authentic expenses should be
calculated for the purchase of a vehicle ($1,000.00 down payment allowed), auto insurance (actual quote
for projected age), apartment or home rental (Internet search of proposed area), and all other expenses
(accurate documented estimates). Students will also construct a secondary “fall-back” budget based on
an annual wage of $20,000. Take home pay is to be constructed on a 20% tax level.

Each student will construct a professional resume appropriate for their entry level occupation.
Guidelines for this will be found at http://www.collegegrad.com/resumes/quickstart/agree.shtml and
time will be provided in the computer lab to assemble the resume. You may also use other templates
deemed appropriate. This is a visionary resume that assumes it represents your final level of educational
attainment prior to starting your first job. As an example, if you will be looking for an entry level job
after completing a bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona in 2016, the resume should reflect
your undergraduate work listing appropriate coursework completed and any internship you might have
taken. In other words, make this up in your mind—but make it realistic and coordinate with your future

The interview is to typed in a word document with the 10 questions and respondent’s answers listed.

Project Presentation:
The student will present their occupational search and selection to the class in a five to ten minute
PowerPoint presentation. The presentation will include the occupation selected including job
description, educational level required, and salary levels. It will include the annual budget, highlighting
the main expenditures with emphasis on the auto purchase, auto insurance, and housing rental. It will
give an overview of the personal interview conducted. It will also include a brief look at the resume
constructed for the chosen occupation.

Written Components:
All written components are to be turned in on the student’s PowerPoint presentation date. The written
components include the PowerPoint notes pages (six slides per page), Excel budget spreadsheets,
personal interview (questions & answers), and professional “visionary” resume.

 75     Personal interview
 80     Annual Budget Completion & Accuracy
 75     Resume Completion & Appropriateness
150     PowerPoint Presentation
 20     Written Components
400     Total*

*Special notation for those who have a fear of presentations:
Often students have a fear of presenting in front of their classmates. As this is a 21st century skill, it is
expected that students will complete the oral presentation portion of their project. Students not making
the oral presentation on their scheduled date will not be allowed to present their project at some other
time and will have 50 points deducted from their total score, making it possible to only achieve an
87.5% with a perfect score on the other parts of their project. The presentation dates will be scheduled
by Mr. Dickinson and are firm commitments. In the event of a missed oral presentation, the student will
be expected to turn in all portions of the project on their next attended class.

*Special notation for those not completing this project
Because of the large number of points contained in this project, those students not completing the
Occupational/Personal Finance project can expect to fail the class.

Websites to use for this project:
http://www.bls.gov/oco/ (Job search)
 http://swz.salary.com/costoflivingwizard/layoutscripts/coll_start.aspx (Cost of living comparisons
for cities.)
http://www.collegegrad.com/resumes/quickstart/agree.shtml (Resume template)
http://www.edmunds.com/ (Car purchase and financing costs)

Additional Considerations
Each student is responsible for bringing their USB drive into class on or before the due date to load their
project onto the presentation computer and to insure there are no technology problems. Students may
also email their projects (on or before the designated due date) to dondickinson3@gmail.com. The final
due date will be determined by Mr. Dickinson and communicated to the class and listed on his website.

PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines, Rubric, & Score Sheets
   1. A minimum of eleven slides must be presented.
   2. Specific slide requirements:
          Each slide must contain bulleted items (not copy & pasted
            information from Internet sources) to serve as a presentation guide.
            A minimum of eight words per bullet is allowed.
          Each slide should have a heading or title with font size of 36 or
            larger. On bulleted items, the font size should be at least 28 and
            preferably 32.
          All slides should contain the same design template with
            appropriate colors easily viewed by the audience. Points will be
            deducted for difficult to read slides. The classroom for
            presentations will have one set of lights on. It is recommended that
            students test their templates for viewing in the classroom before
            the final presentation.
          All slides should contain an appropriate graphic or photo. This
            photo or graphic should appear first before any script.
          All slides should contain “slide transitions.”
          All bulleted items must include custom animation entrance
            effects. If you chose to use sounds, be extremely careful as points
            will be deducted if the sounds are used inappropriately and become
          An opening slide should contain the title, “Occupational &
            Personal Finance Project,” the presenter’s name and photo. Use
            photos from your own files and copy them onto the final project
            sent to Mr. Dickinson.
          The introductory slide should be an inviting hook to the
            presentation. As an example, if you had chosen the occupation of
            golf professional, you might have included a graphic of a beautiful
            Hawaiian golf course with a pro giving a lesson. As the song
            “White Sandy Beach of Hawaii plays, a caption might read, “Can
            you imagine working like this for the rest of your life?”
          At least one slide should include your chosen job and its job

       At least one slide should contain the salary level and educational
         level needed for such a job
       At least one slide should contain the city you have selected for
         employment. Include a pictorial highlight of the selected city.
       At least two slides should show a comparative analysis of two
         other cities to your chosen city. Show the cost of living differences
         for each of these two cities compared to your chosen city.
       At least one slide should include your annual budget highlights
         with special emphasis on auto, housing, and insurance costs. Make
         sure these items fit within your budget.
       At least one slide should contain the highlights of your visionary
         resume. Include in your presentation the college or trade school
         selected to reach your goals of employment. Provide the program
         of study and some of the course work included in this program. Be
         sure you have researched authentic courses given at your selected
       At least one slide should contain highlights of your personal
       Your closing slide should contain highlights of the “back-up”
         budget and a short list of the adjustments made to handle the
         possibility of underemployment.
3. Printed materials
       Print the “handout” version of your PowerPoint slide show with six
         slides per page. Hand this to Mr. Dickinson before your
         presentation begins, along with all other written components
         (Excel budget spreadsheets, personal interview (questions &
         answers), and professional “visionary” resume). Include the rubrics
         for grading.
       Order of written materials to be turned in with presentation
              i. PowerPoint presentation rubric
             ii. Grade sheet
            iii. Interview Word document
            iv. Excel budget spreadsheets
             v. Resume
            vi. Six slides per page handout document

               Occupational & Personal Finance Grading Rubric

Presenter: _____________________________________

Date: ____________________

Class Period: _____________


Content of Presentation:                     0…10….30….40…50 (high)
      Content is comprehensive, accurate, well researched, and believable (20)
      Content met all slide requirement guidelines, eleven slides (30)

Organization & Structure                     0…10…15 (high)
      Inviting & attention getting introduction (5)
      Key points are noted & presented logically (5)
      Effective conclusion that ties to introduction (5)

Style/Presentation/Appearance                0…10….20….30….40…50 (high)
      Dress & grooming appropriate for setting (5) (Extra credit for business dress)
      Volume level & vocal variety appropriate for all parts of classroom (10)
      Correct pronunciation used (5)
      Nonverbal gestures are appropriate to presentation & flow—good energy (5)
      Eye contact made with audience & little reading from screen (10)
      Positioning correct in presentation so that all can see (5)
      Delivery time is well used, not rushed or too long (5)

Effective Use of Visual Aids                 0….10…20…..30…35 (high)
      Template used is clear & effective (did not mix slide backgrounds) (10)
      Bullets kept to 8 words or less (5)
      Font style easy to read & size 28 or higher (5)
      Clear graphics or photos on each slide (5)
      Photos or graphics appeared first, unless for “effect” (5)
      Slides are visually appealing and uncluttered (5)

                                                                 Total Points ____
                                                                 Possible 150

                                                                 Extra Credit: _____

                          Grade Sheet Economics OPF Project

Name: __________________________________Class Period: ___

Personal Interview (75)                                                       __________
      Asked 10 questions
      Recorded full answers
      Interview authentic & believable
      Word document completed correctly
      Summary of answers appeared in slideshow

Annual Budget (80)                                                            __________
      Budget balanced
      Monthly salary calculated correctly (20% tax rate)
      Includes savings
      Majority of items are accurate
      Page set up correctly (landscape view, fit to one page, & gridlines)
      Evidence of research & consultation
      $20,000 budget constructed correctly

Resume (75)                                                                   __________
      Visually appealing
      Professional
      Completed on one page
      Page looks full, but not cluttered
      Spacing correct
      Shows appropriate internships
      Course work authentic with course numbers

PowerPoint Presentation (150)                                                 __________
(see rubric grading)

Written Components (20)                                                       __________
      _____ Personal Interview-Word document (5)
       ______ Budget spreadsheets-Excel formats (5)
       ______ Resume -Word doc. (5)
       ______ PowerPoint handout - six slides page (5)

                                             Total (400)                      _________

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