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Be Neighbourly In Your Orlando Vacation Home

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Many of the resorts where vacation villas are located have a very healthy mix of villas to rent and full
residents who have settled there. You may wonder who would choose to stay in a location where there is a
steady stream of holidaymakers, since back home, when choosing a new home most of us would be interested to
hear about our potential neighbours-how long they had lived there etc.

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People who choose to stay full time can have numerous reasons for doing so. They could be Disney employees
thus enjoying the luxury of a very short journey time to work, since the majority of vacation rental villas
are very well situated to access Walt Disney World and all it has to offer. Some residents own vacation homes
in and around where they stay and they like to be close at hand to keep an eye on their property and look
after their guests themselves. Others may have some kind of occupation related in some way to the
hospitality/vacation industry. Then again you may just find some friendly folks who like the idea of having
new and different neighbours every few weeks!     Having full time residents nearby can be a great thing. They
very much enjoy visitors to their area and those who settle there full-time are well used to new neighbours
every one or two weeks and are very friendly and keen to learn you are enjoying your stay and having a
fabulous vacation...Just generally walking about the resort your vacation villa is in, you are bound to
pass local residents who are always ready to greet you with a smile and genuinely wish you a “nice day”.
If have questions about the local area or attractions, I am sure you will find them only too happy
help...That said, since these people are resident full time, one should always be remember to be courteous
to whilst still making the most of your vacation...<b>Local residents need their sleep too! </b>>>Generally
there are safety and courtesy rules in all residential areas for “quiet times” at the pool. As a rule
of thumb to be 11pm-7am. One of the most tempting times to forget about these rules is for those visitors
these tend
who have travelled from far away (e.g. U.K.) and need to make huge adjustments to time changes and body
clocks. On the first morning of these guests’ vacation, they will tend to waken very early and it is strongly
advised to resist the urge to come straight down to the pool until it reaches what everyone would agree is
slightly more reasonable time...<b>Stay in a resort based vacation home…</b>>>You will find a great many
Orlando vacation villas have been built in resorts that offer communal areas. These can include any
combination of the following: a communal swimming pool (in addition to your very own private pool at your
holiday villa); a games room; a fitness room; a shop; a café; basketball/volleyball courts; tennis courts;
childrens play areas. Any of these areas offer the ideal opportunity to meet people from all over the world-
both full time residents and other holidaymakers like you...Showing your neighbours common courtesies will
encourage them to extend a warm welcome when you return for another vacation at a later date and then your
villa experience really will be like a “home from home” since you already know the neighbours!

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