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									                 Quad bike safari tours in Dubai are fun for everyone

If you love adventure sports and live in Dubai or have simply come over for a visit, you should
definitely give a quad bike safari tour a go.

If riding a bike with two wheels is fun, then hop aboard a quad bike in the Dubai desert and
manoeuvring not only gets easier but a lot more fun too. Almost anyone can ride a quad bike
because you don’t need to learn to ride them. Just some basic information from the guide and
you are good to go.

What makes the quad biking more exciting? The desert landscape, that’s what! The sand dunes
of the desert not only make for a nice soft ride but also give riders a challenge by presenting
them with a landscape that keeps on changing every time one rides over it. The desert sand
makes the whole experience even more fun. If you happen to fall off one of the quad-bikes, the
sand makes for a soft landing preventing any injuries and even minor bumps or scratches.

But it is not only about fun, for nature lovers, a quad bike tour in Dubai gets them a lot closer to
nature compared to the innards of a safe and secure 4WD vehicle. Moreover, tour guides will
educate you about the desert landscape, the wildlife, and if you are interested even take you
to the camel breeding farm close to the campsite. There you can admire these magnificent
animals that have been a part of the Arabic culture and tradition for centuries.

All the quad bike riding will have surely built up your appetite. As the evening slowly turns to
night, you will be guided to the campsite and then (as per the package that you have chosen)
all the entertainment activities begin. The campsite is well-appointed with traditional Arabic
carpets and decor giving you an experience of the old days. Here is where you can relax and
recall the evening’s desert safari activities as you sip on some Arabic Coffee on the lowered
tables with friends and family. A 5-star BBQ and buffet dinner consisting of the best meats
(including vegetarian food on request) is served for those who have built-up an appetite with
the evening’s activities. This when the highlight of the evening begins in the form of our gorgeous
belly-dancer who will tantalize you with her moves and invite you to try out and take part in
some belly dancing as well.

With a day of fun-filled and adventurous activity behind you, the driver who brought you to the
campsite, would now take you back to the city and drop you off at the designated drop points.

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