Tips for Choosing a Good Domain

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					Here are Tips for Choosing a Domain:

A. Find Domain Names in accordance with the theme of your Blog or Web
For example, you blog about health then the corresponding instance Domain

2. Choose a domain name that is not too complicated but easy to remember
and adjust to the target location.
For example: a blog about the domain Health This domain is
uncomplicated and easy to remember. This means the target location is the
target audience of your blog later. If the target audience is local
(Indonesia) should use the Indonesian domain.

3. Try to find a TLD domain. Com
Because Domain TLD. Com Top Level Domain is the highest. If the domain
you want is already used, try using connectors such as And
if the domain you really want to use, then you try to use another TLD
Domain. And in accordance with the contents of your blog or website.

4. Avoid using the domain name that smell sara
You please be careful in choosing a domain, your domain Do not use words
that are offensive statements or the like. As this will cause your blog
or website will be blacklisted by the search engines that will ultimately
have a negative impact on visitor traffic.

5. Find the domain of SEO Friendly
If your domain is in conformity with the theme of your blog or website so
now you think that your domain SEO Friendly as this will facilitate
terbacanya blog and pages on search engines. - Reviewer: jack machinegun
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