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Advanced Sports Performance


Advanced Sports Performance use sports science to make the most every training opportunity that we have, ensuring we see continual growth in each of our athletes, teams and schools.

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									The beginnings of Advanced Sports Performance

Advanced Sports Performance was started because, although the owner, Sean van Staden, had both
the heart and passion for professional sports, he had never been lucky enough to find someone that
could coach him to run more effectively or train more productively. He took the initiative and started a
sports centre that focuses on training athletes to perform better by giving them solid foundations right
from the get go.

The owner, Sean van Staden, decided to take his sporting career to the next level by putting years of
experience to good use and helping others achieve their goals. The detrimental effects of running flat-
footed and incorrect training have had a negative impact on his knees, joints and ankles, culminating
in surgery on both knees. He wanted to prevent similar injury in others.

Even with the mentorship of a few of the best sports coaches in South Africa, their primary focus is
still more on the team and winning. Although this is important, coaches also need to prioritise
developing athletes at a young age and building solid foundations.

With a little encouragement from his mother and wise words from an admired mentor, Professor Tim
Noakes, Sean van Staden opened Advanced Sports Performance
(http://www.advancedsp.co.za). He met the need for quality professional training for young athletes
dedicated to maximising an individual’s potential through careful assessment and world-class training
techniques. He starts his training programmes from as young as six-years-old, are based in Randburg
and offer professional sports training to both primary and high schools and sports clubs.

He is proud that many of his young athletes have become sports professionals. He have trained
Keegan Richie who plays for Keizer Chiefs, Nico Killas who made the National U21 Cypriot Team and
even 2004 Springbok Tonderai Chuvhanga who holds the South African record for most scored tries
in a game.

His ambition to improve his own performance is mirrored in how heI runs his business and with the
help of a team of like-minded qualified sport professionals, it is his goal to help develop and inspire
young athletes to perform their best. The latest sports science technology is used which includes tools
like video analysis, eye-vision training, mental strength training and sports specific assessment which
equips young athletes with the tools they need to perform.

At Advanced Sports Performance we believe in the mantra, “Train a sapling from young, and it will
develop into a great tree.”

Link: (http://www.advancedsp.co.za)

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