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									How To Process Sales Leads - Convert That Lead Into A Sale
If you use a leads generation program or search the internet manually looking for sales leads, you are
already off to a good start. What you got was the information for not just consumers in general, but
consumers within your targeted market. Instead of acquiring a list of nothing but emails, you searched
the internet with related keywords and found individuals who are in need of what you have to sell.
This already puts you a step ahead of other business owners who waste their money on those
standard email lists. But what comes next? Next, you need to covert your leads into actual sales.
When it comes to converting a list of sales leads into actual sales, there are some important points
you want to keep in mind.
Individuals love it when they receive customized advertisements. Lets say you sell video games
online (whether it be through an eCommerce store or just on eBay). You searched the internet with or
without a leads generation program and find a group of individuals. So lets say you got 50 email
addresses. You don't want to send 50 different personalized messages because that requires too
much time. What you can do is group your leads into categories.
In keeping with the video game store, you got a group of parents who outright stated they are looking
for some cheap video games for their kids. Send all these parents the same message (which you can
just copy and paste); your message is something like "We have affordable games at; here
is just a sample of what is for sale." Then, say you got some individuals who are selling video games,
so group them together and then send the "I noticed you were selling your old video games, in case
you would like a new challenge checkout our great games including (examples), at"
Another point you want to take into consideration is the economy. As I am sure you know, it has been
a couple of rough years and many consumers had to limit their spending. Even though the economy
is starting to improve, many consumers are afraid to go back to that spending. Many people don't buy
things unless they need it or unless they are presented with a good offer. Although not required, there
are benefits to including a money saving coupon code that can be used at the checkout for new
customers (your sales leads). If you run a local store, encourage readers to print the email to be used
as a coupon.
If you are making contact via email, it is important to write your subject headline carefully. Since you
are most likely responding to a post made online, consider writing "In response to your listing on..."
These types of messages are usually opened. Also remember how we mentioned above that
consumers like discounts. If a discounted offer is listed inside the email, state so on the subject line.
Most people click on discount offers by email just out of curiosity, but they might truly like what is
By implementing a few of the above mentioned tips, hopefully a good percentage of your sales leads
will become more than leads; hopefully they will become actual sales. Basically, you want to send a
sales pitch via email that entices your leads to become paying customers. Good luck!
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