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					Naples is known as the "Golf Capital of the World." Sporting 80
championship level courses, it provides the perfect climate for this and
many other types of sports. The amount of sun and plethora of
recreational activities makes it one of the most desirable residential
and vacation sites in the state of Florida. Depending on the different
parts of Florida you will find retirement communities, large condos, and
gorgeous homes that you would typically see one M TVs Cribs. Naples,
Florida is known for its extremely large and breath taking real estate

 There are around 9700 resale and new homes in Naples, including open
houses, as well as about 3300 homes in the per-foreclosure process. The
average listing price of homes for sale Naples, FL is about $734,700
which is indicates a decrease of about 0.8%. Popular neighborhoods in
Naples like Park Shore and Moorings have an average listing of $1,365,200
to $1,014,300. The average price per square feet for Naples is around
$175, a decrease of 21.2%. The median sale prices on the other hand have
decreased by 30% but the number of home sale increased by 25%.Naples
Florida real estate today contains some of the most sought after
properties in Florida. Especially regions like Pelican Bay and Pelican
Marsh in the city have seen buyers queue up to buy properties. Homes in
Naples, Florida for sale have been flying off the shelves, even in the
post recession market. Properties Naples offer buyers to live in a truly
upscale environment but with prices which are lower than places such as
Miami Beach. However, to get the best match for your tastes you need a
good Realtor in Naples.

 Naples real estate as this sun-drenched seaside community has weathered
the latest housing crisis very well compared to other locales in Florida.
With the first boomers retiring in 2011 we see good things for Naples
real estate for the next decade and beyond. Here in Naples Real estate an
individual has many choices. From single-family existing homes to luxury
homes, there are many available. If you need a five-bedroom, three-bath
home with a swimming pool and sauna, you're sure to find one in Naples.
Can't afford luxury real estate? There are many mobile homes on the
market, as well. You can also find land available in Naples, as well. The
fact is real estate in Naples, Florida is available and it is selling and
the experts feel it will continue to do so.Naples real estate opens up
rich vistas of Estate Living, Single Family Gated property, Single Family
Non-Gated property, Naples Condos, Gulf View Condos and many such
fascinating types with outdoor game facilities such as golf.

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