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					Solid Fitness Tips For Avoiding The "Freshman 15"

The life of a college student can be an extremely stressful time in a young person's life. Often, the
last a student thinks about during this time is their fitness. However, because the typical college student
gains approximately 10 to 15 pounds while in school, you should ensure that you aim to remain healthy. Apply
the tips below to help you do this.

Decrease the stress in your life by having a great workout. If you are stressed out over a test, take a
little to get a workout in. This will make you feel much better, and it will likely lead to you studying
time out
with a clearer head. After a workout, your brain is in full gear, which improves your studying. You may even
find that your grades improve from working out.

Try not to drink so much beer. Although you want to fit in with your college buddies, beer is a terrible
beverage for you to drink. It slows your metabolism and increases your belly fat fast. Instead, drink water.
Because your body is mostly made of water, it needs water in order to perform its normal functions. You'll
surprised at how much better you will feel by drinking water.

Always be moving constantly. If you have to study for long hours at a time, make sure that you take a 10-15
minute break every hour in order to clear your mind and walk around. This helps you burn calories off your
body, and it will get your brain moving. It is never good to sit still for hours per day without moving

Consider taking some fitness classes. Whatever your major is, there will likely be some free electives that
you can choose. Instead of choosing an elective where you sit around, use this opportunity to get in some
exercise. You can get in a workout and get college credit at the same time. You simply cannot beat that.

Regardless of how busy your mornings are, you should always eat breakfast. It should never be skipped. Without
breakfast, your brain does not function as well as it should, and your metabolism slows down to a crawl.
If do not have enough time to cook, microwave something, have a bowl of cereal, or grab a quick breakfast
bar. Your body needs fuel to begin the day.

Instead of driving or taking the bus, try walking to class when possible. That way, you are burning some extra
calories and energizing yourself for your upcoming class. You may also discover other people doing the same
thing, and you could meet new friends. All types of benefits can be derived from walking to class.

Although it is difficult to fit in time to exercise when you are a full-time college student, you
will be that you took some time to do so. Remaining fit will ensure that your mind is running as efficiently
as possible. Therefore, both your body and your grades will be improved.

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