Jump Ahead In The Real Estate Business by Bernard.Yulius002


									Robert Kiyosaki writes a book called The Real Book of Real Estate. In
this book, you will have all the sharpest and keen of advice that will
really help guide you through the ups and downs of real estate. The
economic frontier of the real estate business can be difficult, at best,
as there are always times when the market takes a plunge. But this book
allows you to get a whole selection of tips that have been gotten from
some of the greatest realtors of all time. Experiences of over two dozen
realtors and the ways they made it big are in this book captured for your
benefit and you will be able to take your game up a notch and really make
your mark in the market.

 Charles Fishman writes The Big Thirst, a book that really helps you
understand the world through the perspective of water. He discusses the
fact that water has been plentiful and clean and safe for such a long
time that people can take advantage of it, but this book discusses how
all of that is about to undergo a massive change and how big businesses
can be affected by this devastating change, particularly as a result of
pollution and contamination. This is a very important book for a realtor
as it can really affect how you approach the entire economy of buying and
selling property with this new dilemma in mind.

 Gary W. Eldred writes Investing in Real Estate, a book that comes out in
its fifth edition with the intent to cover all of the nuances of a
changing market, as well as covering various and important forms of
legislation that is pertinent to the field of being a realtor. Moreover,
it deals with history's way of dealing with the market, property cycles,
and helps you figure new ways to benefit from foreclosures, REOs and
inventories of places in a way that will maximize your position as a
realtor. This book is wonderful if you are new to the business and want a
comprehensive kind of reference that will help you learn all there is to
know and to make the most of it, too.

 Frank Gallinelli writes What Ever Real Estate Investor Needs to Know
About Cash Flow, a book that includes many financial measures that are
essential for any realtor. The book discusses key topics such as net
present value, cash on cash returns, net operating incomes, profitability
indexes, returns on equity, as well as a number of other numbers that are
really important in the job of realtor. You will get to understand just
how and why these numbers and rates are so important and the book will
break down how to use and approach these things.

 Ken McElroy closes this list with his book, Rich Dad's Advisors: The
ABCs of Real Estate Investing: The Secrets of Finding Hidden Profits Most
Investors Miss. The title is fairly explanatory of the book's overall
goals, but it really gives a great detailed portrayal of just how the
real estate business can help you get rich and make a good turnover
profit. With over two decades of experience, the author proposes a number
of great advice and tips.

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