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									Retirement Villages and Retirement Homes

This is a great option for a lot of people when they retire. Retirement villages vary in the services they
provide depending on needs. Some a very lavish, and very large, with stand-alone houses, others might
be smaller, with units, and some might have a lodge type set-up with apartments or rooms. Retirement
homes also can fit into this category on a smaller scale.

Villages can be a resort styled with activities. It may be based around a lake or near the beach, usually a
large golf course is included and shopping facilities. Houses are generally 2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms with
garages etc., priced from $300,000 to over $600,000. Of course, this is the grand resort type retirement
village. You can also lease at $1,100 to $2,500 a month.

Retirement homes can be on a much smaller scale and generally have three main categories they fall
into; active, semi-active and assisted. Active basically means the residents are physically fit and actively
take part in life, and they usually provide amenities such as golfing, boating etc. Semi-active has
residents who are still independent but may need assistance in some areas or want a medical source on
hand constantly. Assisted types offer residents with full medical care, and generally need assistance in
their everyday life, and need medical staff daily.

Evaluating and Choosing the Retirement Village and Retirement Home
If you factoring a retirement village or home into your retirement planning, have a good look around.
Once you find a few perfect candidates go for a visit before you choose. Check out the facilities and
ambiance of the shortlisted homes. Observe the staff service attitude and compassion.
Find out more about the fixed and variable charges and how the annual fees review is conducted. The
person in charge should be open in answering all the questions you may have because you are going
into a long term relationship with them. Do not take things for granted and take your time to tour
around the facilities and take to some existing residents if possible. They are readily available to give you
direct customer feedback.

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