mountain ijen by naheznanang


									Climbing to the crater of Ijen
Ijen Crater, East Java, has a height of 2386 m above sea level.
The mountain is located in Banyuwangi and Bondowoso, including mountain
is short but has an amazing beauty,, hhe.
 What I know There's only one route is normally used by hikers or
Just for the Paltidung (where the camp before the ascent to the crater)
there are two pathways, namely through Sasak Periot of Banyuwangi,
that only through Sempol of Bondowoso.
My departure from Jember, precisely at the basecamp Mapala Bekisar
Polytechnic Jember 14.00.
With 7 of your friends, with the motor vehicle, so a 4 motor.
actually who went there were about 30 for men, just the 22 people on the
uda friend went ahead at 09.00 am,
so the story we catch up to 8 people. 3 hour drive we've nyampe in one of
my friend's house at 17.00,
which went ahead anak2 uda in wait there. Because it is his home near the
so we just prepare their food for the day tomorrow. We rested for a
moment there,
after the clock struck 21:00, we were 30 people with 15 motorcycles
proceeded to Paltidung, so like any convoy,, hhe,
just 20 minutes in Paltidung nyampe uda, we take care of licensing,
permits from the motor to place camp, all the wear cost.
After we finished all the cooking utensils to prepare and set up two
tents, sleeping brarti most anyone outside.
Wake up at 05.00, at 06.00 we immediately headed for the crater, hiking
trail about 2-3 meters wide enough, but most nanjak.
During the trip we often encounter with sulfur miners who fell while
carrying a kira2 sulfur weighing 50 kg (emg there kuat2 org,,).
Vegetation of the forest, there is also tp houses about 1 hour the road,
not a lot of his home, maybe a house the miners sulfur.
At 09:00 we were on the edge of the crater nyampe, from here can see the
crater lake, Mount Ijen Merapi, Mount roar, and the sea. We decided to go
down kekawah 4 people, for want photo2 below.
Trek to the crater slopes, and rocky, just enough for the way one person,
so kl b'papasan as miners forced me out of the way first. About 15
minutes we had reached the crater,
we were not able to lip asep sulfur lake because his run toward it, are
we not use the cloth covering the nose and we just mulut.jadi batu2
photo2 in the crater, with a back ground sulfur fumes.
11:00 hours we took to Paltidung, we Paltidung nyampe in packing, at
12.00 we go way back to the Jember....

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