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									   A winning approach to SEO of Backlink Hydra
The need for a link checker software is growing more and more. The difficulty
of outsourcing any linkbuilding work is evident: there are numerous formats
for link reports and the work needing to be managed and verified soon rises to
mountains of report sheets. It is literally impossible for a small company, and
even for a large one, to deal with this amount of information.

Link Hydra is a useful tool when it comes to dealing with these problems. It is a
link checker that was programmed to automatically check backlinks and
custom text patterns or regular expressions. In few words, it was designed to
help you improve the way you manage your backlink checking.

What are backlinks for?

Backlinks are now one of the main tools when dealing with SEO issues. The
importance of Linkbuilding lies in the fact that Google, for example, analyses
the credibility and reliability of your site according to backlinks. In order to
increase the number of links pointing to a website, there are several SEO
strategies that need to be employed. But this is time-consuming and requires
serious investment.

Isn’t there a software that does all this hard work automatically?

Until recently, there has been no program to deal with backlink issues. There
was no tool to do this tedious work and thus linkbuilders found themselves
forced to use the traditional methods, with a little help from some other

However, Swiss SEO specialists Mike Weber and David Kohlmann have put
together a software whose features are aimed at improving the way we deal
with linkbuilding. The program is called Link Hydra, and, as the name suggests,
it is a backlink checker.
What are the main features of Link Hydra?

Link and backlink hydra is a software whose job is to check hundreds of
backlinks in seconds, to undertake up to 100 parallel checker threads, to
retrieve anchor text for every found backlink and to automatically make Alexa
checks and DoFollow checks.

Besides that, it remembers settings and preferences automatically and can
save and load sets of preferences as projects. It has built-in proxy support and
customizable thread count, delay, timeout, and so on.

It is the backlink checker that takes off the burden of link-checking and
provides it within the touch of a button. Backlink Hydra is aimed at every
company who puts an emphasis on their virtual existence, on SEO and on their

The full version offers numerous advantages, all packed into a .NET tool, but
users have the option of downloading a free trial version. Although with not as
many features as the full version, the trial backlink Hydra is sure to relieve you
of the linkbuilding stress. Free trial users have always the possibility of
upgrading to full version and enjoying more practical features, at a competitive

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