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					Kolkata, the commercial capital of West Bengal, is located on the banks
of river Hoogly. It is the third most populated metropolitan city in
India where the demand for the residential or commercial property is
increasing day by day. There is a fast development of the real estate
market in the city as the government has put in too many measures to
ensure the growth in this sector. Real estate Kolkata in the past few
years has undergone great changes. The rapid expansion of economic
activities in the city has lead to an increase in the demand for land,
building, office spaces, luxury houses, shopping complexes and malls. Due
to the above mentioned points, West Bengal has become the favorite
destination for investment in todays era. Business expansion has also
lead to a growing demand of residential spaces, hotel rooms, lodges etc.
which has further stimulated the demand to build more hotels and
restaurants in Kolkata. This has again lead to an upward strike in the
real estate of Kolkata.

 The major advantage of purchasing property in Kolkata is that the
comparative cost of land is much lower than other metros like Delhi,
Mumbai or Pune property. The cost of living and operation cost in the
city is also low as it is the net exporter of electricity.
 Investment is need of the hour and there can be nothing better than
investing in real estate which provides a stable income. Buying property
wisely can offer better returns as property can be bought and sold
anytime as per the market conditions.
 It is not possible for everyone to find a suitable place as far as real
estate Kolkata is concerned. As a result many brokers have come into
picture who provide the best market advice and total information about
latest rates for buying house and the best places in the city, Brokers
provide all information about property, and even give a wide variety of
choices and provide the customer with the best prices. They also help
them in completing all the necessary procedures regarding registration,
tax, etc which then gets completely hassle free. They give complete
satisfaction and happiness to customers and make purchasing property in
Kolkata a great experience.

 The ceiling rates of real estate Kolkata have been reduced and the taxes
are collected by Municipal Corporation of Kolkata. The corporation has
developed websites which contain all information regarding rates, bills,
valuation of property, due dates, tax assessments and property. Valuation
of tax is very important as tax rates in real estate of Kolkata are
different for different values of land.
 It is not often easy to own a place for living in the city for the
middle and the lower section of the society; therefore, renting a house
is a feasible option for them. Home loan facilities by the banks in
Kolkata provide financial assistance to people by giving higher loan
approvals at low interest rates.
 New town and Rajarhat in Kolkata east, Kaikhali, Keshtopur, Jessore road
in north, Jadhavpur, Kasba, Narendrapur in Kolkata south, have values
between 3,200-2,000 per square feet. These areas appear to be most
volatile in capital values and there is substantial increase in property
rates there. Real estate Kolkata is the new hot spot for development in
real estate developments whereas; east Kolkata faces a marginal decrease
in market rates. Government is helping the citizens in residential
sectors as the demand for the same is boosting up. A significant change
has been felt in the real estate sector as well after the growing demand
for accommodation facilities like flats low cost housing, property in
lease, etc. Commercial property is also experiencing a boost in terms of
development, adding to the growth of the city. With all these factors,
the city is sure to witness high profits in its residential as well as
commercial property sectors.

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