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					             Portlock’s Storage Manager Supports Data Recovery
Butte, MT - February 19, 2002 - When disaster strikes, Portlock Software’s Storage Manger is there to
help. Storage Manager is one of a very small number of products on the market that can completely
backup or image a NetWare server including the DOS partitions, Traditional NetWare volumes and NSS
volumes. Storage Manager's total support for NetWare allows for very fast system recovery or server
duplication. When a disaster strikes, a complete system can be restored from tape. Nothing needs to be
installed on the server to begin a system recovery. Performance is very high: using SDLT tape drives, 40
GB of data can be restored per hour.

Les Merryman, Chief Executive Officer of Micro Masters in Camarillo, California lost his NSS volume
without warning.

“After looking into several data recovery services I realized it could cost me major dollars to recover the
data I’d lost. But, John Hanley of Portlock Software was there to help. I purchased Storage Manger and
with the help of John and a lot of determination, we were able to recover over 100 gigs of data on a
RAID5 Array flawlessly,” Merryman said.

Tom Mullally was installing a new Dell computer system for the Evergreen Park, Illinois Police
Department and was trying to move data volumes from the department’s old computer system to the
new one.

“I looked out on Yahoo under the Novell business solutions site and found Portlock Software’s Storage
Manager. It was 30 minutes from the time we discovered Storage Manger to the point where it was on
our system,” Mullally said. “Initially we were having some technical difficulties with our system. John
Hanley and customer support at Portlock Software were outstanding and resolved our problems.”

Chris Benson, Information Technology Director for the City of Redondo Beach, California, praises
Portlock Software and Storage Manger for saving his city from a data disaster.

“We’d been battling a bad tape drive. John was our only option. If he couldn’t pull through for us, we
were going to be out to lunch. John worked with us for 20 hours and made modifications to his software
to deal with our problem. Those modifications made all the difference and we were able to recover our
data. He really, really pulled through for us,” Benson said.

Leonard Holling is a computer consultant in Perth, Australia. In the past, his company would use Ghost
for NetWare to upgrade computer systems. Now with storage manager he has cut the time necessary to
convert a system dramatically.

“Using our old method of conversion to a new NetWare platform would take us up to 11 hours to do a
backup and restore of a server that had 92GB of data. Using Storage Manager, we backed up the server
in 2 hours 21 minutes and the restore time was 2 hours 39 minutes. So it took less than half the time,”
Holling said.
Storage Manger

Storage Manager 2.05 is now available with new support for Data Recovery on Traditional and NSS
partitions and volumes.
Do you want to...

   •   Image and Restore NetWare servers?
   •   Clone NetWare servers?
   •   Improve Server performance?
   •   Resize NetWare and NSS partitions.
   •   Resize NetWare and NSS volumes?
   •   Merge volume segments?
   •   Expand a RAID array?
   •   Defragment NetWare volumes?
   •   Manage NSS storage?
   •   Test disk drives?
   •   Test and fix NetWare partitions?
   •   Recover a deleted partition or volume?

We have developed software solutions to manage Novell NetWare disks, partitions, volumes, storage
groups and storage pools.

Copy, create, clone, image, restore, and resize Netware and DOS partitions and volumes including NSS
and NSS Storage Pools. Disaster or quick recovery of failed servers is very fast and dramatically

“Portlock Software is great,” Benson said. “I can back up my server using Storage Manger and do
whatever I want and have an identical server.”

“Not only does Storage Manger keep a network system running, it provides faster mirroring, faster
image back ups, and it does it much faster than other routines or programs out there,” Merryman said.

“The advantage of Storage Manager for us is that all of the NetWare auditing functions on files and
directories were maintained. With a straight restore they must ALL be recreated. So this saved at least
an additional few hours work!” Holling said.

“We love Portlock Software!” Mullally said.

About Portlock Software

Portlock Software provides storage management software for Direct Attach and Storage Area Networks.
The company’s products also include Volume Defragment, a full-featured software tool for improving
the layout and performance of Novell NetWare and NSS file systems.
For More Information Contact: Portlock Software, Phone (406) 723-5200; Fax (406) 723-5205 or visit
the company’s Web site at: http://www.portlocksoftware.com.

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