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 July 2008 through June 2009

    Prepared for the City of Mesquite and its Citizens
               Chief Douglas L. Law
                                            M E S S AG E F R O M T H E C H I E F

     Decreasing crime in a plummeting local and national economy? Experts would definitely say “No way!”, however, the men
and women of the Mesquite Police Department have proven once again that they are capable and determined to beat the “Law of

      With lay-offs in the hundreds in Mesquite’s construction and entertainment industries, and unemployment rising daily in
2008, M.P.D. employees continue to “raise the bar”, in their already high standard of service which they have pledged to hold
themselves to.

      As Chief and partner in this great agency, I have never felt more pride in my chosen career, as I have observed men and
women pull together, in time of need and diversity and lengthen their stride to perform the responsibilities to which they have
sworn an oath to their employers, which are the citizens of Mesquite.

      Even though very emotional for us at times, this past year has seen us grow in unity as a law enforcement family, while
maintaining (and even lowering at times) an already low crime rate. Our staff also turned in exemplary numbers in the rate of
resolving and clearing of cases.

      It has been said of obstacles in life, that they can either serve as “Building Blocks” or “Stumbling Blocks”, it’s a matter of
choice and we choose to BUILD!

      Again, thank you to everyone, our city hall decision makers, and our citizens alike for support, thoughts and prayers on our
behalf, as we continue to improve our professionalism, and do our part in making this beautiful community the place you want to
            Respectfully, Chief Doug Law

                 TABLE OF CONTENTS
Mission/Vision/Oath                              4
Team Rules                                       5
Internal affairs / Disciplinary Actions          6
Sworn Administration                             7
Sworn Officer names                              8
Response Times                                   9
Patrol                                          10
Investigations                                  11
Crime Analysis                                  12
Budget Statistics                               13
Mesquite Detention                              14
Communications/Dispatch                         15
Animal Control                                  16
Administration Services Department               17
Special Programs                              18-25

                          MISSION STATEMENT
                          MISSION STATEMENT
    The mission of the Mesquite Police Department is to consistently earn the public’s
The mission of the Mesquite Police Department is to consistently earn the public’s trust
   trust by contributing to Mesquite’s nationwide reputation as a safe, economically vi-
 by contributing to Mesquite’s nationwide reputation as a safe, economically viable place
                       able place to live, work , learn, play and visit.
                             to live, work , learn, play and visit.
    We accomplish our mission by providing the highest quality law enforcement, cor-
We accomplish our mission by providing the highest quality law enforcement, corrections,
        rections, and support services possible within the resources provided to us.
             and support services possible within the resources provided to us.

                           VISION STATEMENT
                           VISION STATEMENT
   We are an effective, courteous, professional organization devoted to maintaining the
  quality of life and pride in the community that our department and the citizens of
 We are an effective, courteous, professional organization devoted to maintaining the
  Mesquite deserve. Through our dedication and accomplishments, we will endeavor
  quality of life and pride in the community that our department and the citizens of
                      to be the best police department in America.
Mesquite deserve. Through our dedication and accomplishments, we will endeavor to be
                         the best police department in America.
                             OATH OF HONOR
   I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character, or public trust. I
                           OATH OF HONOR
   will always have the courage to hold myself and other accountable for our
     actions. I will always uphold the Constitution and community I serve.
  I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character, or public trust. I will always
   have the courage to hold myself and other accountable for our actions. I will always
                      uphold the Constitution and community I serve.
                                                    Team Rules
As members of the Mesquite Police Department, we understand that these rules are the standard to which we will be held ac-
countable. We will strive to hold ourselves and each other accountable to following these rules:

      •   We will put our safety and the safety of others of others above anything else
      •   We will not say negative things about others behind their backs or second guess the decisions of others
      •   We will not listen or tolerate others saying negative things about others or second guessing their decisions
      •   We will have positive, open, two-way communications up, down, left and right
      •   We will put personal agendas and personal feelings aside for the good of the Department
      •   We will be self-motivated and take initiative
      •   We will lose our ego and fear; we will learn to admit when we are wrong and be accountable to take care of others
      •   We will promote positive attitudes when changes take place within the department
      •   We will be trustworthy and honest, even when being honest is not popular
      •   We take ownership of what we do and what we fail to do
                             Internal Affairs / Disciplinary Actions
 The Mesquite Police Department recently implemented a matrix chart to be followed for misconduct. This chart allows management,
supervisors and employees direct access to understand the disciplinary process. The list below is a list of internal complaints and
disciplinary actions taken for fiscal year 2008 through 2009.

                                                               # of
             Complaint                                      employees
     Year   Generated by:    Allegation                      involved Status       Disposition
     2008   Administration   False Arrest                   1         Sustained    (Officer) No Action Taken
            Citizen          Racism & Conduct                         Not
            Complaint        Unbecoming                     1         Sustained    (Officer) No Action Taken
            Citizen          Misconduct (four
            Complaints       Complainants)                  1          Sustained   (Officer) terminated
                             Disseminating privileged                  Not         (Dispatcher) counseled
            Administration   information                    1          Sustained
                             Failure to follow policy /
                             incompetency inefficient
            Administration   performance of duties          2          Sustained   (Dispatcher) Written reprimand.

                             Excessive use of                                      (Corrections Officer).Written reprimand
            Administration   force/conduct unbecoming       1          Sustained   suspended without pay two days.
                             Failure to supervise/failure                          Written reprimands One (Corrections
            Administration   to report                      3          Sustained   Officer), two (Patrol Officers).
            Co-Workers-      Unbecoming/Sexual
            Administration   Misconduct                     1          Sustained   (Officer) Resigned in lieu of termination
                             Insubordination /
                             disrespect to immediate
            Administration   supervisor                     1          Sustained   (Dispatcher) received written reprimand.
            Coworkers/       Abandonment of post/                                  (Dispatcher) received written reprimand
            Administration   Dereliction of duty            1          Sustained   suspended two days without pay.
                             Failure to follow
                             policy/incompetence or                                Recommended written reprimand with
                             inefficient performance of                            suspension. (Dispatcher) resigned prior to
            Administration   duty                           1          Sustained   action being taken).
            Administration   Domestic abuse                 1          Sustained   (Corrections Officer)No Action Taken
                             Failure to follow policy/
     2009   Administration   calling out location           1          Sustained   (Officer) Written reprimand

            Mesquite Police Department Sworn Administration

                                              Patrol Lieutenant                   Detective Lieutenant   Jail/Dispatch Commander
                                              Shane Charles                           Troy Tanner               “CJ” Larsen
                                            22 Years of Service                   14 Years of Service        22 Years of Service

  Chief of Police
   Douglas Law
27 Years of Service

                        Patrol Sergeant                     Patrol Sergeant       Detective Sergeant       Corrections Sergeant
                         Robert Stepp                         Scott Taylor         Mike Van Houten             Brad Tobler
                      12 Years of Service                  16 years of service    22 Years of Service       11 years of service

                        Patrol Sergeant                       Patrol Sergeant
                          Tracy Fails                           Lance Barr
                      12 Years of Service                   32 Years of Service
               Mesquite Police Sworn Officers
Name                                 Position                Total Years of Service

Hoggard, Celia                      Detective                         13
Douglas, Ian              Defensive Tactics/Patrol Officer            13
Bruehl, Steve                     Patrol Officer                      11
Woods, John                         Detective                         10
Erickson, Gary             Computer Tech/Patrol Officer               10
Swanson, Bradley                K-9 Patrol Officer                    10
Jeff Wittenberger                 Patrol Officer                      12
Wilkins, Darin               School Resource Officer                   8
Macias, Jaime             FTO Coordinator/Patrol Officer               8
Griffiths, Brett                  Patrol Officer                       5
Medina, Wendy                     Patrol Officer                       2
Hardy, Vernon               Range Instructor Detective                 9
Magadan, Michael                  Patrol Officer                       4
Vacant                            Patrol Officer
Empey, Craig                      Patrol Officer                      12
Everett, Robert            PIO School Resource Officer                28
Eberle, Roy                       Patrol Officer                      23
Rowley, Christopher               Patrol Officer                       4
Reeping, Mark                     Patrol Officer                       8
Chesley, Joseph           Range Instructor Patrol Officer              4
Smith, Jeffrey                      Detective                         10
Southwick, Randall                Patrol Officer                      21
Goodsell, Justin                  Motor Officer                       11
Richmond, Ron                       Detective                         16

Thornley, Cody                  Corrections Officer                   8
Grassanovits, John              Corrections Officer                   12
Smaellie, Douglas               Corrections Officer                   2
Alejos, David                   Corrections Officer                    4
Musser, Joey                    Corrections Officer                   4
Haun, Brian                     Corrections Officer                   2
Oliver, Wyatt                   Corrections Officer                    2
Brent Knight                    Corrections Officer                   1
                                                       RESPONSE TIMES
The City of Mesquite Police Department has done an outstanding job in reaching their goal of being above the national average for
immediate response times. The nature of the call is rated by 1 thru 4 for priority of response, with 1 being the most crucial. An example
of Priority 1 is an Emergency Bomb Threat or an Officer Down. A Priority 2 most likely will turn into a Priority 1, especially if it is a
battery or domestic. Priority 3 calls are theft or property damage and a Priority 4 call tends to be more of citizen assists such as stray
animal, VIN Inspections, lost property or something of this nature.

The nature of Priority 1 calls require immediate attention. The Mesquite Police Department has maintained a response time within 5.52
minutes while Priority 2 calls have been within 6.19 minutes. when averaging these times reaches our goal of less than seven minutes. As
our city grows we will divide the city up into areas with one or two officers in each area to keep our response time at or below our current
goals. These response times are currently maintained with four Officers and one Sergeant per shift. Our officers deserve recognition for
using professional judgment and taking quick action at times under great pressure. Other larger cities such as St. George, Utah and
Boulder City, Nevada average around 45 minutes per call, for non priority calls. Our Police Officers work very hard to maintain
relationships with the citizens of Mesquite getting to know the residents which, assist us in the services we provide them.

                                                     CALLS FOR SERVICE
                               YEAR                     CALLS                  # of OFFICERS             CALLS PER OFFICER
                           •   1991                      2,667                        5                            433
                           •   1995                      6,119                        9                            680
                           •   1998                      8,660                        17                           509
                           •   1999                      10,675                       16                           667
                           •   2000                      9,953                        16                           553
                           •   2001                      7,995                        16                           500
                           •   2002                      7,784                        15                           519
                           •   2003                      8,058                        14                           576
                           •   2004                      8,672                        20                           434
                           •   2005                      10,459                       23                           454
                           •   2006                      9,080                        29                           313
                           •   2007                      12,114                       33                           367
                           •   2008                      8,985                        30                           300

The City of Mesquite Police Department patrol division is supervised by Lieutenant Shane Charles. Our goal is to have each Patrol shift have
four officers assigned to it. Each of these shifts are commanded by a Sergeant. The Sergeants are; Tracy Fails, Scott Taylor, Robert Stepp, and
Lance Barr. The patrol officers are responsible for emergency and non-emergency response calls for service which occur within the city limits.
Since Mesquite borders mostly rural areas, at times we are requested to assist agencies outside our jurisdiction.

Our department takes great pride in protecting our citizens and visitors with the quickest response possible to all emergency and non-
emergency calls. To help keep response times down the city is divided into four areas with a officer assigned to each area. The patrol officers
duties range from enforcing traffic and criminal laws, investigating motor vehicle crashes, investigating criminal activity, citizens request for
police assistance, taking offense reports, and regulating non-criminal conduct.

With the help of our citizens being our eyes and ears, the police department is able to maintain our crime rate well below the national average.

The Department has five (5) Field Training Officers (FTO); coordinator, Jaime Macias, Chris Rowley, Ian Douglas, Brett Griffiths, and Craig
Empey. These FTO Officers have been trained in assisting probationary officers develop skills and acquire knowledge to perform the job of a
police officer with the most proactive and superb abilities. All of our new officers have been a great asset to the department which
demonstrates what a great job our FTO Officers have done.

This year members of the department voted
and agreed that physical fitness was of upmost
importance. The Nevada Post Physical Agility
Test was implemented as a requirement for any
Promotional testing. This test is the same test
used for new recruits when applying to be a
police officer or corrections officer. Our
department is one of the only in the state
expecting this out of our members.

Under the supervision of Lieutenant Troy Tanner and Detective Sergeant Mike Van Houten,
the detective division took the department to a higher level in solving crime.

Our department has always taken great pride in having one of the best solvability rates in the
state and the nation. Currently we have an average solvability rate of *52.3% for the fiscal year
June 2008 through June 2009. Last years solvability rate for the city of Mesquite was *46.0% in
comparison to Clark County’s average of *24% and the state average of *17.9%.

Each month the supervisors meet together to discuss unsolved cases. Each team works
closely to pass along information. Communication from top to bottom is one of the keys to
closing cases and arresting suspects.

Our department has also taken an active role in the importance of sharing resources and col-
laborating with other agencies as a means of making operations more efficient. It is apparent
that our efforts together can make a difference.

                          CRIME ANALYSIS
               Mesquite “Part 1” Crimes Committed
                  July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009
  These are the seven major crimes reported to the Federal Bureau

                                        2007=0 2008=1

                              2007= 2                   2008=1

                          2007= 2                          2008= 10

                   2007= 32                                       2008= 57

                                    MOTOR VEHICLE THEFT
               2007= 44                                               2008= 28

   2007= 238                                                                 2008= 180

                                     LARCENY / THEFT
2007= 372                                                                        2008= 237

                            Additional Traffic Statistics –
         Total Traffic Accidents Reported 2007: 402*                     2008: 451*
      Total Traffic Citations Issued             2007: 2,516*               2008: 2386*
         Total Driving Under the Influence 2007: 128*                    2008: 164*
         Total Domestic Battery Arrests       2007: 101*                 2008: 100*
         Total Felony Arrests                 2007: 220*                 2008: 238*
         Total Misdemeanor Arrests            2007: 1,046*               2008: 1223*
             * Not audited

                  BUDGET STATISTICS

                                                                                    3,633,804       3,532,259





               FY2009              FY2008                 FY2007             FY2006             FY2005

                    FY2008/2009 Police Expenditures by Department
                                                                                                                MORE Cops Grant
                                                                                                                Animal Control



       YEAR           TOTAL INMATES                  DAYS SERVED         AVG. DAY/INMATE
       1998                1,508                         4,843                 3.2

       2001                  1,298                        4,310                 3.32

       2002                  1,289                        4,051                 3.14

       2003                  1,303                        4,907                 4

       2004                  1,175                        4,042                 3.44

       2005                  1,335                        4,339                 3.25

       2006                  1,441                        4,409                 3.05

       2007                  1,469                        4,718                 3.21

       2008                  1,375                        5,119                 3.72

The Corrections Division booked 1,375 inmates this past year. On a daily basis, we housed an
average of at least 14 inmates per day.

Our two transport vehicles averages over 65,000 miles each year repeatedly making trips back and forth from Mesquite to Las Vegas and
other jurisdictions. The Corrections team maintains training throughout the year and we have retained a very proactive team. Due to
professional, highly-trained officers, we had zero transport-related incidents.

We added one new Corrections Officer to our staff this year—Officer Brent Knight, This officer was trained by the Field Training
Officers (FTO) Joseph Musser, John Grassanovits, and Sgt. Brad Tobler. Even with Mesquite’s steady growth and change, and unfilled
position the smoothness and functionality of our correctional operation remains second to none. Commander Larsen has taken great pride
in keeping her team trained and educated.

The Detention Center is currently staffed with one Jail Commander, one Sergeant and eight Corrections Officers. These personnel are
responsible for all of the daily functions associated with a full-service jail system--security checks, transports, inmate bookings, facility
cleaning, oversight of prisoners, and more. Inmates are supervised at all times with direct supervision during meal preparation, doing
laundry, jail facility cleaning, and the washing of patrol vehicles and other city-owned vehicles. All of our Correction Officers’ also
provide Bailiff services for the Mesquite Municipal Court, 8th District Juvenile Court, and Mesquite Justice Court. In addition to Bailiff
Responsibilities, the Correction Officers take all new prisoners booked the previous day to court for their arraignments and
                Police Dispatch Center
The Dispatch Team went through extensive training and qualifications
getting started with a new system. Commander “CJ” Larsen dedicated an
extraordinary amount of time to the department and assisting her team.

Our dispatchers took over 89,367calls in 2008-2009 fiscal year.. This is an
averaged 7447 calls per month and 245 calls per day. In addition, the dispatch
center is also responsible to dispatch all of Mesquite Fire and Rescue calls
including all medical emergencies.

The Communications Center also completed 188,449 radio transmissions for
the 2008-2009 fiscal year. That’s an average of 15,704 radio transmissions per
month and 516 per day.

Our dispatch center is unique in that our dispatchers are assigned to monitor
our corrections officers, answer the phone, listen and answer the
radio and enter all appropriate information regarding all
communication in and out of the dispatch center.

The dispatch center has gone through many new changes and is
always adapting to new technology. Our current goal is to
prepare for Mobil Data Computers that will be in all patrol cars.
This will       allow our dispatchers and officers constant
communication limiting radio traffic. This new system using
GPS will also allow our dispatch center the ability to see and to
pick the closest officer to a emergency call. The dispatch center
will be able to give directions to the officer as he is in route to the

                 Animal Control FY2008-2009 Monthly Totals
Animal Control Officers respond to many calls for service and assistance with a wide variety of animals. The fact that we live in a rural,
desert community indicates that we have involvements with wild animals, farm animals, bees (both wild & domestic), bats, and several
breeds of birds, all kinds of reptiles ranging from desert tortoises to snakes, and many other rare creatures you may not expect to encounter
in the city as well as the surrounding desert areas. These creatures are on a schedule of their own which leaves the Animal Control Officers
on call 24 hours a day, and at times scrambling , on a day off, to assist the unknown.

Being that Mesquite is also a border community, our Animal Control department receives calls for assistance from surrounding agencies in-
cluding Mohave County Arizona, Clark County, Nevada, and
Lincoln County, Nevada. Animal Control is responsible for
overseeing that all animals are cared for as well as investigating
cruelty to any animal. The Animal Shelter is staffed by two full
-time officers—Joe Macias, Supervisor and Kim Henry.
               Calls for Service FY2008-2009
         Public Assist                         6560
         Positive Community Contact            7391
         Incidents                             1098
         Assist Outside Agency                 687
         Animals Picked Up                     768
         Animals Adopted                       272
         Other Pickup                          62
         Animals Bailed Out                    163
         Warnings Issued                       393
         Animals Euthanized                    205
         Citations Issued                               4
                                          1600                                                             1471            1516     1485    1489
                                                      1445                         1399   1390
                                          1400               1312           1322




                                                      Jan    Feb    Mar     Apr    May    June     July    Aug      Sept    Oct     Nov         Dec

                          Administration Services Department
The Police Administration Center assists dispatch with incoming phone calls
and greets walk-ins into the station needing assistance. Running the front office
of the police department is a complex task that our two
Records/Evidence clerks handle with ease every day.

Their numerous responsibilities include:

◊   Taking fingerprints
◊   Gun registration
◊   Process juvenile work permits
◊   Enter restraining orders
◊   Enter case reports
◊   Court dispositions
◊   Track convicted felons and sex offenders so that their place of residence
    and work place can be verified
◊   Enter pawn tickets
◊   Documentation, release and/or disposal of evidence and property
                             SPECIAL PROGRAMS 2008-2009
National Night Out - (Locally known as Mesquite Night Out)
“National Night Out” is a national event where all police and public safety agencies across the country join together with their
communities for an evening of fun, food, activities and learning. The objective of National Night Out is to allow communities and public
safety personnel the opportunity to mingle together in a social environment, all in an effort to improve relationships of trust between both

G.R.E.A.T. (Gang Resistant Education and Training) Graduation 5-20-2009
This program was created by the Federal ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms) department and is presented in the seventh and eighth
grades. The goal is to educate our youth on how to stay away from gangs and be safe in saying “NO’” to gang peer pressure and influence.

D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Graduation 5-25-2009
The MPD created its D.A.R.E. program to help the children to learn about how their self esteem and peer pressure effect their decisions in
dealing with drugs. The 10-week program gives children information about tobacco, drugs, alcohol, and how to not engage in gangs or
criminal activity.

S.A.I.N.T. (Southern Area Interdiction Narcotics
Team) Task Force
The SAINT task force is made possible by federal grant money which helps
fund special narcotics officers to suppress drug activity. The task force has
statewide jurisdiction but focus’ on drug manufacturing and activity in the
Virgin Valley.

Honor Guard
Currently the Honor Guard has three officers, Sgt Robert Stepp, Officer
Bradley Swanson, and Officer Craig Empey these officers donate much of
their time to represent the Mesquite Police Department throughout the state
for fallen officers. These officers are very dedicated and have prior military
experience serving their country which keeps them sharp and prepared for
                             Special Response Team (SRT)
The Mesquite Police Department SRT Team is assembled to meet the special needs of high-risk situations requiring
advanced tactics. SRT is comprised of a ten member team that trains a minimum of once per month to further specific
training. Compared to regular Police Dept. firearms qualifications, the SRT team requires a stricter qualification score.
They are also required to meet rigorous physical agility testing to be a member of the team.

The team attended numerous tactical training which includes repelling off of Hoover Dam, terrorist negotiations, and
active shooter scenarios. Upon returning from training, the teams advanced expertise are practiced in preparation to
employ newer and more advanced techniques.

Tragic situations such as a shooter in a school is a
horrible act, and these incidents have forced law
enforcement teams like SRT to prepare for similar
calamities in our own communities to take action
when negotiations are no longer an option.
                                                  K-9 Patrol
Officer Brad Swanson who has been an officer with the department for ten years recently attended and completed
required training in California to become a certified K-9 handler. Officer Swanson and “Bruiser” were certified to search
for many types of narcotics. Illegal drugs that would take hours for an officer to find are often found within minutes of
Officer Swanson and Bruiser’s arrival to the scene. Bruiser joined the department in early 2007

                                         Explorer Program
Detective Celia Hoggard , Officer Craig Empey and Detective Jeff Smith coordinate and supervise the Explorer
Program which incorporates young adults who are interested in furthering careers in law enforcement. They have done
an excellent job with this program for many years. The program continues to receive new recruits each year.
       Beyond the Call of Duty:
Every 15 Minutes - October 16, 2008
Mesquite Police Department was contacted by Las Vegas
Metro about a program that they provided to all of the high schools in Clark County. We were invited to attend one of their programs to
see if we would be interested in providing the Every 15 Minute program to Virgin Valley High School. After attending the event it was
decided that we had to plan and add the program to our list of community events. After more then six months of planning the event was
ready. School Resource Officer Robert Everett was our department lead officer in the planning and implementation of this program.
This program involves our local teenagers seeing a alcohol related accident involving their own classmates. Several of the teenagers
“die” in the accident and the driver of the accident is shown going through the judicial process. The program ends with having a
speaker explain what they have been through loosing a loved one in                                                          a         n
               Police Volunteers
The Volunteer program involves citizens of all ages who are willing to
give of their time and talents to assist the Mesquite Police Department
with a variety of assignments. With the strength of 20 active volunteers
that donated over 4009 hours of their own time to the department in
2008-2009. They also logged a total of 2461 hours in a Volunteer Patrol
Vehicle as seen in the picture to the right. While providing courtesy
type services such as “residential vacation checks” and “school checks”,
they have also issued 132 parking citations and 355 warnings! These
dedicated Volunteers have also served 211 Subpoenas and located 4 stolen
vehicles while assisting local Police. All members of the Mesquite Police
Department appreciate the dedication of our “Police Volunteers” in help-
ing to keep our city safe.

     School Resource Officer’s
                                     School Resource Officer (SRO)
                                     programs have been active in
                                     schools across America for decades.
                                     Officer Darin Wilkins is a full-time SRO that is assigned to work at Hughes Middle School,
                                     he is also the teacher for DARE and GREAT. Officer Robert Everett serves as the depart-
                                     ment Public Information Officer as well as the SRO for Virgin Valley High School .

                                     The Mesquite Police Department has an annual contract with Clark County School Dis-
                                     trict, which funds one of these School Resource Officer positions. After seeing the calls for
                                     service rising at the middle school and knowing the dangers placed on our children, our
                                     staff decided that an additional officer needed to be placed at Hughes Middle School.
                                     This program provides a level of security to the students and has prevented far more inci-
                                     dents from occurring.

         Class of 2008 Seniors All Night Graduation Party
                                        hosted by Mesquite Police
We are now in our third year of providing a “safe and fun” night out with out graduating Seniors. This program was
put in place to recognize our graduating seniors from Virgin Valley High School.

All of the graduating seniors were invited to an all night party at the Mesquite Recreation Center. The party, spon-
sored by the Mesquite Police Department was made possible by the numerous donations from citizens and our local

The “All Night Grad Party” was first organized to keep the seniors inside deterring them away from the typical senior
party. The seniors enjoyed many fun activities during the night. Many practical and fun prizes were raffled off
throughout the evening and early morning.

With the help of the community, the school and the parents of graduating seniors, we look forward to making this an
an-                                              nual event
on                                               graduation

Shop-With-A-Cop program has become an annual success.
Lieutenant Shane Charles coordinated the effort by bringing this
program to the Mesquite Police Department in 1998.

The program brings together police personnel and children from
our local elementary schools for an afternoon of Christmas
shopping. The funds collected are raised through the Mesquite
Police Officer’s Association and used to give these kids a special
Christmas they may not otherwise have. After the shopping spree,
the kids and their police escort head to the Police Station for a visit
                                          with Santa Claus.
                                          The children are selected
                                          by the elementary school administration and teachers. There are certain
                                          criteria used to select the children. There are some picked because of the
                                          parent’s economic situation at home or their situation with parents being
                                          apart. Each year, with the untiring support of the business community and
                                          individuals in Mesquite, The Mesquite Police Officer’s Association raises the
                                          necessary funds to support this program. This program leaves a lasting
                                          impression with the children. This program continues to grow year after year
                                          with the number of children who go shopping.
The Mesquite Police Department was accompanied during the program with the help of the Nevada Highway Patrol
and Officers from Las Vegas Metro Officers. This has remains one of the favorite programs within the police
Business Alert
This program was started to keep our dispatch center advised of new businesses, contact persons, and who will respond
in an emergency situation to the business. Officers also assist the businesses with security checks and advice to
businesses that have reoccurring alarms and burglaries.
For further information about the Mesquite Police Department please visit our website at www.mesquitenv.com/department/police

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