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									                      OAK HILL AT INDEPENDENCE
                                                 April 2012    Issue 9

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                                                                DISPOSAL OF ELECTRONICS
                                                                NO SOLICITING
                                                                KEEP OAK HILL CLEAN
                                                                CLUBHOUSE INFORMATION
                                                                CENSUS FORM
                                                                VOICE SHOT
                                                                PET CORNER
                                                                EDUCATIONAL SEMINAR
                                                                COMMUNITY MAINTENANCE MAN
                                                                HEY DID YOU HEAR
                                                                FUN FACTS
        April Showers Bring May Flowers                         2012 MEETING SCHEDULE

   This newsletter offers news and updates on the ongoing projects and events of your community. You will find
    information regarding Oak Hill and your sub-association. The property management office and your Boards of
    Trustees have been busy at work completing many projects throughout the development. We hope that you find
    this content to be beneficial and informative. Also, please feel free to stop into the property management office
    to express any concerns or call us at (908) 852-0440.
With the winter gone and spring upon us we would like to remind residents that there will be more outdoor
activity. Please be alert when driving throughout the community. Remember to observe the speed limits, and the
parking regulations.

We would like to review some of the rules and regulations of the Oak Hill parking rules.
           No parallel parking is permitted at anytime on any street within the community to ensure that first
            aid squads and fire vehicles can pass.
           No visitor parking in numbered spaces.
           A vehicle that is continuously parked in an unmarked space for more than 72 hours is considered
            stored and is subjected to a violation sticker. The 72 hour period begins at the time and date a
            complaint is received by the management office. The stored vehicle must be removed from the
            unmarked space before the 72 hour period has expired, and it may not return to the space for a
            minimum of 24 hours thereafter.
           The substitution of another vehicle, owned, used or otherwise under the control of persons in the
            same family or living at the same address, for a vehicle being removed under the 72-hour rule is a
            violation of the spirit and intent of this rule, and is prohibited.
           Commercial vehicles may NOT be parked overnight or on weekends in the residential parking
            areas. This includes vans or pickup trucks with private passenger plates if they are equipped with
            snow plows or any type of landscaping or construction equipment.
As a reminder, homeowners, tenants and visitors are subject to fines and towing for violation of the above
mentioned rules.

                                  Disposal of Electronics
Raritan Valley Disposal has informed Oak Hill that residents are no longer permitted to dispose of electronics in
any of the dumpsters. Any electronics that are found in the dumpster containers will be rejected and the load
deemed contaminated. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to dispose of their electronics. Warren County
Landfill will be holding an electronic waste collection on April 22nd from 8AM-12PM. Residents may contact
the Warren County District Landfill located in Oxford, New Jersey at 908-453-2174 for more information.

                                  No Soliciting Permitted
There is no soliciting permitted within the community. If you are approached by someone soliciting or you see
solicitation please notify the management office immediately. If you receive any kind of advertising at your
home, please contact the office with the business’s contact information so we can let the business know that
soliciting is prohibited in this community.

                                     Keep Oak Hill Clean
 We all have to do our part to keep Oak Hill looking beautiful and clean. Please remember to use the trash
 cans throughout the community. If you see garbage near your home please pick it up and throw it away.
 Recycle your bottles and cans in the recycling center located at the back of the clubhouse.

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                                   Clubhouse Information

      Book & DVD Donations: We have recently updated the bookcase at the entrance of the clubhouse. We
       would like to encourage anyone who has books or DVDs that they would like to donate to drop them off
       at the clubhouse during normal business hours. We are especially looking to start a children’s book
       section. If you have any children’s books within the age range of one month to 13 years please feel free
       to donate them.

                                        Club House Rental
   The Oak Hill Clubhouse is available for private homeowner rentals. Reservations are accepted on
   a first come first serve basis. The reservations will be confirmed once the insurance declaration
   page, reservation form, and payment of deposit check for $200 and $140 for rental fees are
   received. The rental cleaning fee is $75 for the rental and $65 for the cleaning. The hours for
   clubhouse rental use are between 9AM-11PM. The clubhouse has a full kitchen with a dishwasher,
   stove, microwave, refrigerator, tables and chairs. If you are interested in renting the clubhouse
   please contact the management office at 908-852-0440 for more information or visit the Oakhill
   website at www.ouroakhill.com.

                                             Census Form
   If you are new to the community; or would just like to be kept up-to-date on what is happening at Oak Hill,
   please complete a census form and return it to the management office. Your contact information will not be
   used for any other purpose but to let you know when something is happening at Oak Hill. If you have just
   moved to Oak Hill you will find the census form in your welcome packet. Or you can print it from our
   website at www.ouroakhill.com.

                                             Voice Shot
   If you are new to Oak Hill we have a service called Voice Shot. This service enables us to communicate
   important information out to homeowners/residents quickly that have provided a contact number. If you
   have recently moved into Oak Hill and would like to receive a call please contact the office with your
   primary number. If you receive a call on a number that is not your primary contact number, let us know so
   we can update our records. Also, let us know if you opt not to have this service. If you have any questions
   or concerns please contact us at 908-852-0440, or email Dawn at dpowell@taylormgt.com or Kristi at

   As the warmer weather is upon us residents will be grilling. Please be reminded that there are NO Propane
   Gas Grills allowed throughout the community and the state law will be enforced. Charcoal grills are allowed
   to be used 15 feet away from the building. Once you are finished using the grill please allow it to cool and
   then properly store it. If you have any questions, please contact the management office at 908-852-0440.

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                                          Pet Corner
            You may have noticed some new pet waste signs recently installed around the community. Please
            remember to pick up after your pets.

             As a reminder, pet droppings must be picked up by the pet owner or non-owner pet walkers.
            Owners or non-owner pet walkers must carry an implement such as a pooper scooper or a bag for
            picking up droppings. Droppings are to be treated as garbage and are not to be deposited in storm

             Pet owners/non-owner pet walkers using pooper scoopers to pick up pet waste must place the
            waste in a bag before depositing the waste in the garbage containers.

             Pets may not be chained, tied or otherwise secured to the exterior of any unit or any common or
            limited common element which includes decks, railings and entranceway columns.

As spring approaches Mountain Top Landscaping is back onsite starting the spring clean up mulching, mowing,
edging, weeding, pruning etc. You should have recently received a copy of the 2012 landscape option form; if
you did not receive a form you can print one from our website at www.ouroakhill.com. If you would like to
maintain your own flowerbed please complete the form and return to the management office.

It has been reported to the management office that some homeowners/residents are not picking up after their
pets. Please be advised that some areas may not be maintained due to pet waste. It is not the landscaper’s job to
clean up after pets.

                                     Educational Seminar
Oak Hill will hold their second educational seminar at the Clubhouse on April 25, 2012. The event is being
sponsored by Mountain Top Landscaping. A representative from Chem Lawn will attend the seminar to present
information on chemicals and pets, site specific chemical issues, different types of grasses and their reactions to
the chemical treatments; for example fescue versus rye, and Kentucky bluegrass.

Mountain Top will also present information on irrigation, irrigation sensors, clock/zone programming, and
mulch pros & cons. There will be a drawing for a $50 Visa gift card, which you need to be present for to win.

                            Community Maintenance Man
We would like to welcome Ray Storm who joined Oak Hill in January as the full-time maintenance engineer. He
will be onsite Monday-Friday. You will see him driving around the complex in a bronze Ford F250 pickup
truck with a cap and Oak Hill signage on the truck.

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 Sinkhole Bryant Drive – Recently you have seen some work being done on Bryant Drive. A sink
 hole opened up at the corner of Bryant and Lindsey; while not confirmed the engineer feels it was a
 result of a backup in the storm sewer system under the road way.

 Carnegie Pavement – The drainage corrections have been completed and the pavement will be
 underway in the coming weeks.

 Community Wide Garage Sale - It’s time to clean out those closets and attics and get ready to sell. The
 Oak Hill spring garage sale will be held on Saturday, May 19, 2012 with a rain date of Sunday, May 20th.
 Please look for further information on our website and through out the community.

 Community Picnic 2012 - Mark your calendars! Our community picnic is scheduled for Saturday
 September 15, 2012 with a rain date of Sunday, September 16th. This year we are offering two new menu
 options and we would like the community to select which menu they would prefer. Visit our website at
 www.ouroakhill.com to view the menus, print out the form, and make your selection. Please return the
 form to the management office by Wednesday August 1st.

                                         The University of Alaska spans four time zones.

                                         Zero is the only number that cannot be represented by Roman

                                         The tooth is the only part of the human body that cannot heal

                                         Strawberries are the only fruits whose seeds grow on the

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                         Georgian Townhouse Association
Roof Project:
Georgian has approved to move forward with the phase four in the roof replacement project. This project will
include building 28 (301-308 Carnegie), building 45 (414-421 Chapman), building 47 (430-435 Chapman), and
building 48 (436-443 Chapman). Look for further information as it becomes available.

Drainage project on Chapman/Faulkner:
The Georgian board has retained the services of Barry Isett & Associates to develop specifications for corrective
drainage work at Faulkner/Chapman.

Mountain Top is in the process of doing the spring clean up and mulching.

                       Heritage Condominium Association
Dryer Vent Cleaning:
Heritage requires that the dryer vents be inspected and cleaned out by a licensed contractor every two (2) years.
In February Heritage homeowners received a letter regarding required dryer vent cleaning. The deadline to have
this completed is on or before July 1, 2012.

Drainage Building 63:
Barry Isett has been retained by the Heritage board to prepare specifications for corrective drainage at building
63 on Belmont Drive. One of the goals of this project is to alleviate the standing water in the parking area in
front of building 63.

Building Signage on Dayton, Lindsey, & Tulsa:
Emergency vehicles and express delivery companies, i.e. UPS & Fed Ex were having trouble locating individual
address on Dayton, Lindsey, and Tulsa. We have installed signs with the street name and unit numbers on these

Exit Lights tested in Building 50, 51, & 63:
The emergency exit lights were recently inspected in buildings 50, 51, & 63. Kistler O’Brien Fire Protection
identified 14 faulty fixtures. These fixtures have been replaced.

Spring clean up is underway. The mulching has been approved. In addition to the routine mulching removal of
excess decomposed mulch build up has been approved for buildings 51, 63, & the Dayton Court side of building

Exterior Painting:
We are currently collecting bids for power washing and painting of the door kicks, columns, building
64 stairs, painting of medallions, and painting the meter closet doors.

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                          Williamsburg Townhome Association
Drainage Project:
Mountain Top Landscaping has completed another drainage project for our homeowners. The project included re-grading
the area between buildings 34 and 36 on Belmont installing two surface drains and tying into the main drain in an effort to
help alleviate standing water.

Landscape Enhancements:
Our annual spring cleanup has been completed and the landscaping beds have been refreshed with a new coat of mulch.
Also Landscape Option forms were mailed and if you have not returned them and want to maintain your own beds please
contact the management office. We will be doing our annual walk thru in the spring in order to update our
landscape enhancement plan.

The door trim and kick plates as well as the Meter Closet Doors have been repainted. The board is offering homeowners
the option to personalize their front door with either Benjamin Moore Cottage Red, or Benjamin Moore Brilliant White. If
you have any questions, please contact the management office.

Window & Door Replacement:
Any homeowners interested in replacing their windows or doors please contact the management office for a list of
specifications. The Williamsburg Board has passed a resolution to establish a standard for front door and window
replacements to maintain the visual aesthetics and architectural harmony through out the Williamsburg community. To
allow for some homeowner personalization there are five (5) different acceptable door models. The board also offers both
a wood and vinyl window replacement option. Please contact the management office for details.

Investment Account:
Williamsburg Townhome Association Board has elected to move the investment accounts to a new financial firm. The
accounts have been moved to UBS Financial Services. The new broker of choice has an extensive background in
managing the assets of numerous homeowners associations. He also brings the experience of being a former board
member of his own HOA.

Roof Replacement:
To date seven out of the eleven Williamsburg roofs have been replaced. An evaluation of the remaining four buildings
will be done in the spring.

Gutters, Leaders & Downspouts:
A spring inspection of the downspouts and splash blocks has been completed by our newly hired maintenance man. All
repairs have been done.

New Legal Representation:
Effective January 1, 2012, Williamsburg Townhome Association will have new legal representation with McGovern
Legal Services. Mike Polulak of McGovern Legal Services will attend the February Open Homeowners Meeting to
discuss collections and Torte Immunity.

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The Oak Hill Master Association, Georgian Townhouse Association, Heritage Condominium Association and
Williamsburg Townhome Association open meetings for the year 2012 are scheduled as follows:

                                   OAK HILL MASTER ASSOCIATION
                  Workshops                               Meetings
                  January 11                             February 8
                   March 14                               April 11
                    May 9                                 June 13
                    July 11                               August 8
                 September 12                            October 10
                                                        November 14

                                GEORGIAN TOWNHOUSE ASSOCIATION
                 Workshops                              Meetings
                  January 4                            February 1
                   March 7                               April 4
                    May 2                                June 6
                   July 18*                             August 1
                 September 5                           October 3
                                                      November 7

                                HERITAGE CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION
                  Workshops                              Meetings
                  January 10                            February 14
                   March 13                               April 10
                    May 8                                 June 12
                    July 10                              August 14
                 September 11                            October 9
                                                       November 13

                  Workshops                         Meetings
                  January 12                       February 9
                   March 8                          April 12
                    May 10                          June 14
                    July 12                         August 9
                 September 13                      October 11
                                                   November 8

AT 7:00 P.M.

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         Do you know how to use a fire extinguisher? Servpro Fire & Water – Cleanup &
        Restoration helps us understand how to operate a fire extinguisher. The National Fire
      Association suggests remembering the acronym

Pull the pin. Hold the nozzle pointing away from you and release the locking mechanism.

Aim low. Point the extinguisher at the base of the fire.

Squeeze the lever slowly an evenly.

Sweep the nozzle from side to side.

         We would like to remind homeowners when changing a light bulb that you use the proper
        wattage bulb. Light fixtures have different wattage limitations. Installing an improper size light
       bulb may cause the light fixture to burn out and could result in a fire.

Property Management Office Hours Are:

Office: 908-852-0440
Fax: 908-852-0657


Property Manager: Dawn Powell         Community Administrator: Kristi Johnston
Email: dpowell@taylormgt.com          Email: kjohnston@taylormgt.com

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