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									     From the Principal’s Desk...                                                                                                                           Principal’s Desk…                            (cont’d)

                 Mobile Learning Devices
                                                                                                   Reminders:                                    Hats:     We allow any style of hat or cap as long as it is dark blue or black
Thank you to the large number of you who have opted for the              All parents/caregivers and visitors to the school must                            with no logos.
purchase of the Sony S Tablet.                                           report to the office on arrival.                                                      Expected Costs for Students 2012
Before next Wednesday, March 28th, we would like you to have paid                                                                                                 Technology Fees             $40.00 ($10.00 per term)
your deposit to the school office and completed the paperwork            We are having a lot of late students at
                                                                         present, please ensure your child gets                                                   Photocopy levy              $10.00
around how you intend to pay. All orders will be processed then, so
please ensure that you have completed these tasks by that date.          to school in time to start at 8.45am                                                     Donation                    $25.00 (optional)
The office will be open during Student Led Conferences                                                                                                            Total                       $75.00
                                                                         STUDENT CONTACT SHEETS: Year 8 students should                 Every student will attend a camp later this year.
(Tuesday, March 27th 3.30pm - 6.00pm) for those
                                                                         have brought home a contact sheet for you to check,
wishing to sign up.                                                                                                                  Approximately $100.00 Waimarino (Term 4) $30.00
                                                                         update as necessary and return to school as soon as
For those of you who have opted at this time not to take up this         possible. It is important for the welfare of your child Sports Fees:
offer, if circumstances change for you during the year you are           that we keep up-to-date information on our database.    Netball:     $60.00 (includes $10.00 uniform bond)
welcome to become part of this initiative.
                                                                                                                                                 Basketball:      $45.00 (includes $10.00 uniform bond)
If you would like to discuss alternative methods of payment, please      Congratulations to the following students who will Touch:                                $30.00 (includes $10.00 uniform bond)
come and see me or Mrs Seamer.
                                                                         be receiving awards this week:                     Volleyball:                           $30.00 (includes $10.00 uniform bond)
Once ordered we expect delivery within one week and issuing to the
students a few days after that, once we have been given access to                                                                                Hockey:          $110.00 (includes turf hire for training)
                                                                         Merit Awards:
our network.                                                                                                                                     Sports Camp      $200.00 (estimate) - Selected students
                                                               Jayah Piua, Haydee Brogden, Chantz Solomon,
We will also be expecting all parents and students to sign a Ruben Pargeter, Olivia Douglas, Summer                                              Please note these are the main fees for these sports and there
‘Protocols of use Agreement’ which will also outline what will Williams, Cara Strachan, Tara Teakel,                                             may be additional trips requiring payment.
happen in the event of non-payment.                                                                                                                   Sports fees need to be paid before your child plays.
                                                               Courtney MacDonald, Joseph Wiesner, Sativa
We are at present investigating insurance through our finance Horne-Aramakutu, Adam Unsworth, Monica
provider and the making of engraving compulsory.               Pue, Byron Kennedy, Chayne Hemopo,                                                Please consider setting up an automatic payment for
                                  DISCO                                  Citizenship Awards:                                                     these fees. ($10 per week or fortnight will quickly pay
                                                                         Makareta Tikomaihawai, Jade Stone, Summer Williams, Tu-                 off your fees.)
     Our first school disco for the year will be held on
                                                                         manako Paul, Lae’Ara Mutlow, Tawhaarangi Taylor, Jasmine                  Many families last year chose this option and were
                   Thursday, March 29th                                  Downs, Summer Brogden, Zion Tarawera.
                from 7.00pm until 9.00pm.                                                                                                                      pleased with how easy it was.
The theme is Fluoro and the tickets are available from                                Rotorua Swimming Club                                               Bank details for automatic payments:
school for $4.00 each. We expect all students who attend                 Offers sessions and programmes to suit all level of swimmers, from         Kaitao Intermediate School: ASB 12 3155 0214154 00
to be picked up after the disco at 9.00pm and they will                  post learn-to-swim to competitive national level swimmers. We also
not leave the hall until an adult collects them.                                                                                                     Please ensure students name is put as reference
                                                                         offer swimming sessions for triathletes, water polo players, Masters
                                                                         swimmers and social swimmers.
                   Kaitao Investigates                                   If you are interested in improving your swimming skills or would like
                                                                         to take advantage of the fitness benefits swimming offers please
                                                                                                                                                   Return Slip : Mobile Learning De-
             A group of students are involved in
                                                                         contact                                                       vices
           producing a current events show called                        Sessions available from $60 per term for one session per week
                    “KAITAO INVESTIGATES”                                                                                                        We would like to purchase a Sony S                       Yes please 
   This show can be viewed at                                                                                                                                                  No thanks 
                (Please complete and return to the school office)
                                                                                                                                                 Child’s full name: ____________________________
I have read the School Newsletter dated March 29, 2012
         Child’s Name:____________             Room__        House:___                                                                           Room No: _________
                                                                                       ______________ (N Hanna - Deputy Principal)
             Parent/Caregiver Signature: ___________

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